I hate to say it…

but I am soooooo relieved there is no racing this weekend. (at least none of the series I cover) I have so much to catch up on this weekend. Tons of reading, a truckload of writing, and approximately 5 days worth of cleaning, all of which is to be somehow packed into the 2 days allotted. I will however attempt to find a feed of the A1GP finale somewhere and watch for fun. For fun!? imagine that…

oh and in case you haven’t seen it yet…


booyah! NOW I’m excited about the Month of May….

*thanks to @kvracing for the pic!! *

11 responses to “I hate to say it…

  1. Fear the lizard!!! πŸ™‚

  2. He looks like Geo S Patton–on a mission. =)

  3. I’m not the biggest PT fan, but it’s always more fun when he’s around. And he’ll get a top 5 at Indy. Book it now!

  4. I just watched that old Alien movie this evening… That makes that lizard coming out of PT’s chest even more unsettling πŸ˜‰

  5. I so wish I could be in Indy this year. I’ll definitely be there next year. πŸ˜€

  6. There needs to be more indycar races, 26 would be a good number

  7. I hope that you are able to complete what has to be done, Meesh.

  8. Maybe a little early to get TOO excited…after all, it’s only ROP and refreshers…but WHO’S THE BOSS…?

    P1. Paul Tracy
    Time: 40.3426 Speed: 223.089

    P2 Scott Sharp
    Time: 40.5628 Speed: 221.878

    (The response, Meesh, the response!!)


    oh ya baby…

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