run off update…

I point blank asked Charlie Johnstone of Honda Indy Toronto about the “no run off’s” rumour.

He told me it was not true and that whoever was saying this was misinformed…

So there ya go… We shall see in 18 days I guess…

ok… Back to work!

2 responses to “run off update…

  1. One bright spot in an otherwise grim scene, apparently. It’s too bad they don’t seem to see the value of the race to the city and to the series. There are tons of us who were diehard supporters of the great years of “the old series” who remember the outstanding races that happened in Toronto. Letting it slip into a stepchild-status is missing a huge opportunity, methinks.

  2. I am glad I went directly to Charlie for the answer. I was glad to get that answer believe me. Apparently from following up on some other information, there is a bit of a smear campaign going on behind the scenes and that is where these rumours are coming from. To each his own I guess.

    Today’s presser wasn’t as big a turn out as it once might have been, but the major media players were there and all the networks, so that’s a good sign.

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