St.Pete’s Season Opener Pre-race brain purge…

Well my golly gee, it’s here kids! The first race of the season!

After an agonizingly long winter full of doom and gloom and job losses amongst teams, crews, and many of my colleagues, our little light at the end of the tunnel has finally revealed itself.

Race season. *and exhale*

When all else is falling apart around me, the one thing that can, without fail, make everything better? Racing.
It’s in my blood.
It’s part of my soul.

Even the absolute worst day at the track is still better than any day not at the track. No offense to anyone else or anywhere else. But that is just how it is. My heart is aching with disappointment at not being there this weekend. But circumstances just couldn’t be helped.

Technical bullshit experienced this weekend aside, I’m so excited for this race! I have done what I needed to do to assure I get to watch. No matter how much I bitch about it (and I do bitch about it for sure!) I will always jump through hoops and go the extra mile to watch my racing.

So here I am, bellied up to the bar, big screen directly in front of me, ice cold beer to the left of my computer, saved seat for a fellow enthusiast to the right. I am wearing my RHR cap and my Paul Tracy shirt, an homage to someone making the right decision and to a great injustice. (my own silent protest)

And with that, the pre-show has begun!!! wooot


2 responses to “St.Pete’s Season Opener Pre-race brain purge…

  1. RHR cap? Wow! Maybe I should buy something PT. 😉

    • LOL! Well, it was the only IndyCar clothing I had. hehe… I was wearing it the day his official announcement was made too…

      hmmm… maybe I should wear my PT stuff more often…

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