breakfast bloggy…

So, let’s look at where we are heading into the month of May shall we? (This is me killing time on the commute… Via Blackberry… So spelling may be an issue!!)

One year and a bit post unifornication and there appears* to be some parity between the IRL teams and what used to be the Champ Car teams.

Appears of couse is a word I use loosely… But on the surface, things have evened out a little over the winter hiatus.

Everyone save for one or two are actually “in the mix”, with the potential to win, podium or spoil.
We are seeing the drivers with skill float to the top despite the perceived demotions (Wilson, Wheldon), & those with the lottery winning rides both perform & disappoint.

Biggest surprises so far?

*Wilson squeezing results out of the bucket of parts that DCR received last year and had to assemble into a car! He is the real deal!

*The Prozac Princess! She’s almost, dare I say it, likeable. I almost… I almost want to root for her. (I almost said almost again…) The season is early however…. Waiting for the tranquilizers to wear off…

*Dixon’s season circling the drain after round two. (The 4 ovals in a row oughta remedy that)

*Just how bad Stanton Roth… Er…. Milka Barrett turned out to be!

When we all gasped at his announcement and predicted backmarker status, he came out swinging full of “just you wait!” bravado. Well SB… We waited. And will be for a while apparently.

While I give him points for his mad evading skills (I expected nothing less from a stuntman) his moving chicane-ness is epic! He does stay out of the way however, so he’s avoided being parked for “handling issues” thus far.

*VERSUS coverage, despite being available in about 4 markets, is kicking ass & taking names. Although I have to wonder about the market research done by advertisers.

From what I can tell by the ad placement, they’ve determined that their viewing audience are horny middle aged men with midlife crisis fantasies about the Princess, who pop Viagra like tic-tacs. (Who knew there were so many erectile dysfunction products out there!)

*A relatively full field of actual drivers for the 500! Not the usual motley crew of arrive and drive cheque holders… Good thing they tightened up the schedule! With only what, 5 rookies?! That ain’t gonna be riveting to cover… Oh, but coverage we will have! Thanks again VERSUS! (On behalf of the 12 people in the U.S. That will get to watch…)

Ok… Brain sufficiently purged! And all before coffee!


6 responses to “breakfast bloggy…

  1. Meesh you may want to edit “post unifornication” unless that’s really want you meant to say, because it is pretty darn funny this AM !

  2. Mad Dog must be having a bit of a fit watching how bloody slow Barrett is, but ya, he’s at least getting out of the way ‘nicely’.

    I guess the moment we’re all waiting for is Milka storming down to his pit to tell him how slow he is and that he has no idea what the f&^* he’s doing out there…problem is, nobody would understand what she said…

  3. Danica is better this year, probably wants more money from her new contract. Do you think she will leave, like Robin miller and most Speed TV people? I don’t, she does better as one of the few known IRL drivers.

    • Danica may get the attention that a sponsor wants, enough to go to N-Cup racing…but I can’t imagine that either the IRL wants her to go because of the attention she brings to the league…and I HAVE to think she’s looking at what’s happened with Dario and Sam, and thinking ‘this might not be the way to go’. Short-term, she could make a lot of dough…but it may well be career suicide if she does it, as far as a good ride in a series (IRL) she’s comfortable in and is in fact having a reasonable amount of success in. Plus if she ever threw a Danicatantrum over there, I reckon she’d find herself either standing very alone or maybe have her ass handed to her by someone like Delana Harvick.

      I’m waiting for, and half-expecting, the BIG moment to come when all the anger management, PR handling, and meds come unwound in a critical-mass type of emoting.

  4. It’s more than 4 markets, Meesh. I count 6. šŸ˜›

    Yeah, I liked how they’ve done so far. I just hope they can get into more homes in a hurry. Some more ads with sponsors actually sponsoring the cars/league would be good.

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