catching up…

So I expanded on what was going to be a blog post, edited, de-“raged” it, and ended up posting it on oww… LOL! So now what? Well, guess I’ll just riff a bit more on it here.

Alex Lloyd. Good for him! It’s easy to take the money and sit on your ass and do nothing or the wrong thing for season after season. The hard part is believing in yourself enough to risk it all and follow your dream. I really hope that HER sticks with him and they can get something going for either this season or 2010.

RHR… Nice spin by all of them. Frankly I’ve never understood the appeal of him on or off track. From the frying pan to the fire that move… It will be interesting to see how long it takes until he’s whining about his equipment again. His win at the Glen last year was a fluke at best thanks to Dixon, other than that his mouth and his attitude get more mileage than his in car prowess… Oh and huge kudos to Lauren George for telling it like it is in the Vision blog.

PT at the glen… :mocks surprise: there is a reason the Glen was on my list of races weeks ago. Nice to see that the powers that be took their heads out of their asses long enough to see the benefits of him being at this event for everyone involved. Of course they stuffed them back up there with regards to something else which I’ll expand on later…

Will Power. He should have been in the car all along. Hopefully the Captain will make good on his statement… At the very least I expect to see him at the next couple of events I’m at (roadies and streeters)

The princess… It won’t come down to anything other than who signs the biggest cheque. Period. You know how cartoon wolves look at cartoon chickens and see it cooked in a pot, steam rising from it? Everyone looks at Danica and sees dollar signs. Not a race car driver, not a winner, not an athlete… just a pay cheque. Likewise it won’t matter if her next ride has fenders, front wings, or pontoons, as long as there are a lot of zeros on that big fat cheque, that’s where her “loyalty” will lie, and where her “career path/marketing plan” will be directed as if it was the plan all along.

Not part of the original article, but WTF is up with F1?! holy soap opera batman. Now do we all see how STUPID Amercian Open Wheel looked with the war and the split and the drama? What a clusterfuck that is. Thankfully I’ve been far too busy to really dig deep into it. Maybe I’ll spend a little time tonight checking it out.

ok… off to work…


5 responses to “catching up…

  1. The main apeal of RHR is that he’s the winninest active American driver, with one win in CART, Champ Car, and IRL.
    As for Danica, it bothers me she wants to let her agent do all of the negotionations, that can backfire, as it did for Kyle Bush, who’s agent got him in a lot of troble with hendric for shopping bush to others, and, it shows she wants money more than wins. I don’t see why she’s so worried about money, thought, because if she can win a championship, money wouldn’t likely be an issue for her.

  2. “Now do we all see how STUPID Amercian Open Wheel looked with the war and the split and the drama?”

    Well, ya…but at the risk of being redundant, I’ll still lay that primarily at the feet of the heir to the Speedway reins, Mr. TG. There were definite issues that needed to be acknowledged and addressed in CART in the 90’s regarding the structure/ownership, but Tony the magnificent, IMO, pretty well single-handedly destroyed the world’s greatest race and, until his life-preserver (for his own series’ sake) toss to reunify he did nothing to make Indy-style racing better during the previous 12 seasons.

    Hopefully, Bernie and Max, though at constant odds, will look at that history and see where they’re leading the alleged “pinnacle” of Motor Sport.

    Agree on every single point you make here, Meesh. I know how much you were looking for that affirmation – LOL.

  3. I’m higher on Hunter-Reay than you are but if he’s expecting much from Foyt, good luck, buddy.

    Maybe F1 needs some bunnies and rainbows to solve things. 😛

  4. I think RHR would be great in good equipment. As for his whining in Foyt equipment, who the hell wouldn’t? Didn’t Paul? RE: Evan, I don’t think he’s expecting much from Foyt – he probably just wants to drive. And, Christ, things can only get so much worse.

    I can’t believe the F1 implosion but I think there’s one big difference here as compared to our split. TG had the largest, most important auto race in the world in his back pocket. What the hell do Bernie and Max have? Monocles? I think FOTA should be able to quickly and cleanly kill any remnants of F1, although it is a risky road for the sport for sure.

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