Grand Prix of St. Petes *Live* race blog!

Ok… going to do my best to keep up with the action. Probably will opt for the blog instead of Twitter, or both… haven’t decided yet.

Sweet opening!! IndyCar transformers!

Looks like a nice crowd, and gorgeous weather.

Arute needs to speak louder or use the handheld he’s using for the interviews. He’s a little hard to hear
Wow… we are 7mins in and no mention of Danica! Woot!

Ok… TSN just randomly went to commercial as they started the Rahal expose. WTF?!

Ok… back from commercial where it left off.

Lindy. Wow. A female open wheel pit reporter who actually sounds like she knows what she is talking about. :bows down:

Justin! hmmm the grey is starting show on the young lad.

Ok… weird walking camera angle. Makes the drivers look giant or the cameraman 3ft tall.

TSN is going to commercial at the oddest fucking times. And the sound is really inconsistent. I’ve had to ask for the TV to be turned up twice now.

Well, at least it took almost 20mins to mention the Princess.

She’s trying not get ‘angry’ all the time! LOL.. See I told you she had been coached over the winter! Maybe I’ll try not to be so angry all the time too…
(new leaf turning and all that)

The Helio Chronicles…

Bruce getting some screen time behind the interviewers! LOL

Helmet feature. Cool. Versus is rocking their coverage.

LOL before & after Arute! bwahaha!

*sorry, distracted by bar conversation*

command to start engines coming up! Woot!!!

hehehe! Transformers again! Me likey!! (I smell marketing opportunity…) (I’d totally buy them!!)

um… wow… they’re really quiet. LOL!

Installation laps. Sweet crowd. Beautiful clear picture.

Sweet low onboard camera on Kanaan’s car I think.

here we go kids! *holds breath*

OH BURN! Rahal off. Justin out front!

TK punts Rahal. Conway’s suspension looks like it’s toast. Tags drove right over Graham’s nose. oops.

Tough break for Conway in his debut.

Back to green!

I love Jan Beekus! Great points of interest for the fans.

Look at Manning up to 5th!?

Ya, so much for that side by side commercial break. Have I mentioned TSN Sucks?!!

Ugh… really need to find a place to watch that doesn’t have sound issues.
The owners wife just came over and told them to turn the sound down. WTF?!

I will buy the beer for anyone who will provide me a means of watching the races live and loud in Toronto. Contact me.
*edit*I have already secured a seat in front of the giant tv at the home of a friend for Long Beach. (I of course am buying the beer and possibly cooking dinner for them afterward! LOL!) It’s amazing the deals you’ll make the drunker and angrier you get!

Barrett = Roth ver 2.0.

“reds” not working for everyone.

Can’t believe that Wilson is still out there rocking the reds!

What a great race so far. Did any of y’all think we’d see the day when the IndyCar’s would look sleeker and better than F1 cars??

Nice quick commercial breaks.

wow,, Justin is really pulling away in prep for the pit stops. Come on Coyne boys. In and out smooth and clean and quick.

HOLY CRAP! That was a messy commercial break.

Rafa vs Danica (Rafa making friends already…LOL! Totally his fault.)
Moraes vs Mutoh (Justin narrowly avoids getting taken out)
Meira vs Tags

OK… so what the fuck happened to Wilson? why is he so far down the order now? *nevermind… got the answer*

OK… so clean up continues… montages and interviews
wow… Danica… good girl. That was mature and civil.

Ok… I love ya EJ, but if you fuck this up for Justin, we’ll have words…

aww cookie boy! (more of that injustice I spoke of earlier)

Way to flat spot your reds there Marco.

sweet! Go Justin! (good boy EJ) That’s how a pass is done kids

so, when will race control park Barrett with “handling issues” ?

oops spoke too soon. Sorry SB…

ooh Justin… takes a look… don’t throw it away J-Wil

Wow…. Briscoe is running like he’s been shot out of a cannon!!

Ok… so half way point… Briscoe, Wheldon, Wilson. Briscoe and Wheldon will have to come in before Wilson… One or two stops to go? What say y’all?

Ok so… Brisco and Wheldon have pitted… Wilson leads… should come in soon to pit.

Good boy EJ! LOL (unintentional I’m sure)

woah Graham is all over the fricken place today.


Dixon is not having a good start to his season.

I have warned everyone that if Justin wins this thing, there will be tears

sorry gang! lost my internet for a bit. Will update and finish notes in a bit.

OK… so my written notes from the last little bit:
Briscoe inhaled Wilson on the Lap 14 restart following the clean up for Dixon. Shortly thereafter another messy moment on track, Doornbos got into Wheldon, who was not running well by that point. Wheldon in turn got squirrelly getting into Power before turning into the wall and collecting Mutoh.

At around the same time, RHR (on reds) got around Wilson. My teary Coyne win will not come into play today I fear.

4 to go Marco turns in on Tags, who plows him around and continues on. Parko goes from a bad position on track to a worse position on track. Luckily he doesn’t collect anyone else.

At that point I stopped writing. LOL! Yay for Briscoe! As I said to my mate at the bar, I would be happy with any of the top three in the top spot. I really like Briscoe. I think he is a class act on and off track. Happy for RHR & Wilson. Total validation and vindication for both of them.

Loved the “Sonny’s BBQ’s drive-thru is faster than McDonalds” line from Uncle Dale!! LOL!

Missed all of the post race interviews. No volume at the bar. Too many chatty people. Will find a stream of Speed Report online and catch them later.

Can’t say enough about the production value of that race. Camera angles, clarity of picture and it wasn’t the Danica show. That for me was the biggest improvement.
It’s all about balance.

Ok… off to write my official reports, then I’ll come back and chat some more! LOL!


46 responses to “Grand Prix of St. Petes *Live* race blog!

  1. It’s the epic gladiator camera shot (at least, that’s what I call it).

  2. I’ll believe it when I see it, DP. 😉

  3. I think Justin’s earned those grays in the off season, poor guy !

  4. Enjoying your Cuss-o-Meter! Hilarious!

  5. Feeling your pain on the internet feeds, grr!
    Race Control has no sound.
    Other sources froze up.

  6. That looked like F1 for a minute there… 🙂

  7. Good three-way battle between Bobby D, RHR, and the Princess.

  8. Are we guaranteed no timed races?? (Can’t remember)

  9. Matos moving up slowly but surely.

  10. Wilson is so far down after his pit stop because all the guys in front of him had already pitted before.

  11. Barrett stacked them badly and now he’s stopped.

  12. Wheldon and Wilson gaining on Briscoe the last few laps.

  13. That killed Wilson’s 2nd sector.

  14. Can you tell me where your streaming the Versus feed from please? I would love to know since I dont get TSN2

  15. I’m not streaming. I’m watching at a bar.
    I believe there is a stream or two going at

  16. This would be a great, great start to the season if DCR pulls this off.

  17. An inauspicious start by the ROY candidates.

    • After this race, Barrett is going to lead the ROY standings.

      • nope… Bobby D finished 11th. He was the top finishing rookie.

        • Yeah, I just noticed that. At the time, I thought it was game over Bobby D or at least that they would not get him out in time to hold position over Barrett. It even showed Barrett ahead on T&S. I went back to see the results and saw Doornbos ahead. It puzzled me but it seems like the N/H/L crew did a splendid job to get him out quickly enough.

  18. Congrats Briscoe.

  19. “Did any of y’all think we’d see the day when the IndyCar’s would look sleeker and better than F1 cars?? ”

    Well, F1 didn’t just lower the bar, they buried it. 😉

  20. Brassy as usual, MEESH. VS was a big improvement over ESPN, but not yet F1 production. Nobody can bitch about the amount of coverage, that is for sure. Arute stands astride pit road like a colossus. Danica altered my reality by not being Princess-like, even post crash. F1 cars are, indeed, Fugly. race control never functioned for me. SHOCKER. I may have used profanity when Wilson got passed on the restart.

    • Arute’s Napoleonic podium on pitlane is hysterical!

      LOL on Danica. I was all ready to write “so, hows that anger management thing working out for you?” But she smiled and shrugged it off. SMILED!!! I was still bewildered by it even after they charged the paddles and brought me back to life…

      I’m pretty sure I dropped an f-bomb under my breath too…

  21. I did, indeed, use buckets of profanity when Wilson got passed. That was suckable. Can’t complain about the start that RHR and Wilson got though! We’ve got our pick of Cinderellas to cheer for this year (OK – and EJ for Meesh!).

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