Shwit! ….

Flying under everyone’s radar since 2007…

So while busily trying to keep up with two jobs and the other site no one reads or acknowledges (Ya I’m bitter, so what!?) I’ve shamefully neglected my little sandbox!

Thankfully the only action at the track yesterday was in the motorhomes (wait that did sound right…) So last night after catching up on all the press releases and tweets I managed to sneak in the most awesome episode of “LOST” then caught up on some deserved sleep.

How bout my boy??? Refresher my ass! LOL! It was called a refresher because he was refreshing everyone’s memory on what a REAL race car driver looks like! He wrote a most awesome blog for his buddy Malsher @ Racer Mag, which I will link to once I’m at my computer. (This entry brought to you via blackberry & my morning commute) (my only free time it seems) Edit for link:

All but one Rookie has passed his ROP. :mocks surprise by who has and hasn’t made the grade) I’m sure Barrett is a really nice guy… But he is in so far over his head it’s no longer comedic mocking worthy. It’s sort of heartbreaking now.

How bout that pink car? ZOINKS! Maybe it’s reverse psychology? He had a gorgeous livery last year and walled it big time. Maybe this horrifying Peptomobile will go the distance?

Anyway, weather cooperating, the cars will be on track today. Since my bankcard was copied and account emptied, I won’t be going anywhere for lunch this afternoon, so I’ll login later and see what’s happening.



10 responses to “Shwit! ….

  1. I read the other site, too ! Some of us still love you even if you didn’t make “the list” (the list that had mistakes on it ). Thanks for all you do, you’re insight IS appreciated !

  2. So my first go at a comment didn’t show…take 2

    I read the other site, too ! We still love you even if you didn’t make “the List” (the list with mistakes on it). Thanks for all you do on both sites, you’re insight in MUCH appreciated !

  3. I read both sites, OWW has some of the fastest points updates online, it beats Yahoo by days.
    Whats the list? IS it the indybuzz thing, I can’t understand why your not on it, particularly OWW, mabye this site has too much cussing?

  4. Yeah, if you’re meaning the “Official IMS Blogger/Website List”, I’m really not sure why at least OWW wouldn’t be on there, and this blog should have been as well (unless the Swear-o-Meter is a little too high for their tastes). I mean, I get why I wasn’t on there: I’m not a bespoke IRL blog, and I only post about as often as Milka finishes in the top-15. With you, those are not so much of a problem…

    • Ya both IndyCarBuzz (which I think is fab btw, but I shouldn’t have to whore myself out to be included on) and the recent IMS list glaringly omitted moi. It stung a bit, but hey, SHWIT HAPPENS! :word to P-Dog!:

      Now, to be honest, I wasn’t totally surprised, and sort of didn’t expect Shwit to be included because A) I’m a ballsy, foul-mouthed broad from Canuckdia B) I don’t have the letters IRL anywhere in the description C) I’m a ballsy, foul-mouthed broad from Canuckdia

      But… I am sad/frustrated by the lack of acknowledgment for OpenWheelWorld.

      There are three countries worth of amazingly dedicated editors/photographers that bust their asses to provide that web portal, that literally work 24/7 to support and promote the series and it’s junior feeders. That omission stings a bit more.

      A fuck it, who am I kidding, they both do damnit! LOL!

  5. I think Barrets has now passed ROP, but I wonder, how is he qualified to run the full schedule, but barely able to make the ROP for Indy? Whats your pole day predictions, mine are Dixon wins pole ( unfortentetly ) and Robert D and Paul Tracy are the best Champ Car drivers

  6. Oh, Meesh. So sensative. Tell you what: I’ll see what strings I can pull so that you TOO can be included on those lists. Hold on …

    **checks lists, sees that I’m not on them either**

    FUCK THEM, MEESH!!!!!!!! We’ll start our own lists!! We’ll show ’em!!


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