It’s race weekend kids!!

Yes, I’m over playing the excitement a little as it has been sadly deflated by a gong show of technical difficulties I’ve experienced trying to follow along.

The new video player that IndyCar is using on the site to stream the sessions is apparently not compatible with my computer. So I get a stream that lasts, oh… about 4 seconds at a time if I’m lucky. God forbid a car actually appears on screen either, as that causes it to freeze up permanently, forcing me to refresh. Oh and the sound? ya when it does eventually appear, it sounds like the guys are gargling, then it shuts down again.

So, after updating everything. Shutting out of every other program on my computer (which is rather inconvenient) and refreshing about 70 times, I finally gave up. God only knows what happened during Indy Lights qualies this morning.

I eventually found a radio stream. Of course it didn’t work directly from the site either, but at least I was able to find the url source and paste it into one of my own players. 🙄

so yay! I got to “listen” to qualies!

Can I just tell you? not so much fun. You are relying on someone else being your eyes, and if the booth is distracted in anyway or go off on a tangent about something, much of the details are lost.

While I’m bitching, cause hey why stop now, wtf is with them combining the times on the t&s for the first sessions? It’s so fucking confusing trying to figure out who is actually in the session & who is done. (and no, you can’t go by who is in the pits, because even the current session guys are shown pitting) Anyway… colour code them or something!

So, qualies are over (look for the recap on and Graham Rahal is in the catbird seat! Yay! Not surprised that N/H/L are figuring it out at all. Soon it will be the big “4” not the big “3” I’m sure.

What is surprising though is Justin Wilson and Dale Coyne Racing!!! P fricken 2!! (woulda been P1 had he not gotten jacked in traffic twice)
I can see him getting around Graham easily and not looking back.
Holy CRAP what a thing of beauty it would be to start the 2009 season off with Coyne getting his first victory. Tears would be flowing worldwide. (start filling the sandbags for the flooding)

Another big surprise, Dixon running out of talent in session 2! What?! Maybe he needs to begin sporting a Frollet like his teammate. Losen up a little. Of course his car was plenty loose today. Apparently. From what I HEAR.

I will attempt to watch/listen to the Lights race later. And hopefully some kind soul will be streaming the VERSUS highlight show somewhere.

No idea what I’m going to do about the race tomorrow now that watching on my computer is no longer an option thanks to the jacked up new format. (it wasn’t broke!! why fuck with it!?)

Not many sports bars around that will be open at 4am to watch it on TSN. (yes, that’s right, 4A.M)

I’m going to take a walk this afternoon to the bar down the street here to see if they get TSN2 (the alternate pay channel) which is going to air it live. Oh and then try to convince them to air it over whatever other sporting event is on in that timeslot. Otherwise again I will be relying on the kindness of strangers to stream it online somewhere.

I shouldn’t have to work this hard to watch the races.


27 responses to “It’s race weekend kids!!

  1. Jason Collins

    Any idea what Mike King is going on about? Track forum is worked up in a tizzy over some other announcment away from the Petty/Andretti deal. Is a RCR/Robby Gordon partnership really that far off for Indy?

  2. The American Mutt

    Can’t say I’m surprised about Dixon. A: He’s not so hot temp street courses. B: He’s not so hot on tracks that aren’t flat out in general. His average finish on tracks that require braking was something north of sixth last year.

  3. Jason: IMO, Robby would do his own deal. I threw out my RCR speculation over @ MNI-IRL… Casey Mears in a Childress deal (give him traffic & go read my madness…)

    Paul Tracy & RCR have some history too

  4. Maybe after they’ve fixed all that they can find someone who can write in English and spell the drivers’ names properly for their Twitter feed.

  5. To stay on your IRL line…

    Nice to see young Rahal finding the love for the timesheets. IMO, Justin Wilson should STILL BE his NHL teammate. Dump Wilson for Doornbros? WTF?? Car is still blank (except for NHL decals) unless Robert brought Arctic Ice??

    I’m all drag-ass tired due to somehow getting up @ 4AMish to watch Malaysia GP qualifying. Since I have no clue about “spoiler alerts” I will avoid current events & just say with the continued FIA bullshit show this week… SURPRISED I got up to watch!

    Formula One makes SCCA Club & Pro Racing look like G-Damn Einsteins. The only series that (1) can’t seem to grasp the concept of a pace car (its a PACE Car Bernie… deal with it) & WHEN & HOW to deploy it correctly & timely

    (2)Don’t seem to have WC radio communication, video review, EM, text, etc. BOTH McLaren & Toyota can’t reach Charlie Whiting DURING the bloody race? The FIA can’t sort out a possible swap of 3rd & 4th place?

    (3) So besides looking like monkeys humping the football DURING the race… they top it AFTER the GP. 25 second penalty for Jarno? WTF !WTF!! Let him keep his 3rd & pop him a point… WWhere does this BS 25 seconds come from? Why do you care about Lewis’ point of view? You should rely on DATA to make the call.

    (4) McLaren looks like those above mentioned monkeys & tells Lewis to lie during the stewards review & cover someone’s team related ass.

    NONE of this nonsense should have been part of the Aussie GP story… OMG. I had no desire to support this crap. To be honest, if the dog had not had nature calling a bit early I would have stayed sleeping.

    I need a blog or something (as opposed to ranting in the comments section). ALMS & IRL can ween me off F1. If April 14 makes the defuser illegal & cancels out Brawn GP 1-2 & any Malaysian GP result out… I will be DONE !!!

    • LOL! Agree on Wilson, although it will be so much more validating for him to podium or win (!!) in a Coyne car, for all involved. And a big ol’ pffffffffft to N/H/L. (now that PLN is no longer with us, they are no longer a ‘transitioning team’ and Wilson is out of their grasp, I no longer have to be all supportive of a team I quite frankly cannot stand)

      No worries about spoilers. I’m of the opinion that if you haven’t watched an event then you should stay off the fucking internet if you are that worried about accidentally finding out results. (a pet peeve of mine having to remain silent while others take their sweet fucking time watching their video tapes)

      I didn’t even bother watching the F1 qualifying. After the bullshit that went on this week, I really wasn’t about to set my body clock all screwing again for these circus clowns. What a joke.

      I’m with you on the hearing results. If there is anymore backtracking and results fiddling, I’m done too.

      • You probably don’t want to know about April 14th then…

      • I agree on the “Spoil Alert” crap… but its your blog so my policy is to ask first.

        I read Auto Blog & they had some whiners complaining about lack of “Spoiler” alerts. I posted that (1) they are usually LATE with their racing news & (2) if your a fan & Tivo’d it/ or waiting for the replay STAY OFF auto related sites until you get to watch your non-live event

        Why do these people want sites to be their Mommie??? DVR’s are great, but if you are viewing your sports on delay… stay the hell off the net (especially auto sites) & sports TV

    • Hmm 🙂

      1) Word is they weren’t planning to deploy the SC at all, they were forced into it when a vehicle appeared on track to recover the car. I expect questions will be asked because safety/recovery vehicles aren’t supposed to venture on to to circuit without Charlie’s say so. Since Nakajima was out of the car quickly, he probably decided it wasn’t necessary. After seeing the debris everywhere I’d disagree.

      2) Every team has email access to Whiting during the race, I believe on radio too although I’m not sure. Bear in mind that during the Trulli/Hamilton muddle, Whiting would have been fully occupied with the Kubica/Vettel incident and trying to get Vettel to park his 3-wheeler.

      3) The penalties able to be awarded are set in stone for certain ‘offences’. In this case Trulli would’ve got a drive-through penalty, but it’s also in the rules that a drive-thru penalty awarded within a few laps of the end of the race, or after the race is over, will be taken as a 25-sec addition to the race time.
      I agree that they ought to have looked at the evidence rather than simply listening to the driver. Had they done that, they would have got the Trulli/Hamilton thing right AND Vettel wouldn’t have the 10-place penalty this w/e.

      4) McLaren suck balls. They lost me over Spygate.

      • Pat: I’d had heard about the EM deal (that’s why I included it in my tech rant), but McLaren supposedly told Lewis they were “trying to reach Charlie…”

        Damn! Then the FIA needs to assign Charlie an assistant, ’cause he ain’t a multi-tasker!!!:)

        We agree on the SC… Nakajima’s Williams left a debree field of carbon fiber bits… But If Charles was focusing on Vettel/ Kubica why did he choose to forget about the BMW driver?

        Its almost like Whiting decided to be a pissy Grandpa & scold young Vettel for continuing his RB5 three wheeler after his lesser role in the dispute with Kubica. Same with Lewis (don’t tell whoppers to Grand Dad…)

        If the FIA would just focus on EQUAL justice & not Mickey Mouse enforcement, making “examples” out of the violators IMO, they would be better served.

        Never effect ON TRACK actions unless its absolutely needed. If Trulli HAD passed Lewis… drop him back ONE spot. Lewis has ass-monkeys as bosses… TAG THE TEAM its WCC points. Lewis earned a 4th. Vettel Q’s 3rd but a BS, Aussie grid penalty now has him 13th?

        It makes the FIA look petty & possibly playing favs. Punish Lewis & Sebastian with $$$ don’t mess with their ON TRACK results to enforce your FIA justice.

        • Vettel was told to park it because he was a danger to himself and others. Not sure what you mean on forgetting Kubica, he was already out of the car?

          I’m sure you’re aware Whiting doesn’t make the penalty decisions once the flag falls.

          But yeah, I’m sure most here already know that FIA inconsistencies are legendary, going WAY back. Same is true in all their other series.

          • I meant Kubica was forgotten in his role of the crash that caused the RB5 to be a 3-wheeler 🙂

            I think Charlie focused his wrath on Vettel in part due to his post crash, 3-wheeled adventure.

            I understand not endorsing post crash driving, but if its a safety violation (like pit lane speed violations…) pop the wallet as your form of enforcement/ deterrent , yes?

            I think the FIA Wrath & their penalties have been much more head scratching & controversial (when compared to other race series). They are constantly part of the F1 season IMO.

    • Oh I got so caught up in the F1 I never stopped to agree with you about firing Wilson. Stupid, stupid move.

      But if it was the only way to bring Doornbos back, hmm, okay I’ll take it. Just.

  6. If you find someone streaming the Versus highlight show tonight Tweet me. I was just on their site looking for streaming with no luck.

    I feel like I’m a child again listening to the 500 on the radio because it’s blacked out in INDPLS. THIS SUCKS ! What radio IMS feed were you using ? No station down in the Southwestern IN carries IMS radio.

  7. The American Mutt

    Actually Meesh, if you take the average of his finishes for every race last year that required braking (in other words not the flat out fastest car) Dixons average finish is 14 point something or other. Just saying–it may be Ganassi not Dixon. Generally speaking when he advanced in the field it also helps when you A: have a ganassi pit crew, and B: have the front spot and don’t turn out. This is even more greatly helped by an overabundance of yellow flags.

    Point being, I’m not drinking the Dixon kool aid. I was at Nasvhille, and that was a cheap ass win by cheap ass driving, and by Barnhart not making him keep pace with the pace car on the last yellow. He conserved gas by taking over two laps to catch the pace car.

  8. The American Mutt

    By contrast, Helios average finish on the same races was 4.5, and that number was shot to shit by his car quiting at Watkins.

  9. The American Mutt

    For the record. TKs average is the same as Helios.

  10. I like how the “Fast Six” session included two Penske cars, a Ganassi car, and an AGR car, and NONE of them ended up on the front row. I can’t wait to see the point standings when we get to Kansas and all we’ve had so far are street races. Damn good show for Coyne, and good work for Alex Tagliani to end up in 7th too.

    As for F1…oi, what can be said? I never really liked McClaren, but I gave them more of a shot when they brought in Lewis. None of that anymore! I’m all about BRAWN GP (I was always a fan when they were the Honda team). I might not need to set my alarm to watch the F1, ’cause I might still be awake…ah, to live in a college town…

  11. Oh VERSUS, don’t do that again.

    Yeah, I’m having some trouble with the video player as well. The only thing keeping me from being too upset with it was how unreliable the other was for me. Then again, the new one may yet prove its unworthiness in the future but I’ll wait for that day.

  12. I think it’s kind of goofy to have TWO first rounds, with half the field in each. If you get in a tough group, you could be P7 and not make the next round and be faster than much of the second round’s top 6. I think they do it in two groups so people don’t run over each other. Can’t handle the full track, I guess. Still goofy.

    • well, you’d still be P7 or worse with the whole field then. (cause you were already in the tough group)

      It’s random drawing, so there is no favortism or deliberate fast/slow groups. Luck of the draw.

      I like it.

      It’s the same as having two qualy sessions over the two days. The entire field could improve their times on day two, but the day one polesitter gets to keep his spot.

      It’s certainly better than those long qualifying sessions, where no one goes out until the last minutes to shoot out for the pole then bitch about traffic later.

      This is definitely better for the fans and for the broadcast. Especially now that we have a qualifying show!

      • I agree with Pressdog. It makes no sense to split the field and give one group an inherent track advantage with more rubber, or if it rains in one and not the other.
        It’s a good format apart from the split fields.

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