Holy feather ruffling batman!!

Now I know how Robin Miller feels! LOL! Perhaps I should have chosen someone a little more gentile to fashion myself after… (Nah! what fun would that be?!)

Apparently my little sandbox (doubling as a soapbox at times) on the interweb reaches farther than I had anticipated when I created it 2 yrs ago.

Here’s what I find funny…
no one takes the time to contact me here (or at the site) to say, “hey thanks for your tireless (UNPAID) efforts to promote my series, my team, my driver” or “hey thanks for saying the NICE things about us, me, him/her”

But boy do I hear about it when I pull the curtain back and get “brassy”!

So, what conclusion should I draw from that?
Scream loud, poke hard, get results.
It’s been instilled in us for years sadly.

The people that bitch the loudest in line at the store or at the waitress at the restaurant, get the customer service, moved to the head of the line, better tickets, free meals, etc…
The one’s that are kind and nice and complimentary, barely get a head nod or a free cookie.

Contrary to what some might believe based on my “colourful” outbursts on here, I am actually an extremely polite and caring person. I have worked in customer service since I was 11yrs old. I say please and thank you for everything. Everytime I get on and off the bus, I greet and thank the driver, wishing him or her a good day/evening/shift, whatever. 90% of the time the response I get? not even a grunt.

I hold doors, help with strollers on stairs and carry large parcels to cars, and on and on…
Again, thank you’s are a rarity.

I spend every hour that I’m not job searching or doing contract work to pay the bills, watching, researching and writing about racing, because it gives me great joy to be able to provide that service for fans out there that may not have the access or resources that I have.

I can’t tell you how many emails and letters I have sent over the years to businesses, teams, companies, sponsors. With glowing niceties, and smoke-up-the-butt kiss-assness, showing my support or expressing my pleasure with a product or situation. Do you know how often I get a reply?
Well, when I get one, I’ll let you know.

Now, getting back to the “entry that rocked the racing world!!!” (echo, echo, echo)

I. WAS. ANGRY! Period.

We’ve all been angry. I didn’t yell and scream and swear to be mean.
(and yes folks, I swear! Truthfully, I enjoy it. I come from a long line of swearers. Deal with it)

I did it as a release, to express my frustration at a situation that in MY OPINION has been consistently degenerating and jeopardizing the sport THAT I LOVE!

I wasn’t exaggerating when I said I was on the verge of tears.
I was.
I was literally shaking mad, tears welling up, wondering A) what could be done to fix this, B) if anyone else was feeling my frustration/sorrow/anger and C) if anyone who mattered was actually LISTENING to our pleas.

The irony to getting all of the responses I got privately (I’ll get to that in a minute) is that I got the answers to all of the above. Things are being fixed. Others are feeling the same thing. And people who mattered were listening.

Well, they probably weren’t before, but they sure as hell were when my ‘blog missive” landed in their inbox via someone who actually has been listening all along. (an assumption on my part)

Do I like being the ‘bad guy/bitch’? Not particularly.
While I get a kick out of being called brassy and the Ragin Canadian (β„’ Pressdog) (I really do, cause hey, I’m a ballsy broad! no denying that) I don’t like the fact that in the process I am unintentionally hurting the feelings of people who I genuinely like and respect. I’m Canadian!!! We are the peacekeepers for godsake!

Was I was called to the mat, and taken to task (deservedly so in some cases, not so much in others) for what I wrote. You bet I was. And that’s perfectly fine by me. Again, I stand behind what I said for the reasons I cited in the last entry.

Several of the people who contacted me with answers though insisted it be off the record for my eyes only. While I appreciated the insight and explanations, it is only now myself who is satiated. Anyone and everyone else with the same concerns (and there are many out there) are still in the dark. Still frustrated. Still answerless. Do they need to have a meltdown of “Meesh-ic” proportions so they too can be contacted directly with answers?

Communication people! That is all we ask for.

The lack of it was the downfall of Champ Car. Don’t coddle us. Don’t blow smoke up our ass. Don’t feed us canned answers full of hearts and rainbows.
Give it to us straight. Give it to us honestly. We can handle the truth. Look at the hell we’ve gone through already! We’re still here! If there are no answers, give us the truthful reason why, and allow us to accept it and move on.

Give us the opportunity to rally around you and support you and help find solutions and answers to the problems that are plaguing our genre of racing.

While I may have screamed myself into a tizzy and likely made myself unwelcome a few places, I’m proud of the conversations it opened up. There were 30 replies to the post alone. Not to mention several deeply honest and insightful conversations privately in my inbox.

Sure my delivery may lack a little finesse at times but I assure you it comes from a place of love. Honestly.
I love racing. Always have, always will. I’ve put myself in financial jeopardy 3 yrs running now just to be there as often as I can at the track, supporting it.
And universe willing, I will do it again this summer. (whether you want me there or not!!)

I’m not going to fall silent or become the kinder, gentler version of myself. I wouldn’t enjoy the self-editing, and I’m pretty sure the hundreds of folks that make my stats spike daily wouldn’t either.

That said, I will make an effort to be more constructive or choose alternate more direct avenues to bring my more specific concerns to light this season. (hey, if I can give fricken Danica a clean slate, ANYTHING is possible right?)

Happy Monday folks! Keep it real!

ps… this will be the last post on this… time to talk about racing!!


19 responses to “Holy feather ruffling batman!!

  1. That’s incredible that you got such a response, both in number and that (it seems) so many of them were pissed off about it. It’s nice to know that something is happening behind the scenes but why does it take an outburst from someone with connections, to get that knowledge?

    Obviously I fall into that latter bracket of those still in the dark. To be honest I’m struggling to work out what I’m in the dark about. What should be provided as a minimum are:
    latest news;
    live timing of races;
    race reports on the same day;
    a few photos on the same day;
    more photos and features during the week after a race;

    what would be nice:
    live timing of all other sessions of a race meeting;
    pages for each team, driver and circuit;
    recorded video from the weekend (race highlights, nice onboard shots, interviews),
    a history of the series (preferably not rewriting history – hello IRL!);

    The driver pages might be a stretch given how many movements there are in the junior ranks in any given year.

    I’m not pointing at any particular series here, and this isn’t a North American phenomenon, it seems to be common across the board outside the ‘top tier’ of racing. I went back to the BritF3 site recently and was pleased to find it useful now.

    BTW you should update your links, I had to Google to find the moved Atlantics site. πŸ™‚ Which incidentally I did a couple of weeks ago and found nothing, but it appears now.

    • Very good list! And I concur on all of the above.

      I don’t think I’m over stepping by revealing that the Atlantic website is forthcoming. Hopefully it will contain most if not all of the above.

      And yes, I just made a note yesterday to go through and update all of my links. (I was waiting until we got closer to the season to see if any of the blogs that went silent over the winter were going to spring back to life soon)

  2. I hope the racing people who called you out are reading this because I want them to listen and listen well:


    The fact that Meesh cares enough about you to make a fuss should have you sitting back and taking stock and accepting her criticisms as coming from someone who CARES ABOUT YOU – because there are pitifully few left who still do.

    The worst part of the motorsports media these days is how they kowtow to their subjects and treat them with the softest of kid gloves. It explains a lot about why racers and those who handle them make some of the dumb decisions they do – because they don’t have people calling them on their idiocy.

    Bravo Meesh, and shame on the birds whose feathers got ruffled – stick your pride where the sun don’t shine and try listening for a change.

  3. Meesh,

    Just wanted to drop by and “Thank You” for your efforts. πŸ™‚

    Great post by the way.

    • Hey, a big Thank You right back for being the voice of the junior formulas!!

      I just drafted an email to you today about something. Keeps your eyes peeled πŸ˜‰

  4. Feather ruffling & Robin Miller… I thought your post was going to cover his Bat Sh*t story about Acura pulling the plug on their P1 ALMS program & set those teams up in the IRL.

    Leave a “Honda (Acura) inter-squad class” for another Honda supplied series while paying ALMS drivers not to race. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    I love that Robin doesn’t kiss arse for his stories & love the lack of concern for the PR… but sometimes stories should stay paddock rumors.

    As for your private EM’s from Atlantic or the other series… all I can say is WTF??? If the weenies dropping you private EM’s would take the crit & figure a way to budget for proper media personnel & website budget…. GEEZ!

    If I’m picking up your vibe… this reminds me of the over sensitive jag-offs @ the Philadelphia Eagles. Fire a game day employee because he was P.O’d that his team failed to resign his fav player.

    Instead of them monitoring My Space accounts of employees… FOCUS on their actual damn job. Same goes for reps of any complaining support series EM’ing you negative, private notes.


    • Just to clarify.
      There was nothing “negative” about the notes I received. Noses out of joint? yes.
      Criticism of my language/presentation? Definitely Yes.
      (and well, I’ll give them the language point… πŸ˜‰ )

      But nothing overtly negative towards me.
      The emails were mostly defensive / explanatory, answering to the points I highlighted.

      I do commend everyone for reaching out to me, with both kicks and kudos, both publicly and privately. Though I sincerely wish the private answers could be presented openly as well.

      And like I said, some turned into wonderfully open conversations. It felt like my own little town hall. Remember those? Maybe they should be initiated again. Good old fashion, face to face, Q&A’s.

      Paddock rumors rock! They are the whip cream and cherry on top of the race weekend sundae.

      I may not have been there personally, but I had eyes and ears in the paddock and the media centre…. I will be tuning in to the next ALMS race out of sheer curiosity now… just sayin is all…

      Oh and I personally think Bat Shit crazy Robin Miller rumours are the BEST!

      • Bat $hit rumors are great for non motorsports journalists, but if racing is your beat the goof-ball stories feed the critics/ troll who do NOT like you (& Robin has his “haters eh?)

        As for the language crit…. perhaps an over sensitive parent would object? However I subscribe to the George Carlin /Lewis Black theory that there is no “BAD” words… just over sensitive, judgmental people (or did one of them refer to them as pricks)??? πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

        • Distracted… I can see how the other racing blogs “highlight” the most recent entries… If someone chooses to NOT read you based on language, or they usually disagree with your viewpoint…

          a F-bomb laced headline or opening sentence can be made public in the other blogs that are interlinked with you.

        • true dat! I actually painted a big target on my back pre-remergification by coming out in defense of Miller! LOL!

          Funny parents stories: (one for each of mine, which will explain so much about me)

          There are many, but these ones both involved cars ironically…

          Situation A) Mom driving, cued up in the left turn lane, asshole behind leaning on the horn. Mom, put the car in park, got out of the car, leaned comfortably against door and lit a cigarette. (bwahahaha! this still slays me!)
          Much colourful language ensued.

          Situation B) Dad driving, cued up in a long line trying to get out of a parking lot onto the to main road. Several cars ahead of ours, no one moving, asshole behind leaning on the horn. Dad puts the car in park, & heads rather quickly to the other car, so quickly in fact that the driver failed to get his window rolled up in time. Dad pushes the window back down into the door, reaches in grabs the guys nose, and says. “you like to tweak your horn, how would you like me to tweak your nose?!?! He then proceeds to crank on the guys nose while loudly, verbally, honking.

          I still laugh to the point of tears when recalling that moment.

          Neither are around anymore, but I’m confident they would applaud my candor πŸ˜‰

  5. I think you’re the coolest, Meesh. Thank you!

    I actually appreciate your passion, because I just passively aggressively make sarcastic comments that probably don’t get translated beyond my brain.

    – Anonymous Unthanked Blogger

    • hehe! I think you’re pretty damn cool yourself “anonymous unthanked blogger” (why does that sound like a superhero name, and why do I picture you hands on hips, cape blowing in the wind???)

      passive aggressive sarcasm works too… but yes, it’s often lost in translation to those just skimming the surface.

      Nice get on the interview last week btw!

  6. Huh? What post are we talking about? Did I miss something? More brassiness, please.

  7. I like reading you articles, you say what you think and don’t hold back like some of us do. You might offend some people at some points (me included) but your writing speaks for itself. Thanks meesh

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