VERSUS reminder

For those of you lucky enough to actually get to VERSUS, don’t forget to switch that dial at 2pm (ET) and watch the third installment of the 1hr-4 segment – pre-season programming.

Indy Car Series: Crashes and Conflicts
IndyCars run at speeds near 220mph…at that speed, tempers run high and crashes are often spectacular. We’ll take a look at the some of the most memorable incidents and conflicts between drivers and some of the most incredible crashes in recent IndyCar Series history.

For all the details, news, stories (they’ve got Bruce Martin providing some reading material now!) and video clips, visit

And if someone could hook me up with a youtube link or toss a dvd in the mail to me, I’ll love ya forever. 😉



7 responses to “VERSUS reminder

  1. Hopefully there is a re-air on VERSUS… I’m not watching canned programing when their is actual LIVE racing on SPEED.

    Mobil 1 Sebring 12 Hour trumps Indycar PR shows any day anytime!!! 🙂

  2. I hear ya! If the current state of the website is any indication, they will upload the show in a series of clips eventually so you can watch it that way. (that’s how I’ve been checking it out)

  3. Hey, I am a Dutch guy and we can’t follow indycar live. Do you know a way to follow indycar on the internet live?

    • Hi Robert!

      If they continue where they left off last year, you should be able to follow all of the on track sessions live via

      That’s how I watched last year, and it seems that is how I will have to watch again.

      There are also a few places that folks provide live streams of the coverage. I will be keeping an eye out for them, and will provide links where I can.

      I will also ask my Dutch colleagues at OpenWheelWorld how they watch.

  4. Thanks!! I a huge fan of Robert Doornbos:D!! I hope he can surprise us this weekend!! I am looking forward for the first race!!

    I read on a forum that the quality on isn’t very good.. Are they serius??

    greets! Robert

  5. Hey, no problem! I’m rather fond of Robert myself!

    The stream has it’s moments. I think it’s worse for those of you over in Europe just because of the signal traveling farther. I think I’ve just gotten used to it! LOL! Plus it’s better than nothing right??

    Make sure you check out the Dutch portion of (you can click on the logo in my side bar to the N.American site, then click on the Dutch flag at the top left of the page)

    They follow the euro drivers a lot more intensely than we do on this side. If Bobby D yawns, those guys will write about it! LOL!

    Enjoy the first race of the season! Go Bobby D Go!!

  6. Haha.. Great news a dutch cable channel bought the rights for Indycar!! so I can watch 10 of the 17 races live!! :D:D

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