Daily Archives: April 4, 2009

VERSUS rocks!

OK… so I finally got to actually watch some VERSUS coverage today! (Yay for streamers who shall not be named less they be shut down and I go back to being a miserable cow this afternoon)

I missed the first hour as I was still trying to find any sort of coverage of Lights (which I didn’t, but that’s a rant for later) but hey, an hour is better than nothing!!

Right off the bat I am noticing the great camera work. Seriously. The number of cameras, and the variety of angles (especially the low level ones and in-cars) really give the viewer a sense of speed. More speed than these cars actually possess in person come to think of it. LOL! (no seriously, they tend to look a bit lumbering in person)

Hey! Jack Arute isn’t his usual caramel colour! LOL! Get George Hamilton on the phone stat!!

Sweet camera work, really awesome guys! A++

Apex Brazil commercial nice!

Already the improvement of the broadcast team is 400%. They are actually excited, and therefore drawing me in as a viewer to be excited too!

hehehe did Robby Buhl just say “dang namit” ? BWHAHAHAHA! It just turned into Looney Tunes!

The Firestone Brickyard commercial is great. Nice change of pace and emotion.
I’m loving that every commercial break is sponsor or race driven.

I love that they are matching the car numbers with the car colours in the scroll. (don’t know if they did that on ABC/ESPN) If I had to complain about something… the scroll is too far down on the top of the screen.
(big pet peeve of mine for all series) I don’t tune in to watch the scrolling stats. I tune in to watch the racing.

LMAO at the Downforce commercial with Dario! “they’re magically delicious” OMG! Hilarious!! Can’t wait to see the version with E.J.

Finally someone started listening to the fans about what they want to see in an ad for the series. Such a great mix between showing/glamorizing the on-track action for the Versus ad’s, to showing the personalities of the drivers (a la Nascar) in the Downforce ad’s. More please!! Keep em coming.

Izod commercial with Ryan nice!

See! It’s so nice is that every commercial break isn’t shoving the Princess down our throats! They finally realized that there is a paddock full of marketable drivers at their disposal and that they need to reach out to THEIR fanbase as well as the ignorant masses who swallow up the Danihype.

wow… VERSUS is a real He-Man channel huh? LOL. I feel the need to grunt, spit and adjust my package

*disclaimer so as not to confuse Dean* I do not have a package. I have boobs. Moving on.

I’m so impressed by the entire broadcast team. They all sound intelligent and knowledgeable about racing. AND they are actually paying attention to the action on the track while they are talking and then reacting when something happens. It’s like fricken night and day. I’m giddy like a school girl right now!!

Well, that was certainly a better ending to my day. I think I have sorted my viewing issues out for tomorrow too. yay!!

I won’t even bother trying to watch the Lights race. It’ll just piss me off.

Ok… gonna walk around for a bit. Been at this computer for waaaaaaay too long today.

It’s race weekend kids!!

Yes, I’m over playing the excitement a little as it has been sadly deflated by a gong show of technical difficulties I’ve experienced trying to follow along.

The new video player that IndyCar is using on the site to stream the sessions is apparently not compatible with my computer. So I get a stream that lasts, oh… about 4 seconds at a time if I’m lucky. God forbid a car actually appears on screen either, as that causes it to freeze up permanently, forcing me to refresh. Oh and the sound? ya when it does eventually appear, it sounds like the guys are gargling, then it shuts down again.

So, after updating everything. Shutting out of every other program on my computer (which is rather inconvenient) and refreshing about 70 times, I finally gave up. God only knows what happened during Indy Lights qualies this morning.

I eventually found a radio stream. Of course it didn’t work directly from the site either, but at least I was able to find the url source and paste it into one of my own players. πŸ™„

so yay! I got to “listen” to qualies!

Can I just tell you? not so much fun. You are relying on someone else being your eyes, and if the booth is distracted in anyway or go off on a tangent about something, much of the details are lost.

While I’m bitching, cause hey why stop now, wtf is with them combining the times on the t&s for the first sessions? It’s so fucking confusing trying to figure out who is actually in the session & who is done. (and no, you can’t go by who is in the pits, because even the current session guys are shown pitting) Anyway… colour code them or something!

So, qualies are over (look for the recap on OOW.net) and Graham Rahal is in the catbird seat! Yay! Not surprised that N/H/L are figuring it out at all. Soon it will be the big “4” not the big “3” I’m sure.

What is surprising though is Justin Wilson and Dale Coyne Racing!!! P fricken 2!! (woulda been P1 had he not gotten jacked in traffic twice)
I can see him getting around Graham easily and not looking back.
Holy CRAP what a thing of beauty it would be to start the 2009 season off with Coyne getting his first victory. Tears would be flowing worldwide. (start filling the sandbags for the flooding)

Another big surprise, Dixon running out of talent in session 2! What?! Maybe he needs to begin sporting a Frollet like his teammate. Losen up a little. Of course his car was plenty loose today. Apparently. From what I HEAR.

I will attempt to watch/listen to the Lights race later. And hopefully some kind soul will be streaming the VERSUS highlight show somewhere.

No idea what I’m going to do about the race tomorrow now that watching on my computer is no longer an option thanks to the jacked up new format. (it wasn’t broke!! why fuck with it!?)

Not many sports bars around that will be open at 4am to watch it on TSN. (yes, that’s right, 4A.M)

I’m going to take a walk this afternoon to the bar down the street here to see if they get TSN2 (the alternate pay channel) which is going to air it live. Oh and then try to convince them to air it over whatever other sporting event is on in that timeslot. Otherwise again I will be relying on the kindness of strangers to stream it online somewhere.

I shouldn’t have to work this hard to watch the races.