really? we’re gonna take that tack are we?…

It’s about to get brassy up in here y’all…
(points to disclaimer in sidebar –> )
Are we clear? Good. Proceed.

So there is a new Q&A up on today with LB grand poobah Jim Michaelian. This is one of the brilliant question/answers:

Q: How big of a buzz is there now that the name drivers in IndyCar racing will be in this year’s race?

A: It’s a refreshing change from what we’ve been through in the last few years not only to have the names of the stars of the IndyCar Series but also have some assurance they are all coming, they will all compete here and our fans will have a chance to see them.

Refreshing change? Really? Y’all have decided now to spit on the series and drivers who kept your fucking event alive and kicking for all those years when the “name IndyCar drivers” and teams fucked off to the other side of the fence, in some cases mere weeks before your very event, thus jeopardizing it? (since you brought up the “assurance they are coming” thing…)

So having multiple LB winner Paul Tracy and Jimmy Vasser driving in the race last year wasn’t “name” enough for you? How about Robert Doornbos, who’s very presence in IndyCar this year saw viewership numbers in the Netherlands alone that KICKED THE ASS of the viewership numbers in the entire country of the United States? How about all the teams and drivers, who even though they had just been bent over and reamed just weeks before, still pulled it together, despite HUGE financial losses, to participate in the LB Grand Prix in 2008?

While we’re at it, let’s get a little more real shall we? How about the piece of shit cars that are going to grace your track this year? Why not be honest about that? (and before y’all get your knickers in a knot, this is not a slam on the series out of bitterness. Everyone agrees that the current formula/chassis is sadly out of date and unremarkable and long overdue for a change/upgrade)

I’m kinda glad now that I’m not wasting my money or my time to go to Long Beach this year.

Yes things change. Situations change.
We have all had to accept the change in AOW with the amalgamorphification. It’s been a hard pill to swallow for many of us, but we have done it, and in most cases been pretty fucking gracious about it.

Of course there is going to be a lot of kumbaya, ass-smoke blowing, “we’re all one big happy family” propaganda from the series and the venues, to put on a “nothing but fluffy white clouds and rainbows” appearance to the public leading up to the event, but you could still show a little more class…

Don’t spit in the face of, and bite the hand of what fed you for all those years prior to now. It’s unbecoming.

Great. Now I’m in really fucking bad mood.
Happy Friday.


30 responses to “really? we’re gonna take that tack are we?…

  1. I’d like to echo your comments. That pisses me off something fierce. Embarrassing really.

    • I’m seriously worked up right now!!

      There are ways to show your excitement and appreciation for the “new” without completely disrespecting the old. Someone in his position should be aware of that.

      That would be like a team replacing a driver and saying something like “now that we have a REAL driver in the car” in every subsequent press release.

      I’m seriously shutting the lid on my computer for a bit and taking a walk. Walk off some of this ire and the waaaay too much caffeine coursing through my system currently. I just typed this response so hard I broke a nail LOL!

      *backing away from the computer*

  2. lol… hey, that press release of yours sounds a bit like Panther Racing after hiring Dan Wheldon last year.

  3. I’ve always been an IRL/ICS loyalist, and I really, really don’t think the Dallara is as ugly as people claim it to be.

    I hated (and still hate) the debate over aesthetics strictly from the perspective that I think the two sides looked for anything to slam the other one.

    That said, the DP01 was freaking gorgeous. I don’t think that it was possible to really understand how good looking that car was without seeing it in person, because my perspective went from “who gives a shit” to “holy cow, that car is HOT” when I got to attend Friday practice at LB last year.

    I generally try not to cuss, particularly on the internet. In fact, after just cussing, I almost went back to edit it. Then I thought, “fuck it, if I can’t cuss on Meesh’s blog, where the hell can I?”

    • I generally try not to cuss, particularly on the internet. In fact, after just cussing, I almost went back to edit it. Then I thought, “fuck it, if I can’t cuss on Meesh’s blog, where the hell can I?”

      and with that comment, my mood improved considerably!!! I seriously laughed out loud!

    • true, I am getting used to the Dallara (and have admitted it publicly) but it really was a hard pill to swallow after the DP01… (and the Lola… and the Reynard… 😉 )

  4. Brassy! BRASS on the rev limiter. I agree that you can be geared up about this year’s event without peeing on last year’s. The dude shows a stunning lack of class here.

  5. The American Mutt

    I’d give ya a martini if I could dear. That guy is an ass. No rather a clueless shit sucking fuckwad of immeasurable proportion. There–I’ve out crassed ya all!

    The DP01 was pretty, but the whole nose falling off problem got pretty fucking comical.

    • LOL! I feel like the pied piper of profanity!!
      (and sadly, that makes me a little proud.. hehehe)

      Oh and I’m the first to admit the DP01 was flawed. I personally don’t think it was as safe as it should have been… (but it sure was purdy…)

      • The American Mutt

        It was safe enough to keep lil’ miss sexy Katherine Legge alive an mostly unharmed during that crash at Road America(?), so at least there’s that. Have I mentioned how much it pissed me off that she didn’t end up in the bimergified league?

        For the record, I’m generally more profane than most, but I keep it in when I post because it generally weakens any argument. Not to mention I respect Jeff enough not post something his kids may read. However, what kind of American Mutt would I be if I wasn’t crass and vulgar?

        • Different chassis. She was in a lola at RA. The DP01 had it’s first public debut at that event, driven by Roberto Moreno. (who had been doing the official testing)

          The DPo1 wasn’t in full rotation until the following season. During that year there was one broken back, and two other (that we know of) back injuries from shunts (and not big ones at that).

          re: Kat. Get in line my friend. A lot more than that situation pisses me off with regards to the treatment of Lady Katherine. Knowing what I know, I’m extremely proud of her accomplishments, and to call her friend.

      • “A swear word used in the right place is fucking marvellous.” – Arthur Smith, comedian

        The DP01 was a gorgeous car. Shame it wasn’t all that reliable but it was early days.

        The Dallara is old. When was it first used? Is it a decade old now or was it an earlier Dallara up against the G-Force? The only other OW series I know of with decade-old cars is Formula Palmer Audi.

  6. Am I the only one to see irony in “some assurance they are all coming, they will all compete here”? Has he been reading or watching the news about our dear fence climber? Not to mention the guys you mentioned, Meesh.

    I promised myself that I wouldn’t talk car aesthetics again but I saw pics on TF and the way he photographed the cars made them look pretty sweet. Now, I’d still take a few other cars in that regard like the DP01, but they did take me aback.

  7. believe me, I saw the irony in it for both present day and past events. That’s sort of what set me off.

    hey, even I took some sweet pics of the Dallara earlier this year, and gushed over it. It’s not just aesthetics though. It’s the overall package and performance. But that’s a debate for another day 😉

    • The American Mutt

      Could the DP01 do an oval? Otherwise it had the dallara hands down–cept in that previously mentioned nose issue. Although, frankly, sometimes I wonder if that wouldn’t end up benefitting drivers when say they get their nose run over–at the very least it’d save em time in the pits puttin’ the new one on.

      • from what I understand, it had been built and tested with eventual oval driving in mind.

        • I only state this for fairness…the current dallara was designed specifically for oval racing, but required many post-design updates to make it safe for oval racing.

          In other words, oval safety cannot be determined by an FIA test.

          I truly feared the DP01 on an oval, if only because of its starting price….

          but man, if they could have gotten that nose to the ground.

          • fairness is good! and we are nothing if not fair in my sandbox! (which is why I like it so much!)

            I think they would have done some more tweaking on the car (DP01) in coming seasons, and done more oval testing in preparation for the eventual merger. Timing and circumstances intervened…

            I agree, safety “tests” can only determine so much. The true tests are practical. Kat in 06. The fella that went ass over tea kettle in the C.O.T. last year, etc… etc…

  8. Biggest bummer of all is that you’re not coming to Long Beach. I was looking forward to meeting the real Meesh face-to-face…

    It’s going to be interesting to see how the cars are at LB. I’ve never seen the ICS cars run in person. Working in CART for those years…over a long period of time…there was something so visually stunning about seeing how fast they would cover a very large piece of ground. After hearing how snail-like the Dallara is on a road course, barely faster than the Atlantics at Mid-Ohio and Edmonton (‘specially if your name was Marty or Milka), I’m prepping to be a little disappointed this year. But hell, if they were racing go-karts, we’d still go to see ’em, wouldn’t we?

    • aww… LB was never gonna be on the schedule this year as I had prepared for St. Pete’s. (prefer the first race of the season) But that didn’t work out either! LOL! Financially the West Coast is not in the cards this year. Chicago is going to be as west as I go in 09.

      Ya, it’s a little mindblowing at first. I remember when they went by me down the front stretch at the Glen last summer…(my virgin ICS experience) I actually turned and asked someone “is that full out?!?” It was less apparent to me by the last race. Just as the look of the car was less jarring. That smell though… boy howdy… never stopped making me gag! LOL!

      But hell, if they were racing go-karts, we’d still go to see ‘em, wouldn’t we?

      true dat! Like I always say… even the worst day at the track is still better than almost any other day elsewhere.

  9. There was a time when that quote would have really pissed me off. For some reason I got nothing out of it. Who knows maybe being in the middle of a divorce does that to you…lol

    On the other hand what was he really going to say? He needs to sell tickets and try to spin this event off to a market base that one of strongest fan interest for CART/CHAMP CAR. Southern Cal and it’s fans was “Indy” for CART/CHAMP CAR. Now obviously coming out and dogging the girl that brought you to dance is not that bright but when did anyone in a managing position in open wheel start making smart decisions?

    • lol. You know, I’ve been pretty numb to the subtle jibs and jabs over the past year. Often talking my colleagues off the cliff over some innocuous, insensitive comment or situation regarding the treatment of CC history. (which was our history, so it hits closer to home)

      Maybe because I have a personal attachment to the event. Maybe because that was such an obvious and UNNECESSARY dig, maybe my pms kicked in…LOL! whatever it was, it struck a nerve that hadn’t been struck in a while.

      (been there, done that re: divorce… kinda takes the wind out of all the other sails eh? )

  10. I was at a test session at Cali Speedway I believe it was 2003 Ryan and Seabass rookie year. Just so happens IRL teams and CC teams were on track that day and seeing DeFerran and Penske IRL cars running on the track at the same time as the Lola’s really made for an interesting view point on the “looks” and style and sound of each car.

  11. I saw that quote the other day on and it riled me. I thought of you. 🙂 I thought if it got my goat, and I’ve been ‘over’ the split since early ’07, how would Meesh react..? I’ve been offline since Friday so I’m just catching up now.

    I just can’t believe the stupidity of some people, I mean he’s going about it completely the wrong way. This was the ideal opportunity to bring aboard those Champ Car fans who still haven’t started watching IndyCar. Long Beach was a cornerstone event of CART/CC for a very long time.
    If the old die-hards were going to watch any IRL races in 2009 it would be this one and Toronto. Maybe Surfers too last Nov, but the timezones may have screwed that one. Anyway, my point is this: it should have been the chance for LB to reach out to the ex-ChampCar fans and to say ‘hey look, give it a chance, it’s not that bad really’ (but in a more flowing PR way).

    But no. Pissed all over them. As if to say ‘screw you, we’ve got new people to play with now’.

  12. Perhaps, Jim Michaelian could have chosen his words better but, I for one, can understand where he’s coming from. From 2003 through 2008, Long Beach, by its very place on the schedule, has come within weeks (in fact, days when considering 2004 & 2008) of putting on a show without knowing who was going to show up or, whether the series that the event was based around would even exist. As someone who could fully feel the effects that this uncertainty had on our event, which was not held until July, I could always readily empathize with what “The Beach” had to contend with on an annual basis.

    The reality is that a promoter’s mandate is to create a successful event and there is little room for personal fandom in the mix. Stability will go a lot further to launch a marketing program off on the right foot regardless of what bullshit your going to throw at John Q to sell it.

    Just for the record, during those court days of early 2004, Molson had one foot in the courtroom and one hand on the phone to the IRL the whole time. That’s business and, when push comes to shove, no one is that dedicated to any cause other than their own.

    To that end, I’ll repeat that the words could have been chosen better but, it was not exactly a blunder of biblical purportion. Remember, ninety plus percent of the people who attend don’t know the difference between an IndyCar or a ChampCar regardless of who their stars are. For the promoter, he just wants to know that a stable (or, at least in this case, comparatively stable) product is going to show up.

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