VERSUS rocks!

OK… so I finally got to actually watch some VERSUS coverage today! (Yay for streamers who shall not be named less they be shut down and I go back to being a miserable cow this afternoon)

I missed the first hour as I was still trying to find any sort of coverage of Lights (which I didn’t, but that’s a rant for later) but hey, an hour is better than nothing!!

Right off the bat I am noticing the great camera work. Seriously. The number of cameras, and the variety of angles (especially the low level ones and in-cars) really give the viewer a sense of speed. More speed than these cars actually possess in person come to think of it. LOL! (no seriously, they tend to look a bit lumbering in person)

Hey! Jack Arute isn’t his usual caramel colour! LOL! Get George Hamilton on the phone stat!!

Sweet camera work, really awesome guys! A++

Apex Brazil commercial nice!

Already the improvement of the broadcast team is 400%. They are actually excited, and therefore drawing me in as a viewer to be excited too!

hehehe did Robby Buhl just say “dang namit” ? BWHAHAHAHA! It just turned into Looney Tunes!

The Firestone Brickyard commercial is great. Nice change of pace and emotion.
I’m loving that every commercial break is sponsor or race driven.

I love that they are matching the car numbers with the car colours in the scroll. (don’t know if they did that on ABC/ESPN) If I had to complain about something… the scroll is too far down on the top of the screen.
(big pet peeve of mine for all series) I don’t tune in to watch the scrolling stats. I tune in to watch the racing.

LMAO at the Downforce commercial with Dario! “they’re magically delicious” OMG! Hilarious!! Can’t wait to see the version with E.J.

Finally someone started listening to the fans about what they want to see in an ad for the series. Such a great mix between showing/glamorizing the on-track action for the Versus ad’s, to showing the personalities of the drivers (a la Nascar) in the Downforce ad’s. More please!! Keep em coming.

Izod commercial with Ryan nice!

See! It’s so nice is that every commercial break isn’t shoving the Princess down our throats! They finally realized that there is a paddock full of marketable drivers at their disposal and that they need to reach out to THEIR fanbase as well as the ignorant masses who swallow up the Danihype.

wow… VERSUS is a real He-Man channel huh? LOL. I feel the need to grunt, spit and adjust my package

*disclaimer so as not to confuse Dean* I do not have a package. I have boobs. Moving on.

I’m so impressed by the entire broadcast team. They all sound intelligent and knowledgeable about racing. AND they are actually paying attention to the action on the track while they are talking and then reacting when something happens. It’s like fricken night and day. I’m giddy like a school girl right now!!

Well, that was certainly a better ending to my day. I think I have sorted my viewing issues out for tomorrow too. yay!!

I won’t even bother trying to watch the Lights race. It’ll just piss me off.

Ok… gonna walk around for a bit. Been at this computer for waaaaaaay too long today.


21 responses to “VERSUS rocks!

  1. Totally agree ! Sorry I missed the RHR Izod commercial, don’t know where I was…I’m sure it will be replayed tomorrow. I’ve always liked Jenkins, Arute still gets on my nerves, but no weird antics yet, Liked YAWN when he filled in before. Still like Mike King and Davey Hamilton better, but I’m a bit biased being from Indy…

    • I’m sure it will. It was later in the broadcast.

      “Yawn” was our guy for the Canadian Champ Car races up here, so I’ve always thought he was awesome. And I listened to the IMS radio over the tv broadcasts all last season, so I get where you’re coming from. At least now there is less of a gap between the quality of the tv team vs the radio team.

      • I have long been a fan of Yawn.

        Not that I should let one qualifying show color things but is it me or did I see more of the informative Arute from his early pit work days instead of the dramatic Arute of recent vintage?

        • I do believe that the tanned one has upped his game yes.

          Not only is the booth more knowledgeable, but he is surrounded by youth… youth who actually know what they are talking about.

          I was very impressed with Lindy. Her demeanor was perfect. I didn’t get the sense she was reading questions or asking what she was being “fed” by the booth. Girl can think on her feet and roll with the punches for sure.

    • They ran that IZOD spot about 4-5 times… yes trips to the bathroom during commercials AGR ! 🙂 🙂

      Glad to have IZOD & RHR in the series & on track BUT… WTF is with the #37 on the sportswear/ models/ & old G-Force showcar used in the ad? but RHR’s actual car sports #21??

      + IZOD can’t afford a decal wrap? Their corp. colors seem to be red / white / black… & those didn’t mix too well with an obvious leftover ethanol RLR scheme (lt. blue/ lime green/ black)

      Fashion companies are usually anal about all that stuff… I guess I will have to google #37 & IZOD… hmmm. 🙂

  2. Sounds much better 🙂

  3. Jason Collins

    I do kind of miss “The Wheel Goes Round” commercials that played 1,000 times over during CC races though…….

    And the wheel goes round…..

    • Ahhhhh!! those commercials made my blood boil!!

      • Hey, I liked those! Maybe I didn’t watch as much Champ Car as you did, but I watched a few races now and then.

        VERSUS did a solid job today and I’m looking forward to seeing if they can do it again tomorrow. There was a few jitters at the start, but once they settled in, they were alright.

    • Those spots made me check out the firearms isle at the local sporting goods store…

      Since I don’t have the cash reserve to “Elvis” my TV with a handgun… I fixed the mute button so no more “& the Wheel goes Round…” 🙂

  4. It must have been a great broadcast. I’m basing this off Meesh’s review and also the lukewarm / positive review just posted on Crapwagon. No word on if the poster has been band yet. lol. Even the haters are getting excited for 2009.

    • ahh yes, the infamous “I was just flipping through the channels and my remote battery died so I was forced to watch it” posts with regards to IndyCar coverage.

      I could have just been delirious with joy at finding any coverage that wasn’t gurgling or stalling that it was like an oasis in the desert…

      If I get coverage again tomorrow. (which hopefully I will) Then I will put my critic had back on and be a little more… critical. LOL!

  5. the decision to go with VS was so smart it’s amazing it actually happened.

    and, I know some people don’t get VS easily, but it’s so much better for the series.

    and that’s before the first race…

    • I agree! They clearly want to promote it and feature it, not just air it and collect revenue.

      It’s smart on both sides as VERSUS tries to grow, and IndyCar is in the rebuild stage. Maybe that will be the catalyst for VERSUS to become available in more markets (further down the dial) & make better deals in the international markets.

  6. Meesh: in the absence of a package, I think you can spit, grunt, and scratch your boob in a completely non-sexy way.

    And the wheel goes round…My favorite was the ballroom dancing “wheel goes round” version. Now that’s knowing your demographic. The worst part was having it stuck in your head later because you just heard it 10,000 times. Made me want to punch someone in the neck.

  7. Jason Collins

    Crapwagon? It’s shame they are even calling it that these days. How about Sorry Meesh if this brings some unwanted heat down on your blog but no one can seriously take that place as an objective opinion on anything related to Indycar. Fact is the Versus coverage kicked some major ass and that will leave a mark for those poster’s over there.

    • lol, that is a better name for sure. I haven’t looked in on them for a while now. Sure I’m not missing anything :shrug:

      VERSUS has definitely kicked ass, and lived up to what they laid out prior to the season as far as their mandate goes. Now they just have to keep that ball rolling and not get lazy or greedy.

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