“Mister Bluebird’s on my shoulder…”

“…it’s the truth, it’s actual, everything is satisfactual”

ok, for those of you not as old as dirt like I am, that opening diddy will have made no sense… for those that are :highfive: for figuring it out, and enjoy having that tune in your brain all day… but I digress…

So… that little bluebird I’m referring to is the familiar Twitter bird… and what’s being tweeted about today caught the eye of my colleague “da newtch” over at MyNameIsIRL, and in turn moi!

From the twittersphere today: (via @rubinconraceteam)

Rubicon Race Team is now Rubicon Sports Agency. Stay tuned for exciting announcements about our involvement in Indy Car racing.

Rubicon Sports Agency partnering with Conquest Racing. More news to follow in a few days.

Well now… isn’t that interesting…

So lets throw a few things at the wall and see what sticks shall we?

Will this be a joint effort for the entire season, or is this a Long Beach/Indy sort of deal?

  • They were always preparing for at least Indy.
  • they are celebrity driven and La La land based, so Long Beach is also a given, especially given the timing of floating this publicly.
  • I’m guessing if they are renaming and joining together, it will be for the whole season.

Will there be a second car involved? (assuming that Tags is in for the season of course on the Conquest side) if so, who drives? and for how many races?

  • Buddy Rice is the obvious choice, but his profile is playing hide n’ go seek on the Rubicon website now.
  • based on their history, Mad Max is another choice, but he is well ensconced in his NASCAR efforts of late.
  • My out on a limb lets throw something at the wall guess: COOKIE BOY!! He is a proven hot shoe who is rideless. This would make it three (4?) years running that he didn’t have a ride for the first race of the season, but got “the call” for race two. If I’m given my pick, I’m throwing Servia in the car

Holy mergification batman! That would make 3, 3, 3 teams in one!! (I’m on a role with my pop culture references today! LOL)


Ok… that’s all the time I have for the moment! (I’m a working girl now, so I have to wait until breaks/lunch/afterwork to play here!)

Will put some feelers out and see what comes up, but I doubt anyone of any “official capacity” will be able to confirm anything at this time.

Ok kids!! talk more later!


6 responses to ““Mister Bluebird’s on my shoulder…”

  1. Way to drag me into an “Uncle Remus” reference, meesh. I’ll be sure to thank you in person in our next “sensitivity training” class.

  2. LOL at Jeff’s comment.

    The RubiconPCM-Conquest thing seems familiar…like a RuSport/Gentilozzi thing.

    I wonder if Tag is looking at it and wondering how he got back here again.

    Oriol would be my first pick to put in an open seat (my son may never speak to me again over that comment), with PT nipping at those heels. Buddy Rice should be the teammate to Scheckter for the rest of the season at 3G, despite Barrett’s financial involvement.

    There, now…

    • um… :bitestongue&pleadsthefifthonRuSport/Gentilozzisituation

      I think Tags is in an INFINITELY better situation now than then. Nuff said…

      Ya, of course my autopilot response would be PT 100% of the time, but in this case, just based on gut instinct I would choose Oriol… at least right now.

      • I already had the place picked out for the best of all frosty pops…ah, well, maybe next year.

        BTW, if Oriol goes the way of many others before him as far as girth increaseing with age…would we then switch from ‘Cookie-boy’ to ‘Dough-boy’?

  3. Let’s work on the spelling now, Mike…

    “increasing”, not “increaseing”. Though if people get large enough, ‘crease’ may be applicable (spell check, did I do okay with applicable? Okay, fire away.)

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