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Indy 500 *live race blog*

Ok so I’m late to the party, but that’s because I was out on the balcony of the media centre soaking it all in.

Lap 26, middle of the second caution…. here I am.

so far Moraes & Andretti the least ran out of talent

ooh… just looked at the t&s, Tracy gained two positions on the third restart! sweet!

ok… so my head is pounding. The lack of food, lack of sleep and rush of adrenadline is taking it’s toll. I’m finally sitting since the first post this morning at 8am or so. I’m exhausted and a little worried about the drive home. If any of you are here and looking for ride back to Toronto, or somewhere along the way, contact me!

Anyway, I’ve fluctuated between stoic, and angry, and giddy and overwhelmed all day. It’s all very surreal. More in a bit…

woah, while we were distracted by Bobby D kissing the wall, Brisco got around Franchitti.

Rahal hit the wall on lap 56. Jeff @mynameisirl has pointed out that all three candidates for the “youngest winner” are now out of the race.

Justin Wilson had a scary moment when the field came in to pit, spinning coming into his pit box. Luckily cooler heads prevailed and the other cars got bye him cleanly. The crew whipped him around and got him back out on the lead lap.

woah! Restart Briscoe is dropping like a stone , causing all kinds of chaos.

He was swallowed up by both Ganassi cars and Kanaan. Then he continued to go backwards, catching Helio, which allowed Matos and Patrick to get by. The traffic cluster turned into 4 wide down the front stretch with sparks and dust flying everywhere.

It’s very funny, we all jump up and run to the windows when something happens on track or when the field comes in to pit.

Wilson has recovered nicely from the pitlane brainfade. Back up to 15th.

PT holding his own. Team is saving fuel until mid point of the race. He and T-Bell will pair up and try to draft through traffic.

Poor E.J…. I don’t know what has happened to my little sparkplug, but he is not the same driver as last year. I wonder if they did any development over the winter, cause they can’t seem to keep up with the other transition teams.

4th caution. Davey Hamilton into the wall. Lap 83. 😦

Field will close up again and pit.

Race off pitrow: FROchitti, Dixon, Kanaan, Helio, Matoes

True to form, the driver out front on the restart get’s inhaled by P2. In this case, Dixon inhaled Franchitti.

Servia got around Tracy, and Philippe got squiggly and nearly collected a few people.

Also true to form, we are suffering through Marty Reid and Scott Goodyear and their “fanica”dom… snore…

WOAH! TK into the wall. Hard! Something snapped on that car and he was “just a passenger” Caution 5 kids.

Festival of pitting! Everyone came in for tires.
Dixon, Franchitti, Power (!!), Matoes, Twinkeltoes…

*woah! Princess Prozac runs out of talent during the pits. Giving the broadcast team yet another reason to talk about her. ( I swear they mention her every 10 minutes) (I’m also convinced that they become intimately familiar with their anatomy at night while staring at the posters of her on their ceilings… )

*ok… surreal moment… I’m sitting here beside Jeff (My Name is IRL) with P-dog on the other side of him. We are all frantically typing. Sharing quips every once in a while. We would be the three least fun people to watch a race with…

Aww… poor Cookie boy and RHL. Fuel pick up problems.

LOL! Wonder if they’ve told Alex Lloyd that his wife is having contractions 10 minutes apart! Funny, cause Heather Carpenter was also apparently 10 minutes apart on qualifying day. Must be the adrenaline. Very cool though.

and send in the clown cars! Nelson into the wall, FROchitti epic fail on pitlane, Car-B-Cue in Vitor Meira’s pit box and giant sham wows!!

Big winner off pit row PT!!! 4th!! baby!

Once again, P1 sitting duck. Helio Gets by Dixon. Wheldon gets by Tracy. Then T-Bell pulls a banzai move on Tracy. Not very teammate like…

Briscoe jumped the start, got sent behind the Princess by race control.

Tracy is dropping like a stone. Something is not right with that car since the last pit stop.

Power around Dixon for second (!) Wouldn’t that just put penske in a pit of a pickle if Power wins this thing?

whoops! Justin does his second 360 of the day! and hits the wall. (rather balletic of him actually) The slight tap of the nose makes the ass end hit rather light… Poor bugger.

Power’s crew FUCKS UP his potential lead/win. Power for SURE would have inhaled Helio on the restart. I call BULLSHIT!

Helio, Briscoe, Wheldon, Patrick, Power, Bell. on the restart with 33 to go.

Matos came in and did another “top off” which is just confusing me.

Well as Marty just mentioned “fuel is no longer an issue” as Matos gets into Vitor and they both hit the wall hard. Then in the most surreal, incredible accident, Vitor’s car, after making hard front contact, spun around backwards and then his car skidded backwards, on it’s side, along the entire corner wall… precariously teetering. It is an absolute miracle that that car landed right side up. Took a while to get both drivers out of their cars. Matos got out under his own steam, but limping. Vitor was taken way on a stretcher. No word on his condition.

Restart after an endless break, Helio gets a massive jump on the start and is running away with this.

I am going to head outside and catch the finish.

Race Day!!

So the media centre is filling up with the creme de la creme of motorsports media… and a few of us hacks are here as well.

I total clusterfuck leaving for the track this morning has put me two hrs behind on my list of things to do this morning, so I’m running out the door and likely won’t be back to my computer till race time.

I’m kinda pumped about today, or as P-Dog would say “geeked” … (more on HIM later… ) 😉

Happy Race day kids!!!