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SunTrust Indy Challenge *live* race blog

So here we go kids… Scotty says start your engines, so lets crank em up and get this party started!

I’m flying blind tonight unless someone wants to drop me a note with a Ustream for the race. (apparently Justin.tv is temporarily unavailable… hrumph)

Green Green Green!!!

Let’s see can we get through the opening lap… er… no apparently.

Yellow… Jacques Lazier spins all by himself from DFL and stuffs it in the safer barrier in turn 2, thus cutting the amount of tv time he would have gotten for his new sponsor exponentially. (the leaders would have passed him every few laps giving the sponsor a shout out each time!)

7 laps under caution, now back to green!

Marco on fire tonight. Up 7 spots already.

Franchitti is racing by himself, the rest of red cars are a couple of car lengths behind. Marco is all up on Mutoh, but being a “good teammate” for now. Moraes was the only car to dive into the pits for fuel on the yellow, so keep an eye on him in alternate strategyville.

25laps in, Moraes is already lapped. So much for that strategy.

Yellow Yellow Yellow! Briscoe! oh NO! a little solo spin and wall action and there goes the championship lead… Unless something catastrophic happens to the other 3 red cars.

Handling issues right off the start proved the nemesis for Briscoe. Apparently they were going to try to fix the car and get him back out there, but that has been vetoed. Thanks for coming out. See you at the Glen. (I hope… more on that later)

Mutoh leads the restart, with the Princess on his ass. She tries to get racy, doesn’t work, Franchitti inhales here. Thanks for playing.

lap 52, Mutoh still leads (can you say “save my ride”?)

*commercial* (gonna see if I can find a video stream somewhere)

ok, got a stream. Not a great stream, but a stream. Listening to the radio stream while watching. (the video stream stops every couple of seconds…gah!)

lol Kim Green: “if someone would give us a yellow”

somewhere up in race control, Barnhart throws his head back laughing maniacally, humming “what have you done for me lately”

Dario is all over the back of Mutoh… but Hideki (or Hikeki depending on who you talk to) is holding his own.

We’re already up to over 100 laps. This race is going to blow by. (thank god, cause I for one am tired of the roundy rounds, and this is the last one for a while)

Lap 104 and Mutoh is coming into the pits. Good job Hideki!

Moraes got a little squiggly

The Princess is finally in (111 lap stint)
They all seem so amazed that she got that far on fuel. She weighs about 12lbs. come on…

everyone is on commercial. I’m bored and thirsty.

Festival of green flag pitting…
Everyone is in and out cleanly, except for Franchitti, Dixon & Rahal.

Yellow! Yellow! Yellow! Conway into the wall. :mocks surprise:

Franchitti, Dixon and Rahal radio to the pits for the crew to buy lottery tickets.

Rahal doesn’t have enough fuel to stay on track, neither does Franchitti, both come in for splash and go. Dixon manages to make it around until the pits open.

UGH.. the manboob commercial. *pokes eyes out with steak knife*

Good god, how hard did Conway hit? it’s taking forever to clean this up. Is the marble vacuum truck out there or something?

Wave arounds for everyone! The entire field is the lucky dog!

Strike that. Kanaan is still down a lap. His luck continues to suck.

Dixon shot from a cannon on the restart!

everyone battling traffic (also known as Moraes tonight)

I swear I just nodded off…

wonder how many times a week Kanaan thinks about the fact that he CHOSE to go back to AGR instead of taking the Ganassi deal…

how did EJ get all the way down to 15th? Sucky pit stop that I didn’t see or is the car just a pig? (if I boot up T&S my computer will explode)

Rahal & Andretti got into each other, but with no consequence.

everyone is starting to make their final pit stops

Mutoh and Patrick on their own weird strategy. If no yellows, they could be battling for the win.

Just as I typed that, Twinkletoes finds the wall, slides along the wall along the back straightaway.

Dixon, Franchitti & Rahal radio to the crew to buy another lotto ticket, and complain of discomfort as the golden horseshoes up their asses are starting to chaff…

Sorry, I’m so zoned out at this point. Red cars will win, which one, not sure yet, but I’m gonna go start writing this up.

Talk amongst yourselves…