a brief pause & reflect…

before the next one…

Ok… Had a day to decompress & sleep, now for some thoughts.

Wow. Just wow. I’ve been in the right place at the right time for some pretty important, historic moments in my life, but Sunday, standing in the Dale Coyne racing pits when they captured their first ever win… Wow. Just wow. The tears started welling up with around 4 laps to go. I’m pretty sure this was the most special win I’ve witnessed ever.

I’ve had the privilege of getting to share many conversations with “Uncle Dale” over the years, in fact, I think he was my first real interview, and Sunday I got to give him a big ol bear hug in Victory Lane.

The icing on the cake of course was to be there at Seneca Lodge when he walked in with the wreath around his neck, cheshire cat grin still beaming from his face. What a memory.

This weekend, like every weekend, I had very little time to just kick back and enjoy the moments, but I managed to find a few.

My roomie Carol (one of Justin’s investors) and I had a lovely meal outside down by the lake and watched the fireworks on Friday. We’ve been at a few races together, but as is usually the case, never had much of a chance to just chat. We discovered at the end of the day yesterday that we are both Virgos, which explained our similarly laid out clothing each night for the next day!
Cleanest, most organized hotel room ever!

Friday was an early, get you bearings kind of day. The media centre is very quite on that day, so you get a lot done.

I returned from a trip around the paddock to find Curt Cavin in the same spot he sat last year (fitting as I sat in the same spot too) On this day however he greeted me by name, unlike last year when he looked at me like I was an alien! LOL! (Granted, I am rather alien like, so he had a point!)

Saturday brought the surprise of finding Vivian Tracy in the pits! I know I’ve spoken of my affinity for Viv many times, and while she was rather tame by comparison of some of our previous up-to-no-good antics in the pits over the years, she still gave me a few laugh out loud moments, including telling Jimmy (Vasser) to tell Paul over the radio pre-race (as is her tradition with Paul) “don’t fuck up the donuts”. Sadly there we’re no donuts for PT this weekend unless he talked her into pulling into the Timmies drive thru on the ride home.

The big guns were on site in the media room as well, both reporters and photogs. I do enjoy the pow-wows with the pioneers of motorsport media. I feel like someone gave me a key to the VIP room, and though I really shouldn’t be there, they don’t yell “get out of here kid”, but rather let me hang out and observe.

Oh and I also got to meet International blogging superstar from down undah, Shane! Woot!

Saturday night was dinner at Seneca Lodge w/two of my fave racing chums, Ange from Speedclick and Russell from Deep Throttle. Good-natured ribbing all around and laughing to the point of tears. My LOL moment was Ange realizing what he was eating was cauliflower & his subsequent reaction. Have fun at Lime Rock boys!

Macca, you were missed this year for sure! I did pass along hello’s to James & Will for you. James definitely had a better weekend compared to 08.

Sunday, raceday, my favorite day of any weekend, I woke up at 5am raring to go. I like to get to the track as early as possible and just let the anticipation slowly build. The weather was picture perfect, and though you just don’t get a sense of the crowd at the Glen at all, there seemed to be a good chunk of folks there.

I watched the race in spits and spurts from various team monitors and eventually the big screen directly across from the DCR pit box. (Once Paul had retired)

I wiped the tears starting to spill over, while trying to capture the moments in Victory lane. Thankfully I was able to focus long enough to capture the photo that would give me my first published photo credit! (In the Indianapolis Star no less! You go unknown girl from Toronto!!) (Thanks again to Curt!!!)

Probably the funniest look back for me will be me sitting in the back of my rental car outside the lodge frantically typing up the story and uploading pictures via the Seneca wifi signal before getting back on the road to Toronto.

I do love the Glen, and will definitely be back next year.

I will link to all my weekend pics later today. (They’re really hit or miss)

Then I’m in full on Toronto race mode, woot!!


5 responses to “a brief pause & reflect…

  1. Justin is like a good luck charm for teams. Last win for Paul Newman, first win for Dayle Conye.

  2. Not to disagree with that, Dylan…I see it more this way: Justin is one of many that is far more talented than his status as a “former N/H/L driver”, or a “last minute DCR signee”, indicates. That may sound like a slam against DCR, but not meant that way. Justin earned and received his reward on Sunday as a winner. He is a TOP level talent who’s been struggling just to stay in a ride…like PT and Oriol and many others have been struggling to do. Once things come right with the series (yes, I still believe it will happen) then good drivers will be signed to good teams (DCR is becoming one of those as we ‘speak’), and ride-buyers will find it tougher and much less likely that a seat will be open, let alone available, for them. At least that’s how I hope to see it, and not just in my dreams…

  3. I’m so happy that I got to see this. As much as I concern myself over the health of the series, I am very happy that moments like this take place.

  4. Okay, okay…I know it’s yer home race, and that you’re at the track for umpteen hours a day, and that the TTC about screwed the whole deal today…but c’mon, Meesh, show us some love here! We need the ‘on the spot reports’!!

    Big congrats to you on the photo credits and a just-as-big “How COOL!” on the gift from DC.

    Now enough of that schmoozy stuff…I want the MeeshReport on TO!!

  5. oh…ya…the OWW stuff…’scuse me whilst I pop my foot out of my mouth here.

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