and now we wait…

The fat lady is warming up the wings of the hall of justice… The jury has gone into deliberations and at this point, it’s anyone’s guess as to how this will play out. But play out it will.

No matter the verdict, positive or negative, the repercussions will be felt by many.

So what say you jury peeps? We on the outside await your decision…



9 responses to “and now we wait…

  1. tim nothhelfer

    At the very least Helio will receive a black eye for using poor judgment and not making damn sure his pay schedule was above board…
    All the talent, good looks and charm in the world but trying to save too much money on your taxes can hurt you. I suspect the COIMEX monies may burn him.

  2. I think he will be found guilty, but hopefully, perhaps, on lesser charges, facing serious $$$ fines and if he’s lucky, a suspended sentence of some sort. (in other words, no actual jail time)

    I don’t think this will be a slap on the wrist, pat on the ass, “now scidaddle young man” resolution.

    Any other time maybe, but with so many big names in the news for being deceitful, and so many American’s suffering due to the economy, a high profile foreigner, making oodles of money doing “frivolous” things. (driving a race car & dancing) perceived to be bilking the U.S. of A. out of money…
    ya, he’s going to be made an example of.

    The big, public way they came after him.
    The way they brought him into court shackled (shackles?? really??? )
    All of that points to him being made a poster boy by the IRS.

    I hope I’m wrong quite frankly, but I fear for our little fence climber.

  3. It really bothers me that members of a certain forum are drooling over the thought of him doing time. I hope he is found not guilty and I get a chance to see him at Long Beach.

  4. :shrug: I find the best way to avoid being bothered by certain forums is to avoid going to certain forums… It’s worked wonders for me đŸ˜‰

    I met Helio for the first time a year ago at Long Beach. We were standing in PT’s pits watching the race. He and I chatted like old friends. Very nice guy, very approachable. He was equally as nice and approachable months later in Edmonton. That impressed me.

    If he is truly guilty of these charges, which would sadden me greatly, then of course he has to atone. If he isn’t, then hopefully everyone will put this whole episode out of it’s misery, and allow him to get on with his career.

  5. Oh, and enjoy Long Beach!

  6. Funny Meesh that is where I met him for the first time as well, in PT’s pits. In fact I even took a pic with him. God I know we must have saw each other at some point over that weekend. Not that it matters but I was wearing a bright orange Patrick Racing Visteon crew shirt. Are you coming out this year?

    • I’m gonna have to revisit my pics from LB now! LOL! I vaguely remember the shirt though come to think of it.

      I was all in black (yes, black… I don’t feel the heat, I’m rather reptilian that way… my skin is always cool to the touch in the summer…very weird), long hair probably in a pony tail or braids. Ample cheeks. (both ends LOL!)
      And if you came by at the end of the race, I was the one angrily sobbing and being consoled by Paul’s wife. (oh the embarrassing irony there!)

      nah, can’t swing a west coast run this year. Last year it was an anomaly of generosity that allowed me to attend. I’m in financial recovery mode right now, and have to pay back some folks who helped me keep a roof over my head and food on my table while I was unemployed this winter before I do any traveling. My personal racing season is scheduled to begin in July. (W.Glen, T.O., Mosport, Chicago, Homestead) Although I may try to sneak down to Indy in May. We’ll see…

  7. Oh and I don’t visit said forum anymore. A ban makes it quite easy to avoid that place….lol

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