“uh uh uh uh oh oh… the right stuff”

That’s right kids, enough of all this “inside… inside…. inside…. clear” bullshit.
(or as the case has been… “behind… behind… behind… nevermind”)
It’s time for some right turns!!

So, I’m packed and pretty much ready to go. (Still no credential confirmation for OWW, but they did this to us last year too. We weren’t confirmed until 3 days before… *sigh*… ) Anyway I’m keeping the faith, but barring that will start to call in favours for my photographer who is flying in and just cancel my trip. EDIT: all systems go! Spam filter ate our confirmation!

Anyway… I can’t tell you how happy I am that this roundy-round marathon of putritude is over! Time to get back to some racing! Where drivers can and will actually make some moves without fear of the dreaded marble/wall combo! Where MY boys will start to shine.

I’m especially looking forward to BobbyD breaking out now. He’s had a few months in the car, so he’s familiar with it’s nuances and it’s shortfalls. For those who haven’t had the pleasure yet, he is just thrilling to watch on road courses, so the Glen should be awesome. Of course it’s on ABC, so all of that brilliant camera work and commentary we’ve become accustomed to on VERSUS will be but a distant memory… :bangs head on desk:

Speaking of awesome and “thrilling”… Oh ya baby.  (you knew it was coming! come on!) PT is in da house! Woot!
I would absolutely love to see him have a good result going into the Canadian leg. Not only for his own vindication, but also since IndyCar & these races are currently the best kept secret up here, no matter what the spinmeisters say.
At least if PT win’s, places or shows we may get some media play before our race.

Richard Antinucci is back! Woot!
{dirty old woman mode on} Eye Candy quota raised! {/dirty old woman mode off}
This kid should have been in a car from the start in my ever so humble opinion. (And he shoulda won the damn Championship last year too) He won here (the Glen) last year in lights, so other than the difference in the car, his learning curve shouldn’t be that much of an arc. It will be interesting to see if that car is as much of a pig with him behind the wheel, as it has been with the rest of it’s rotating roster this season.

My little sparkplug finally has the monkey off his back, so I’ll be looking for the EJ that pissed the world off last season to return to the Glen this weekend. This isn’t a fucking pageant! Enough with the Mr. Congeniality routine. I want FIRE! I want AGGRESSION! I want a half dozen post race soundbytes by the other drivers whinging about your driving!
Of course, if you take out PT, I’ll hunt you down and put you over my knee young man! …
({dirty old woman mode on} drifts off into deep thought… {/dirty old woman mode off})

What was I talking about? Oh ya, The GLEN!! and getting back to real racing!

I still don’t understand why Will isn’t in a car this weekend. Oh right, no crew. Stupid. Just… Stupid.

Mario ran well here last year with Uncle Dale, so Justin should fair well, as will Graham and Newman Haas.

Even though his is one of the dreaded “red cars’ I would also happily cheer for Briscoe to get back the win he was robbed of last year. (not to mention the two recent ones)

Ok… that’s it from me for now… (ya ya, I know, the Tony George thing… I’m percolating that one on the commute home)
I’m still at the fucking office, and starving, but had to finish up some work here due to the holiday tomorrow, then write the OWW articles before I left as it was “breaking news” (not really though as we saw it coming thanks to the awesome and oft maligned Robin Miller)

so, more later… want to get home before the skies open!


14 responses to ““uh uh uh uh oh oh… the right stuff”

  1. you roadies amuse me …

  2. Wish TG was gone from IRL, though, and not IMS. Hopefully, a non red car wins the race, and the race isn’t a nascar style parade.

  3. you twisty people are so easily provoked …

    • I wouldn’t consider myself a twistie person, since i started watching racing in Nascar, and then indycar racing later. I’m more of a burnt out oval fan, because I’ve seen to many nascar races in the past two years.

    • Our shorts are still in a knot from 1996 and all the subsequent bs that damn near killed this sport…

  4. Qualifying for the Glen is likely to be more exciting than some of the ovals this year. That’s as much an appraisal of the knockout format as a critique of the racing on ovals.

  5. Hey Meesh,

    Have fun at the Glen! Glad you are looking forward to Bobby D beating Tracy! 😉

    Great post by the way on the Tony George situation.

  6. Have fun at Watkins!

  7. Enjoy Glen, wish I was their, Wish Bele Isle was going to go on, so I could mabye go to a race this year.

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