Good Morning from Watkins Glen!

Again it’s one of those weird, “don’t know what the weather will hold” sort of days. It’s sunnycloudywarmcoldwindy. Ya.
Like, really windy.
GUSTY windy.
“Drivers aren’t gonna like this” windy.

Yesterday was a lot of walking, meet and greets, interviews, picture taking.

Today, more of the same. In fact I have to finish jamming this breakfast sammich (thank you dunkin donuts) down my yap, grab my camera gear and run.

oh, for the record, Richard Antinucci is FINE. FOINE. YUMMY.

Need more coffee… LOL! More later!


2 responses to “Good Morning from Watkins Glen!

  1. Rain is good, though, it makes races more exciting, although IRL officials seem terrified of the idea of a rain race and always run a ton of yellow flag laps until the rain stops

  2. Judging from EJ’s post-qualie interview, it sounds like Marco is due for a buttwhuppin’…sounds like he intentionally jacked EJ’s last lap. Then again, it may just be EJ’s frustration about an honest mistake made by Marco that messed up his lap. Bummed that PT didn’t advance to Q2 at least.

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