Raceday at the Glen!

I promise to find 10 mins today to pluck out some updates on here. Needless to say, there won’t be a traditional “live blog” , though I will update throughout when I can.

Couple of high points from yesterday.

Got a big squeezy hug from my little spark plug (EJ) and cookie boy (Oriol), who is wandering pitlane patiently hoping for a ride at the end of the year, but mainly focused on 2010.

Arrived at Paul’s pit box yesterday to discover Viv!! OMG! My fave person to hang out with. She’s looking great and is as much of a hoot as ever! (that’s Paul’s mom fyi)

Had dinner at Seneca lodge. Drove the back way from the track, which is apparently part of the old race course. Weeeeeeeee! What speed limit??

alrighty… must run. Back later!


5 responses to “Raceday at the Glen!

  1. Meesh, watch out for flying car’s!!!
    ( Nascar refrence, at Daytona and Talledaga, cars sometimes fly into the catch fence)

  2. Watch out for a classic f’ing race. Go DCR!!!!

  3. Go DCR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Waiting, waiting…finally the white flag, and the sense of emotion started pushing forward. DC has waited for so many years for this moment. I just absolutely could not be happier with who won this race – both team and driver. This was very, very sweet.

  5. Nice story from the lodge, btw. The pics were one of the coolest things I’ve seen involving IndyCar since… ever.

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