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Bombardier Learjet 550 *live* race blog.

It’s Saturday night… and we’re racing kids.

I have a super secret underground lair feed going, but I may shut it off as it is really bad quality and more annoying than not having a feed at all.

Gave up on the stream. It’s worse than the IndyCar stream. Weird, as I watched on this one before and it was fine. :shrug:

If anyone has a feed they are watching that is good, contact me.

So I’m listening to the race tonight I guess. Fuck.

From the few seconds of stream I get every 30 seconds or so, I see that they made the drivers sprint down through the crowd to get to their trucks for the ride around.

ah yes, the shoe size comparison between Shaq & the Princess…. that’s important information to have.

Much talk on the radio about fitting Shaq into the pace car. One would think they worked that out prior to tonight no? Why do I picture the car bottoming out and sparking the entire way around?

The sun has set, it’s not quite as scorching as it was earlier thankfully.

the Energizer livery debate… It’s 3 for 3 in wins. Is the “luck” attached to Dixon or the livery itself. No pressure Dashley… go out there and win this thing.
(look for the entire field to show up with Energizer liveries at a future race if he pulls it off)

*six minutes away from start your engines*

Have the worlds worst stream ever in one browser on the off chance that it will improve or give me some insight into the action. and the radio stream giving me the call.

blah blah blah… recap of the last race. I’m already bored. This is a bad sign. Who’s brilliant fucking idea was a Saturday night race up against Nascar and the Stanley Cup Playoffs?

Just an fyi, try getting a sports bar in Canada to give up a tv to watch IndyCar while the Stanley Cup Playoffs are on… not gonna happen…

When Shaq tells you to start your engines, you start your fucking engine! (hell, I ran down to the street, smashed a window and hot wired a car!!!)

well, they look to be lined up quite well… near the back anyway…

Green green green!!!

and now we’re yellow, yellow, yellow…

Rahal, Duno and someone else I think… Viso! fuck!

Everyone is of course blaming Milka, but I’m thinking she was a victim in this one.

Replay: Rahal gets squiggly, loses it, and collects Viso and Duno.
The radio broadcast seems to think we don’t care about what’s happening, so they have started to replay the Texas race from last year… WTH??

Graham’s car is torn the fuck up. I wonder how he’ll explain this one. Hopefully he’ll man-up and take the blame. I feel the worst for E.J. & HVM.

and we’re starting again… green green green on lap 12 I believe.
Briscoe gets around Franchitti.

Graham says the car was soooooo loose and it just got away from me.

Now I’m just sad. Poor E.J. He really needs a result this year. Enough of these stupid ovals.

RHR, Lazier, Conway & Wilson all pitted on the Yellow. The “backmarker wishful thinking top off” as I like to call it.

Well the shitty stream has now stalled completely..
and it’s back.
Still shitty. LOL!
gone again.
he didn’t password protect tonight. likely got pulled.

Lazier is playing the roll of Stanton Barrett quite convincingly, getting lapped every 10 or so… (somewhere SB is saying “see, it’s not just me!)

why does the radio show go to commercial? Seriously. bogus.

I’m not enjoying this at all, and if I didn’t have to write the fucking article about the race, I would just shut the lid and go watch a movie.

“Con-weasel” *snicker* smartly pulls the car off with “issues”. Probably doesn’t want to feel to smack of the safer barrier tonight…

ok, I have a semi stable stream for the moment. we’ll see if this lasts (fingers crossed)

Back from commercials.
The Ganassi/Penskes are battling it out for the top spots :mocks surprise:
Everyone else are providing traffic for interesting viewing. (apparently)

how many more of these festivals of dizziness do we have to sit through?

heading to commercial: Briscoe, Dixon, Franchitti, Castroneves and wow… Andretti the Least is up to 5th.

Briscoe has a 6 second lead over the rest of the field. Go Ryan go!

I continue to be impressed by Mario Jonas. He is still up there in the mix and racing smart. Uncle Dale sure knows how to pick talent for the other teams to poach eh?!

Speaking of which, (since this race is so riveting…*yawn* and I’m in a bit of a pissy mood) let’s just talk about something for a sec…

Tomas Scheckter, who was sitting on the sidelines all season, get’s a seat for Indy from Uncle Dale (Coyne for those not familiar with my term of endearment) They use a shitload of resources to get the second car on the grid, to the detriment of Justin Wilson who lost out on track time and resources for his own effort. In return, Scheckter takes himself and his sponsor money to D&R racing. (“Driver Revolving Racing) Why not stay with Coyne? Why not infuse a little cash and experience at that team?
This is one of the things that makes me hate the ‘business’ of racing.

Green pitstops… all good so far. Everyone in and out cleanly, no problems.

wow… I totally zoned out for a while. Briscoe has lapped pretty much the entire field. LOL! commercial time….

Somehow when I was zoned out Helio got up to second. But that is moot now as Dixie just got around him for second.
Woah! Marco around for 3rd!

commercial (Lap 138/228) I just realized I didn’t eat dinner. I also didn’t go grocery shopping today. oops.

I’m starting to feel like the drivers in last weeks race, just waiting for this thing to be over.

hmm… my stream froze.. came back and the entire field was pitting. No sign of an accident so I’m thinking they threw the “debris Yellow” otherwise known as the “Briscoe is running away with this thing and it’s fucking boring and Andretti is fast but can’t catch him on his own, so let’s manipulate the competition and throw a bogus yellow and try to pull this race out of the shitter” yellow…

Rafa pulling the lap 157 lets get off sequence fuel up. Let’s hope he doesn’t take anyone out tonight and become a fireball like at Indy.

Ok… here comes the restart. Green Green Green. Let’s see if the ploy worked…

Come on Ryan! Don’t let Barnhart ruin your run by changing the script mid play!! Show him who’s boss!

Well, looks like Helio is gonna get the call all fucking season. I hope not, cause I’m so over him.

Foyt IV runs out of talent. Field bunches up for final yellow.

Castroneves gets out in front of Briscoe because of Helio getting the best pit stall, thanks to Power getting a nice chunk of owner’s points at the start of the season…

Fucking bullshit fabricated racing. I’m embarrassed and disgusted right now. This crap is no better than Nascar.

Briscoe should shop himself to another team. Clearly it’s all about the fence climber at Penske. Briscoe be damned. BULLSHIT!

Ugh… I don’t even give a shit about the rest of this race.

Green Green Green… :meh:

Come on Ryan! Get around him!! or at least draft the fucker until the last lap then slingshot around him.

“the racing at Texas, it doesn’t get any better than this”… um… ya Bob it does. Sadly they had to manipulate the race to get some actual racing in at the end.

and while I’m really pissed off, why is Viso listed as first car out?? it is based on who hits the wall first? Cause really, it was Rahal who was out first no??

The AGR teammates are battling it out with each other. Would like to see TK get a good result tonight. Poor bugger has had a crap run lately.

30 laps to go… another commercial… normally that would bother me, right now… not so much…

we’re back… status quo…
Briscoe still behind Helio, Dixon totally stalking them both. Franchitti behind them.

They finally mention AJ Foyt being ok. (yes, two commercials later… apparently it was more important that the racing was “good” again, than what caused the bunch up in the first place)

Geesh, Danicker squeezes “The Least” up to the wall… close call. Not very teammate like…

commercial break…
If I never see this Boost commercial again it will be too soon.

10 laps to go….
Helio and Briscoe pulling away. Come ON Ryan!!

The brats going wheel to wheel for position. Marco gets by her. Woosh!! He clearly has the fastest car tonight (of AGR)

So much for the Energizer advantage huh? Is Franchitti even still in the race?

Ryan got screwed, Helio is apparently going to get the call all year. Puke.
I’m over this season already.

Castroneves interviewed. Don’t care what he said. blah blah blah “love you man” blah blah blah… “they gave it to me on that last pit stop”
no shit sherlock!

stream froze, missed Briscoe’s interview, and Dixon’s.

LOL… Marco “we have to have a sit down” referring to the dicing with the Princess.

speaking of the Princess, I’ve sat thru eleventy billion Danica commercials tonight. Hey other sponsors!!! Put your drivers into some damn commercials!!! We’re sick of the same ones over and over again!
fwiw… I will never purchase a Motorola, Boost, Go-Daddy or Peak product out of protest.

Ugh… now I have to go write this up like it was enjoyable. Maybe I’ll just do a place holder and sleep on it.