Race weekend? what?

Holy crap. It was a particularly brain taxing day (week!) at work. (actually, it is everyday, which is awesome, believe me, I’m not complaining! I love my job!) And try as I might to catch the practice sessions, press conference, any semblance of coverage from the event on my breaks, the technical fubars are just insurmountable this season. Again, I have to question the decision to change the PERFECTLY GOOD video platform they used last year… but I digress…

So, even though it was a balmy, gorgeous, sunny 20C when I left work shortly after 5pm, I dedicatedly bypassed all of the very VERY welcoming patios to come home and write up all of the “happenings” from day one of the LB Grand Prix.
I figured an hour tops right?
I stuck a beer in the freezer to chill, and plonked down in front of my computer.
4hrs and one frozen solid beer later, I can just now finally sit back and absorb everything that’s happened.

I’m now exhausted however, and feeling extremely detached from the event, except for a couple of kind hearted text messages from the track. (god how I love those! even if one of them was mainly to tell me that PT was fat! LOL! poor Paul…) (oh, and if any of ya feel so inclined, do feel free to call me from pitlane or trackside, when the cars are on the go. I’ll understand that you and I can’t carry on a conversation… but I will be eternally grateful for the earful of “racing” from afar… it’s a little ritual I have with CJ, but he ain’t there this weekend)

anyway… it really sucks not being able to watch or listen to the sessions. I guess I should see if I can find a piece of shit PC for the summer and just use it for the race weekends. (when are these programmers going to wake up and realize there are folks out here that use MACS!?!!? )

Ok… so, I feel like I’ve already talked about everything… oh that’s cause I have!
Do me a favor… click the link… don’t even care if you read at this point, but we could use the hits! LOL!

So my boy was announced for the 500! Ya, at pretty much the exact moment that twinkle-toes avoided becoming some dude name Duke’s bitch for the next 5yrs.
What is it with Helio always stealing Paul’s thunder?! LOL!
I’m hoping that the rest of the deal falls into place. I can’t deal with these one race seasons. Besides I’m not sure I’ll be able to make it to Indy, and if that is my only chance to see Paul race this year, I shall be suitably pissed off. (still looking for a cot or couch or floor space for that weekend… 😉 )

I love that Mad Max was dressed up as the Gecko. What I guy!

I don’t even really know what went on on track today as all the action seemed to be happening in the press room or paddock! Hopefully I’ll be able to catch some of the action tomorrow. Just a fucking radio feed would be awesome. Why can’t they make that a separate feed from the shitty video?? If someone can figure out a way to send me an external link (separate from that stupid player) that I can open in another player, I will love you forever! No really, I will.

Alright… I can barely keep my eyes open now (the 15hrs in front of a computer screen could have something to do with it…) let alone form anymore thoughts…

More tomorrow … (afternoon… I have to work in the morning)


8 responses to “Race weekend? what?

  1. I watch the indycar.com webcast on a Mac. Aside from the fact that the new flash interface to the site uses too much processor, it works fine. Er… make that “sorta fine.”

    G4 iMac: sucks.
    G5 iMac: works fine.
    Intel-based iBook: pretty much rocks.

    Maybe y’all need to update your Flash player?

    • Well there ya go, I fall into the G4=sucks category. I do make sure to update my flash player before every session. Unfortch I can’t upgrade my computer before each one…

      • Yup. Flash is a real pig. It’s not like a G4 is actually a slow processor or anything. YouTube video works just fine on a G4 iMac, but the Flash stuff just runs awful.

        • yup. New computer is on my wishlist. Won’t happen for a while though, so I just have to sit and suffer I guess. I’ll try not to bitch about it anymore since it’s obviously my own problem and not that of the app itself.

  2. Meesh .. I clicked your link to openwheelworld.net, but it’s 404 fubared. You must have been sleep deprived … check it out. If this day job prevents us from getting our Ragin’ Canadian updates, I’m afraid you’re going to have to quit the day job. Sorry.

    • that’s a weird wordpress glitch. Depending where and how you add your very correct link, it adds all sorts of gobbledy gook in there to fubar it. Tis fixed now.

      LOL on quiting. nu uh. Cause if I quit, then I won’t be able to GO to any races… and if I don’t GO to any races, it seems I won’t actually get to SEE any… :bangs head on desk:

  3. PDog-I get the same thing on your page from some of my computers (WordPress glitch). It sucks.

    Meesh-I’ve got the same experience as Boo Boo: my G4 Powerbook can play it OK: it’s a bit choppy but it plays OK. The processor is WOT though. The MacBook Pro rocks it.

    Maybe a reboot with nothing else open would help? I suppose it also depends on how much horsepower your G4 has: I’ve got a 1.67 GHz with 1.5 GB of RAM (although the RAM is far from maxed). We’ve also got an old G4 iMac that’s a 1 GHz and it drops frames like crazy-it’s pretty much unwatchable.

  4. One word for me: Vista.

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