is this thing on?

I know I know… you would think having all the time in the world right now (being gainfully unemployed… still…) that I would just spend my spare time blathering away on here to pass the time. Unfortch, that has not been the case, and for that I apologize. But really I’ve had nothing to say. That’s probably the saddest reflection on the preseason. The first of our American open wheel series hit the track next week to kick off their seasons, and I have never felt so underwhelmed…

I am mulling a few ideas/rants around in my brain right now, but I am about to head out the door to the http://www.performanceworldcarshow.com/index.php to hang out with some gear heads and hot rods and see if I can find some inspiration. At the very least I will come back with a camera full of pics of scantily clad booth babes to entertain y’all with. (hey I know what keeps the boys happy)

If it’s as sunny and gorgeous where you are, then get off the goddamn computer and go outside!

Talk to y’all tonight

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