The whispers are getting louder and louder…

and if they turn out to be true (in any capacity), then I just have one thing to say…


nuff said kids…

23 responses to “The whispers are getting louder and louder…

  1. Wish someone would let him drive a full slate, but PT at Indy will be sweet nonetheless.

    • I’m with you on that. Sad that it doesn’t always work like that.

      Back on the positive side, it’ll be great to see him back at Indy. It just had to happen.

  2. I think people in general have greatly under-appreciated everything Paul brings to the series. I for one will be overjoyed to see him come back and start pushing non-driving ride buyers back in the pack where they belong. Hopefully they’ll eventually be unable to find a ride to buy because the seats will be filled with real drivers.

    The fact that there seems to be a general ‘migration’ back toward Indy is great news. If drivers like Paul and others we all know that should be there, are there, it will boost the visibility of Indy (and hopefully beyond) quite a bit to where it always should have been. I am holding my tongue about who it was that caused it to fall so low in the first place…

    Still holding my tongue…

    …but his initials are contained within the word “tongue”.

  3. I don’t know … I think Meesh is the &%$# boss, applesauce.

  4. (May the lord have mercy on my soul for what I am about to say) PT IS THE MOST OVERRATED DRIVER IN RECENT HISTORY!!!! He’s old, out of shape, and doesn’t deserve a ride when there are many more deserving people to fill those seats.

    • ahhh, the misguided ignorance of youth…
      I remember when was young and cluelesss…

      • I’m just saying that someone(RICE!!!!) could fill that seat and do just as good for half of the price. Psht, don’t act like you still aren’t clueless.

        • Rice? LOL… please…
          nothing like coming to a gun fight with a spork Kohl. :rollseyes:

          Go try the poke and insult routine with someone else. Petulance for the sake of petulance bores me.

          • Buddy deserves a ride, NOW!! So does Servia. I kid because I care meesh, no need to get nasty bout’ it.

            • You jump into my sandbox, insult PT, then get all emo at the subsequent smackdown? What are ya new? LOL! Suck it up buttercup! 😛

              • EMO!! I don’t know what it is that I did to you but you just seem to be rather rude to me lately. PT was a good driver, he just needs to accept his age and move on. Driver coaching perhaps?

                • LOL… I’d continue to interact but I’m sensing tears soon… (even though it’s fucking hilarious to watch you get your panties even more twisted with each response LOL! )

  5. Geez, Kohl. How douchy. Ummm…here’s what you did to her: you jumped into her site and splurted Jackassery in the Trollish way possible.

    Neither one of us would likely fight you about Servia: she said so much in a recent post. But, do you really think Rice could jump into a cobbled together car and finish fourth at Long Beach. Because I don’t. And that was his last start. So go back under your bridge.

  6. No, this is more than this particular incident. And I frankly don’t think its any of your business. I have the right to “spurt my opinions in a trollish way” my opinions, that is what the comments section is for on a blog. I believe Buddy could.

  7. Did I miss the memo about this being the international year of the sensitive male?
    Holy christ! I’m laughing my ass off over here!

    Maybe I need a new disclaimer in the sidebar… “no posting until your testicles have dropped”

    Or maybe I’ll just hand out tissues and pacifiers at the door for the rest of the season 😛

  8. I just want an explanation of why the hell I’ve bern getting the cold shoulder. I tried to help with OWW and for some unknown reason that didn’t work out. Other than that I would appreciate a reason.

    • Wow… when did my comment section turn into a therapy session?

      Whatever cold shoulder you’re imagining is all in your head. Sorry to be blunt Kohl, but you weren’t even on my radar dude. There were about 10 bazillion things on my plate to deal with the past few months. You my friend weren’t one of them.

      Do you really want a public answer to the OOW question other than the one I gave you which was “it’s just not gonna work out?”

  9. Are we still talking about Paul Tracy? Anybody??? Hello?

    [cinder block whizzes by head]

    Nevermind. Carry on.

  10. And fuck you, Meesh, for giving me the Prozac avitar. An ANIMATED Prozac avitar, no less, who looks like he’s got a doctorate in letter-bombing. This is bullshit.

  11. OK, Kohl. You’re right. But, of course, that means that it IS my business since I can express my opinions as well (since you’ve chosen a comments section to sit on Meesh’s couch). My opinion is that you’re being a douche.

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