Iowa Corn 250 *live* race blog

Ok kids… you’ll have to bear with me today as I’m at work today, so I’m doing double duty. So I may miss things…

GREEN GREEN GREEN!!! we are racing!

Lap 1!
Scheckter looks like he was shot from a cannon!
Carpenter is sinking like a stone!
EJ into the wall! (fuck!)
Doornbos & Hunter-Reay collateral damage!


Doornbos & Hunter-Reay in the pits, much work being done

On to the race-recap from last race…

*phone call… shit*

That was a long one.. .ok, no idea what I missed but they were green and are yellow again… The order appears the same, so apparently I missed nothing…


Schectker up to 4th?!
Moraes black flagged for throwing a block party
Rahal touches wheels with….?
he’s in the pits…

FUCK! phone call. This chick is getting on my nerves. 3 phone call in 15 mins… grrr…

So apparently we went green and are yellow again?? Awww… Justin in the wall. That sucks.
When Coyne is asked to comment on the “aggressive driving” he replies “it’s a race isn’t it?” bwhahaha! :thumbsup:

Festival of pitting… the leaders come in. The Princess stays out. Conway right behind her and racy today.

Front roll bar got stuck (Justin Wilson)

back to green… Conway drops to 3rd, FROchitti gets around for second.

Lap 51: Moraes & Matos got together in turn 2 I think. The bad boys get a taste of their own medicine. Moraes is not happy. I’m sure Matos isn’t either.

6 cars out. eleventy billion cautions.

when we go back to green it will be TK, Wheldon, Scheckter. Schectker smells blood….

Green Green Green!

There are 14 cars running… this looks like an Atlantic’s race.. (badump bump)
Good thing it’s a smaller track or this would look ridiculous.

Moraes clarifies that he didn’t hit Matos, but rather the wall trying to avoid Matos who was doing his Tasmanian devil impression down the track.

While on commercial, TK pitted…

Wheldon now the leader, Briscoe around Scheckter, and

OH NO! TK into the wall! “The bump” gets another one….
Those weepers don’t seem so bad now do they?

Festival of pitting! Who will win the race off pit road????

oh, Wheldon and Scheckter lose on pit row.

And then there were 13….

back from commercial… still on clean up…. TK said nothing broke, just cold tires…

The Princess won the “tireiffic” move for Texas… puleese….

Track temp is 112. Do with that knowledge what you wish…

We’re GREEN!
NO. WE’RE NOT! Back in line you heathens!!

Briscoe in the lead, no strike that, FROchitti now in the lead! Inhaled Briscoe.
Now here comes Mutoh. (???) Followed by Wheldon and Scheckter.

Briscoe is stalking FROchitti. Let him tow you around Ryan!

Nice! A pass for the lead, on the high side, ON CAMERA!

Rahal & Lazier dirty dancing on track, lapped traffic is lapping each other.
woah! Rahal is chopping down on the the lead traffic. Just about fubared Franchitti’s race.

Oooh… it’s getting dicey out there kids! Rahal is a moving chicane, Marco is a moving chicane, Lazier is pretty much driving backwards. Race Control has the teams on speed dial. Lots of post race trailer action tonight me thinks…

Doornbos went out, and is back in. Thanks for coming out, see you at Richmond.

and here we go… the leaders are coming up on The Princess… will there be a block party?

Briscoe and Wheldon come in, and back out. Franchitti in, Castroneves in, out, out,
Dixon in, out, Patrick in, out, (kinda shitty stop actually)

First 5 cautions happened in the first 111 laps. (total of 56 laps)

Somehow, Franchitti got out in the lead. Followed by Briscoe, Mutoh, Wheldon, Dixon, Castroneves.

They are apparently allowing Doornbos back out on track. Hey I guess every practice lap helps right?

15 to go, 3 cars on the lead lap. Still 13 running… *knock on wood*

Looks like FROchitti is gonna pull this one out. Briscoe is second AGAIN! (poor bastard) Mutoh is the star of the AGR team rounding out the podium.

Can’t say that was exciting at all… Carnage off the top, bordom at the back end…

OK… back to work for me.


2 responses to “Iowa Corn 250 *live* race blog

  1. Is it impossible to have an indy car race with any passes for the lead at the end of a race? Also, did the cars look a bit diffrent to anyone else?

  2. Also, what is it with Helio and all of the “help” he’s getting. I liked him, but its no fun watching him try to win a championship if its being handed to him. Also, don’t get why they’re giving Helio the championship, Danica’s their most known driver. Mabye she’s a lost cause.

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