Daily Archives: May 7, 2009

Shwit! ….

Flying under everyone’s radar since 2007…

So while busily trying to keep up with two jobs and the other site no one reads or acknowledges (Ya I’m bitter, so what!?) I’ve shamefully neglected my little sandbox!

Thankfully the only action at the track yesterday was in the motorhomes (wait that did sound right…) So last night after catching up on all the press releases and tweets I managed to sneak in the most awesome episode of “LOST” then caught up on some deserved sleep.

How bout my boy??? Refresher my ass! LOL! It was called a refresher because he was refreshing everyone’s memory on what a REAL race car driver looks like! He wrote a most awesome blog for his buddy Malsher @ Racer Mag, which I will link to once I’m at my computer. (This entry brought to you via blackberry & my morning commute) (my only free time it seems) Edit for link: http://www.racer.com/2009/05/paul-tracys-blog-tuesday-may-5/

All but one Rookie has passed his ROP. :mocks surprise by who has and hasn’t made the grade) I’m sure Barrett is a really nice guy… But he is in so far over his head it’s no longer comedic mocking worthy. It’s sort of heartbreaking now.

How bout that pink car? ZOINKS! Maybe it’s reverse psychology? He had a gorgeous livery last year and walled it big time. Maybe this horrifying Peptomobile will go the distance?

Anyway, weather cooperating, the cars will be on track today. Since my bankcard was copied and account emptied, I won’t be going anywhere for lunch this afternoon, so I’ll login later and see what’s happening.