another quick drive-by…

I realized the other day that the reason my entries have been so few and far between is that I’ve been waiting until I had something profound or substantial to write about instead of just blogging in the true sense of the word, when there was something on my mind… so I’m going to try to get on a more regular schedule.

I’ve been doing a lot of laying the groundwork stuff for the website ahead of the season, as well as still trying to secure a fulltime job (hell a parttime job would do at this point!) So my time and attention span has been a little stretched.

Anyway, before my head exploded last night (I’ll get back to that in a minute) I was just going to do a general “what’s happening” sort of round up. Then of course, I forgot about what I wanted to talk about. LOL! Figures.

I guess the biggest “happening” in the world of racing in the last week or so was that the FIA decided to envoke the “We don’t want anyone but Ferrari to win the championship” points system. Yes this extremely important change will prevent the dire end of season unfairness that nobody has cared about since sometime in the early 80’s… Someone took the time to recalculate using this system and the ONLY change in title in the last 2 decades would have been last year… What does that tell you? It tells me Bernie has a bee in his bonnet over Hamilton. LOL!

At any rate it’s all a moot point for now as the teams and drivers, still reeling from the blindside of the induction of these new rules, summarily revolted against the FIA, forcing them to back down and forcing the postponement of the rules change until 2010. Of course now the entire season will be a debate of what “might have been” come the final race and awarding of the championship.


The Helio Chronicles continue in Miami. It’s not getting much media play anymore, other than local coverage (which may work in Helio’s favour) and truthfully, I find reading/hearing about it as exciting as watching paint dry. (apparently some of the jurors feel the same way, 2 of them falling into sweet slumber during this weeks sessions… ooops) I’ll leave the summary in the capable hands of Jeff over at MyNameIsIRL

Elsewhere in bloggerville, Will over at Is It May Yet? snagged an interview with one of the new VERSUS pit reporters. 3 guesses which one… 😉
Take a moment this weekend to head over and meet Lindy Thackston

The rest of the world is caught up with brackets, or bracketeering or bracketology or whatever the hell that all means (some sort of south of the border stick and ball thing), Bristol and the 12 hrs of Sebring (which is occupying the better part of my desktop at the moment)


Just a quick follow-up to last nights rant…

First of all, Markus Niemela underwent a CAT scan and a battery of other tests and xrays, and was released Friday night, sore, but ok!! This is very good news considering the first hand accounts I have been getting today on what happened. Wishing you a better birthday next year buddy! Kudos to Bomarito for being one of the first to get to Markus and for continuing to aid the track workers with his extrication. He should get a bonus point for sportsmanship!

Second of all, apparently most of the teams & personnel did pack up and leave almost immediately following the race as I had speculated, some succumbing to the commutes from hell. (one friend’s flight was delayed by 2hrs, then she switched to another flight, only to have her original flight leave first. :bangsheadondesk: ) Anyway, this explained why some of the media releases never appeared until hrs later. Hell some are still just now arriving. Hey as the saying goes, shit happens, and I appreciate those who contacted me with explanations. I guess the more technology that becomes available to us, the higher our expectations, and bigger our disappointments when they are not met.

All of that said, I want to address a few things here.
(Andy Rooney/John Stossell type moment coming up)

That last entry wasn’t a vindictive or personal attack on any particular team, driver, crew member or series. It was a series of personal observations and the opinion of a very VERY frustrated fan and writer in the heat of the moment. As are a great many of the entries on this blog.

To clarify for those who are new followers, this is a personal, unaffiliated, opinion blog focused on open wheel racing and all the bits and bobs that go along with it. I provide my opinions & observations, both good and bad, and open up a channel for discussion amongst fellow race fans. I think, and have been told by others, that I’m actually pretty fair in the grand scheme of things. (and when I’m not, I’m at the very least entertaining in my shrillness)

Now I understand that, for the most part, everyone is doing their best and that unpredictable situations arise which lead to major “ball droppage” along the way. But that doesn’t mean that my opinion & frustration regarding those situations is any less valid in the moment just because there is an excuse after the fact.

At some point we are all taken to task on something we have done, not done, said, or not said.
If the argument has merit, we concede and improve based on the criticism.
If the argument is full of holes, we rebut or ignore and move on.
Either way, both kicks and/or kudos have a purpose, and I stand behind everything I say here. When I am wrong or off base, yes it happens, I will correct myself and set the record straight, right here, in public. (I have several recipes for crow on hand for just those occasions…)
I will also allow others their opinions, as I believe everyone’s point of view, even if vastly different from my own, is important. (unless you slam PT, then you’re going DOWN!! 😉 )

As I told someone earlier today, it comes down to this:

As long as we (the fanbase collective) are out here screaming about you, we still care!!
It’s when we all decide that we’ve just had enough and fall silent that you should really start to worry.

Fair warning: I intend to “care” a lot this season, so if you’re up to the task, put on your flack jackets, grab a brewski and enjoy some awesome open wheel racing with the “ragin Canadian”!! (™ pressdog)


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