Roll call…

My goodness, talk about timing! The race weekend is over the Easter Holiday, so I can watch every damn session!

Speaking of timing, due to the fact that it was April fools day, I pretty much ignored all of the tweeted links to various and sundry driver/team announcements, only to discover late afternoon that many of them were true! Zoinks! Tagliani, Manning, Scheckter… not to mention all the Lights add on’s this week!

I am about to fall into a deep sleep, but wanted to take a moment to say HOLY CRAP! Look at those grids!!! I still can’t believe I am not down there!

(Again, I appeal: if anyone has a private jet or air miles they need to use up, I am free to fly out anytime Thursday after 5pm and home anytime Sunday late evening/Monday early morning…) (I’m already credentialed, just need a lift there…I’ll sleep in flippin rental car at this point… )

Anywho…. a more coherent post will be forthcoming. (first week of the new job, kicking my ass a little schedule wise, but it’s awesome, so I ain’t complaining!)

In the meantime, I give you this little pic I’ve had tucked away, just in case…



(ya, that’s when he still had hair, and lot’s of it)

(of course not nearly as much as Dario FROchitti… )

k… night night… more tomorrow!


5 responses to “Roll call…

  1. I can feel the glee emanating from this post. It makes me happy. 😀

  2. hehe… thank’s E! me too!!

  3. Just to clarify here what you’ve already realised on Twitter – Easter is next weekend 🙂

  4. bwhahaha!! You can only imagine the confused expressions after I asked my bosses if the office was closed tomorrow & Monday or only Monday, and they were like… “um, neither…” LOL!

  5. Can’t flipping wait. Have to work tomorrow morning then writing a huge ICS season preview post… (When you run an NFL blog you don’t generally mention racing until the day before the season)

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