Grand Prix of Long Beach *live* race blog

woohoo! It’s race day Kids!

Started off with a little history throw back… then of course the Helio story… now on to Will Power, the saddest pole sitter ever…

Briscoe… always the “cool” one…

Aww sweet, PLN’s friends and family are at the track this weekend…

I still think they should make those car/transformers from the animated opening…

*back from commerical*

still doing driver intros…
and now on to the Indy 500 one off driver announcements…

PT!!! He looks fine! to the dude who texted me from the track on Friday to tell me that Paul was fat, you’re full of crap.

LOL! Dario FROchitti smack talks Andretti during Leno feature! A little more mention of the silly bet with TK… reiterates the importance of the first turn.


back… IZOD feature… Graham, RHR, and Al Unser Jr
and the predicted Princess feature…
wow… I didn’t realize that Michael won his first and last race at LB

Back with Dixon and his brutal start to the season…
(I love how both Scott and Dashley are holding the Pepsi cans. Like they are drinking a carbonated pop before the race!)

Picking the winners: Franchitti is the favorite, with Power the fave as the first timer… :bites tongue on that one:
I’m joining Jenkins on the Viso first timer

back… it’s race time kids!!!! woooot!!

Oh burn! Power isn’t firing!!
Nevermind… he is running and catching up to his rightful spot.

Robbie Thackston… LOL… oops!

Damn… now Will has no radio? geesh…

Track temp is smokin hot!

Here we go….

Green green green!! Will gets a huge jump on the field! Matos up to second, and Wilson up to 3rd!

let’s forget for a minute who the drivers are, but look at the two teams fighting for 2nd/3rd… Luczo Dragon & Dale Coyne…. oh how times have changed…

FROchitti gets around Wilson…
What is it with IndyCar and it’s revisionist history?? only the second time Power has lead laps? um he was on pole and lead for most of OZ! oh ya… OZ didn’t count right? just like LB 08 didn’t count… I call bullshit…


wow.. that overhead of the start was awesome! Nice jump by Power!
(lots of aluminum though…)

“Alex Moraes”… *sigh* Now I remember why we didn’t like Jenkins in the booth… he screws up the names!!!

Having Jan in the booth adds soooo much to the commentary! A++



rear tires are going away (12 laps in) No surprise… as the track temp is so hot. The reds must be turning into goo….
Dashley around Matos. Nice pass.

Oops! Conway into the tires.
“trouble Robbie for one of your cars” LOL!

Dashley in for a pit? What? why? did he think there was a caution?

Woah… Power slows… bunches up the field. Dixon takes out EJ… wtf?!
Gong show! Clown cars! mayhem!!

Festival of pitting…

Long stop for Wilson… gah! Power still with no communication with the crew.

And now we’re all fubared as far as who is leading. It’s off sequence pit strategies for about 3 different groups now. Ick.

What? another pass??? on camera???

Poor E.J!! My sweet boy. You are so right. Totally not your fault sweetie!

WHAT THE FUCK! Holy crap! Looks like tetris out there!

Moraes into Tags, stacking up Wilson, Wheldon, Manning, Mutoh
LOL… bad day for red, white and blue cars!

Interesting detour provision… that’s cool!


Wilson done for the day.

LOL! You know that we are on weird strategies when the order is Parko Andretti, Frochitti, Carpenter, Patrick…

Apparently the Penske back up car wasn’t quite race ready…

LOL! Dashely is just sitting pretty…

Poor Justin. That bad pit stop put him in the middle of that mess…


Dashley is leading. I guess Parko and Ed pitted. Will… get around the Princess dude! Japanica cannot podium!!

Barrett in the run off *mocks suprise* local yellows… blah blah blah… a look at the Celebrity race…

and commercial again… random…

Ed Carpenter into the tires… repeat of St. Petes, but this time he gets going.

and we’re green again (Lap 42/85)

Geesh… Helio is right up Will’s gearbox!

2 laps back to commercial…

Fuel strategy race… gah… I hate that…
Wow.. Mikey… a little unresolved bitterness towards Dario?

and back to commercial… ?????
Guess they are expecting some big action at the end, so they want to run them all now.

Power and Patrick in the Pits. What? She is sketchy out there like crazy. Power just needs to push her a little and she’s toast

Yes!! Go Will! He’s around the Princess

Dashley in…. where is Will?

woah… FCY again… Conway.. again… What a mess

WOAH!! Bad call for NHL! crew gave him the go sign!

WOAH!! fueling issue for Tags too!

back to green lap 59/85

Carpenter is a moving chicane today…
Woah! Doornbos gives Ed the chrome horn!! (wonder how you say that in dutch?)

Graham in for his drive through.


back… 66/85
talking about fuel… can they make it to the end…
2 laps and back to commercial… geezus…

and we’re back 71/85

Franchitti given the green light on fuel
Power has been told to conserve, as have Kanaan and Danica.

so much for the fuel strategy conversation. Moraes deep into the tires! (shoulda put Paul in the car guys!!) and Ed pulls a Danica and gets stuck between the safety car and the wall… No temper tantrum though…


back… they cleared Ed during the commercial. LOL!
Moraes out from the tires…
10 laps to go… still under yellow…

*back to commercial*

Back…. WOAH!! Stopped and facing the wrong way. Replay: Watkin’s Glen redux in reverse!! Briscoe into Dixon! Briscoe damaged front wing. Fixed and back out.

Green green green!
8 to go, full rich! Come on Will! Bring it home clean to the podium.

Briscoe apparently has a drive thru for that bonehead move…

Come on Will….
Marco! what the hell? Wrong place to make a pass dude! Cripes!!


back with 3 to go… 4 second lead for Dashley… Looks like Kanaan is growing his hair….

wow! nice driving by RHR there. Tags totally had him but RHR held him off…
WOAH! Tags gets him back!

Dashley gets the win!
Will gets on the podium!!
Kanaan gets a podium and a new do!

Hey Penske, you might want to rethink that deal with Will…. your key players screwed the pooch today…

Ashley is still as annoying as ever….

Will! NO telemetry and no radio! Poor bastard. He seems just gutted knowing that his

Arute just has a big ol luv affair with Danica. What the fuck is she whining about. Blend line?

LOL Dixon shows class in his interview regarding Briscoe. (mentions Watkin’s)

Helio… he’s just gonna be all happy and teary all season isn’t he?
everything is FUNtastic! LOL!

So Will is second in the championship, and sidelined… crazy…

Ok… gonna check comments and make the rounds..

17 responses to “Grand Prix of Long Beach *live* race blog

  1. Good interview with PT and Arute.

    Nothing we didn’t know, but it was cool to see the series give him some air time. Can’t hurt his effort to get a ride for the rest of the post-Indy season.

  2. exactly! Sad to see him in street clothes though. KV should have tossed him in the car instead of Moraes this weekend!

  3. I’m mostly disappointed that Paul isn’t going to be in a car next weekend. His last open wheel oval race was, when? 2007? It’s not exactly NASCAR Trucks, so put him in a car, right?

    • He’ll have – weather permitting – enough time at the Speedway to knock the rust off of his oval skills. I have no doubt that he will be a factor in the race this year and more than likely it will be a positive result. Just having him make the race will be a positive result for the 500.

  4. PT should be in the booth every moment he’s not in a car.

  5. Amen. He would be incredible.

  6. tetris. very funny.

  7. Happy for Dario. Ashley…

  8. I really hope next year we get PT, Hornish, and Bordais in full time rides. With Helio cleared, we could have a truly complete field. Robin Miller just said on speed Report that Power might still be in next week.

  9. You seem to have missed the dumbest remark of the race from Jack Arute, where he apparently thinks that a: Sir Stirling Moss is dead and b: that he was world champ. Unless he meant Graham Hill and it came out wrong.

  10. Will Power is a street stallion. No radio or telemtry and still P2, even after his replacement pit team yells yellow-yellow-yellow at him when it was green-green-green. Then he had to drive it on fumes to make it? WTF? Drive of the race. Easily.

  11. Did anyone else notice when Jack Arute was interviewing Helio at the beginning up on the platform, that all the other drivers that walked past ignored them, except Mr. Viso, who stopped, flapped his gums like he was talking (making fun of Helio), and then kept going? OK, pretty immature and insensitive considering the emotional experience Helio has been through (wait – isn’t everything an “emotional experience” for Helio?) but man, it made me laugh my ass off.

  12. Meesh, your in luck. Once, a long time ago, you said you missed Robin Millers chats. Well, just read his latest mailbag, and the chats are comming back every other week.

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