So… Here’s what I discovered…

When you are the sole representative editor/photographer/chief cook & bottle washer at the event, there is very little time for blogging, tweeting, socializing, sleeping… Zoinks! Walking, running, shooting, interviewing. That was my last three days. Probably a good thing as it kept me from sitting at my computer and tearing the event apart limb from limb. (that will come later)

Actually that was my last two weeks. I hadn’t even had time to unpack from the Glen when I started my T.O. Coverage. Truthfully I’m exhausted and glad for the break in the action.

So I’m taking a little decompression time. Going to reflect and choose my battles and my words wisely with regards to the event itself.

I was let down by a lot of people and situations this week, but the worst was the devastating, premature ending to Paul’s race, which is still a day later making me angry and well up with tears. I haven’t felt that fired up or connected to a race since I can’t remember when. Sunday’s drive was a podium for sure, the only thing to be determined was what step. Well race control and their “let’s make shit up as we go along to suit our own purposes” rule book & Helio “Cant-turn-right-never, unless PT is beside me then look out!” took care of that didn’t they?

I was so proud of Paul all week. He really has grown out of that “lunkhead” reputation, and turned into a real role model. Don’t get me wrong… He still has his “boys will be boys” moments and Vasser is accomplice numero uno there!! But he shone brightly as a driver, a dad, a husband, a teammate.

His drive on Sunday was electrifying. And anyone that still contends that he is somehow too old or undeserved of a ride has their fucking head up their ass and ZERO appreciation for real, balls to the wall, racing. Racing for the win, not just driving for points. Those will always be the drivers I support. (and I guess that will always be the reason at the end of the weekend I will be emotionally exhausted)

While Tracy was showing remarkable restraint, Scheckter went old school & challenged Tags to a duel a la Dangerous Liasons with the victorian glove throw. (Tags got it ALL wrong with that move, but come on Tomas… throwing stuff at drivers on track?… ) Moraes did a little fencing with his car on E.J., after the race was over! Now I like both of these drivers, and won’t take sides here, but I will say this: let your driving do the talking. Using your car as a weapon is a fucking cowardly thing to do. If you feel the need to attack each other, throw on some boxing gloves, get in a ring and pummel the crap out of each other. Settle it like men face to face.

Can’t say I was overly disappointed with the podium. (Other than Paul being robbed of it) And though it was bleeding top three/red cars. (Actually, I don’t think it’s three anymore) at least it was the second tier of drivers. I’m most happy for Will of course.

For those of you that sent congrats on the Seneca Lodge pic being shown on the broadcast, thanks! I was glad to share Dale’s moment with the 10 people that watched the race.

For those seething with misguided jealousy, get over it. They hassled me for a week, didn’t pay me a dime, & made me feel I was the worst person in the world if I didn’t allow them to use it. Then to appease me, put a microscopic credit on the bottom. ESPN sucks. They are cheap bullies who think it’s ok and apparently have the budget to pay a production assistant to hassle me all week, send 15 emails and leave numerous phone messages, yet not even offer $50 bucks for something I spent hundreds on to capture.

more on the weekend later…


31 responses to “So… Here’s what I discovered…

  1. Meesh,

    I was waiting for this story because I wanted to congratulate you here regarding the Seneca Lodge picture shown on Toronto Broadcast.

    Welcome to the photo world. My suggestion is to keep writing.

    • LOL! Nah, I’ll still do both, I just won’t get into the wheeling and dealing anymore. While it was nice to have a few newspaper clippings with my pics/name and the national spotlight for 2 secs (still haven’t seen it myself) it’s just not worth the stress and the fighting and the backstabbing. yuck.

  2. I was so bummed to see Paul stuck in the wall, but I do think it was a close call. Twinkletoes should have thought about it a little more than that, but he wasn’t totally in the wrong there in my opinion. Paul got a little loose inside and twinkle didn’t give an inch. Racin’ deal. Either way, it was the old PT and no one can say otherwise.

    I loved the on-track shenanigans! It helped make for an interesting race. There weren’t many things that Moraes hadn’t hit by the end, Tomas’ glove throwing, crashing after the checkers-it was like Bristol, baby! I think what open wheel needs is some passion. That’s why Paul’s absence hurts so much. It’s like going to 31 flavors and finding out they’re all vanilla. I mean, sure, Tomas looked like a weenie – awesome! Now you’ve got someone to cheer against. (And, to be fair, that was a crazy, crazy “move” by Tags.) Whatever. No matter how you feel about it, hopefully you feel about it. But, of course, I am a NASCAR-loving American too. So YMMV.

  3. Absolutely terrific piece.

    As for ESPN screwing you over. That is par for the course. Their production coupled with the IMS radio network is so bad, I’m almost starting to think that it is being done on purpose to drive the series into the ground.



    PS We have Justin Wilson on the show on Wednesday if you fancy listening. It was a terrific interview done in the week before the Toronto race.

  4. Meesh, it was horrible to see both Tracy and Tags not win, when both seemed able to. Tags got screwed by one of the yellows, and Tracy got screwed by race control and Helio, Helio got inhaled by Tracy, then blocked him, which was stuipid.
    ABC sucks, the coverage was horrible, they always cut away from passing, and over focus on leaders

  5. On the upside…

    Everyone’s talkin’ about it which is great. After a slew of monotonous oval races, the two non oval events got everyone spooled up (clever subliminal Turbocharging reference) again.

    Everyone saw just how much of a dynamic PT is to the series. No question remains imo about whether he’s competitive (I never doubted it) in the cars…more importantly, he brings “racing” back to it like hasn’t been seen much lately. Tag too, though I really had to call that a red-mist attempt from here.

    How BB comes up with these judgments on the spur of the moment about how to manipulate the rules just mystifies me. Weird that once again, when Paul’s about to upset the natural balance of things in Barnhart’s paradigm, he throws a never-before-heard-of ruling which just puts another impediment in PT’s path to winning one of their races. Sounds remarkable familiar, now that I think about it.

  6. Remarkably…with a ‘y’. More coffee, please.

  7. Nice blog babe.

    Still can’t believe it was all brushed off as a “locked wheel” thing when it was so obvious that Helio took a turn right into Paul to shove him into the wall-they had long recovered from the locking up of the wheels. Personally, I would like to see Helio be benched but the league would never do that b/c well, they wouldn’t. I am still stunned and disgusted and still feeling everyone’s pain in the KV/PT arena. No excuse for what happened but it chaps me 6 ways to Sunday to see no one in the upper escelions of race control take a stand. That stuff would not have been acceptable in the previous series and I just want to scream this isn’t Nascar folks….but sigh….it is what it is isn’t it and that sucks to have to swallow it.

    Tired of the yellows closing the pits and sick that both of our boys got hosed on that as well-but boy, it’s a good thing the league made sure one of the “red cars” got in before they flew the yellow isn’t it? Same thing happened in Long Beach as well. I am really having a gut check here and not sure I want to be involved financially with a series that doesn’t focus on the racing but instead focuses on making up the rules as they go along, as long as said rules protect the “stars” ie. the top 3 teams.

    Now as far as the Tags/Scheckter thing. Personally, Scheckter has every right to be pissed but he needs to look at his own record of driving (won’t even go into his record off the track) and idiotic moves before he starts throwing those stones at a glass house. It’s a racing thing, Alex shouldn’t have done the banzai move but the backlash from Scheckter is stunning to read-again, he needs to check himself before unleashing as he has.

    • thanks babe 😉

      They aren’t going to bench their poster boy. It’s so fucking obvious they are pushing for him to win the championship, only problem is, he keeps fucking up. His bogus “wheel got away from me” on Sunday not only screwed the race, the fans, PT, the success of the event, but it screwed him as well.

      As for Tags, well, yes, that was an ambitious move on his part… LOL! But the glove throwing crap is bush league.

    • Thats how I feel about Nascar, it’s so manufacured it’s like whats the point of this.

    • Gotta say…when you’re a few beers into the deal and decide to read a comment…and then stumble upon the phrase “…it is what it is isn’t it and that…” it can seriously tweak a guy’s mentation for a minute.

  8. I’m going to side with Helio on the wheel-jerked-to-the-right thing — they did touch wheels at the same time that the wheel cranked over, and I’m sure it affected Helio’s steering negatively.

    HOWEVER: Helio should not have been there. Tracy clearly had the corner, clearly had made the pass, and was clearly the faster car/driver, but Helio wouldn’t give the spot. Helio used to be in the points race, and now he’s not because he wouldn’t give up second place to someone who’s NOT in the points race. Inexcusable.

    Oh and…It’s really Brian Barnhart’s time to go. Maybe the new folks in charge will notice that.

  9. I guess that jealousy thing was directed at me. After hearing about it, I’ll definitely have second thoughts about stating such.

    • Why, did you say you were jealous somewhere? LOL! If you did, I didn’t see it!

      It wasn’t directed at anyone in particular, it was just a means of leading into the truth behind the “glory”.

  10. Hmmm, well, I was going to chip in my “congrats” as well (I gasped out loud when I saw the photo credit), but maybe I shouldn’t? 🙂

    I thought to myself around the time that Tags got hit by Tomas, “Meesh’s weekend just went from really awesome to really not in about 15 laps.” Sorry. As for the PT/Helio thing, I think it was a “racing deal” also, but I’d put it 60/40 or 70/30 on Helio. Somebody driving for points and on a different strategy should give way in that situation, but I understand what happened. The wheels touched, the tires grabbed together, and since Helio’s wheel wasn’t straight, it snapped violently and came out of his hands. My first reaction was that Helio did it on purpose, but after a few replays, I came around. Interesting that PT went exactly the opposite way, once he saw the replay…

    • LOL! Well, I am happy that it got the website a little airtime at least. I guess that’s the positive there.

      It’s funny, cause we were all going ballistic in the pits, and soooooo pissed off, and Paul was uber calm. I just said to him… “wait until you see the replay Paul, you’ll know why we all want a piece of him”

  11. Congrats on the Indystar picture. Also, i think paul wasn’t so nice after seeing the reaplay, at least thats what I read.

  12. Meesh is taking over the world. Race got a 1.0 rating, best aside from Indy so far this year, if I recall correctly. So it’s not like 10 people watched. I don’t think Tracy got screwed in the Dario pit deal (insert Canadians throwing shit at me here) according to the letter of the rule and the timing and scoring trip wires, but the Helio Hip Check thing was goofy. Note to Helio: LIFT. You were inhaled. Deal with it. See Wilson and Dixon in a similar situation later in the race where Wilson played it smart. Can’t believe (OK, I can believe) that ESPN/ABC cornholed you out of that photo without so much as an ESPN travel mug for your trouble. I look forward to the rest of your observations.

  13. I listened to the whole thing on headphones, while playing with the kids in the backyard. The radio call was excellent. Took me about an hour to get over the infuriating PT/Tags result, but after that I realized it was still the best overall race of the year.

  14. Wow – it’s sad to think the elation of events at The Glen ended up with you being hassled by ESPN. Bastards. Here’s hoping more publishing takes place soon, with just rewards for you. Karma has its ways…

    I like Helio, but sometimes I want to pump some brains into his head – like, fer instance, SUNDAY. Was really bummed for PT – he was tearing it up out there.

    Like pdog, I look forward to further comments – as soon as you decide who gets skewered and how. :p

  15. I’m risking more boos from PT/Canadian fans, but here are my thoughts.

    PT dove into turn 1, but his front tires only got even with Helio’s sidepod. This is a classic case where the overtaking car should yield, but is already braking as hard as possible. And the driver on the outside isn’t going to lift for a car that hasn’t pulled up even.

    They cleared the sharp turn, but with racers like PT and Helio neither wants to lift first! Then we all saw what looked like a body check. But here’s the physics: PT’s front left tire is behind and contacts Helio’s front right – both tires slow down but the rotation of the tires lifts PT’s tire some while increasing the force of Helio’s tire against the pavement. The result is like having the right front brake stuck on Helio’s car, while steering authority is reduced on PT’s. Neither driver tried to cause a crash or wanted it to end that way.

    The crash brought an immediate emotional response! However, the two drivers talked through what happened and appeared to have no animosity after this “race incident”. My respect for both of them increases.

  16. Sorry, Tom, but we understand racing differently. I’ve never known it to be “classic” that pulling alongside someone’s sidepod isn’t enough. If you’re there, the driver being overtaken can see the wings/tire and knows that someone else has the inside line through the corner. At that point, they are the bitch. As such, a driver on the outside could lift, even if they haven’t pulled up even. Especially if they are concerned about a championship. And, especially if the driver on the inside is Tracy. In Canada. He isn’t a points threat to Helio and has been known to bump wheels with folks on occasion.

    Not to say that the driver on the outside should lift. But this idea that the inside car should yield is utter nonsense and is in no way “classic”. Both have the right to keep their foot in it, and both have the right to end up in the fence. If anyone should yield, it’s the person that doesn’t have the line.

    I agree with your general conclusions that neither driver tried to cause a crash or wanted it to end that way. But, of course, that is the case in 99.9% of racing crashes. Few drivers (that aren’t playing video games) hurl themselves into competitors with the intent of endangering themselves and/or others. The other 0.1% are Moraes.

    • sciguy, Call it “classic” or not, when the driver diving on the inside does not pull even they are often blamed or penalized. Even if the driver on the outside doesn’t move over! A couple examples from this year come to mind: Ana “Bia” Beatriz was blamed for a crash in Turn 1 at an IndyLights race in St Pete. Sebastian Vettel was put back 10 places in the next starting grid for a similar crash in the first F1 race. In both cases the cars were in the wheel to sidepod position, and the driver on the outside didn’t lift or give room.

      Yeah, Moraes this year = Servia last year.

      • Now I know he’s on drugs…comparing Moraes to Oriol Servia.

        Put the pipe down, dude.

      • I don’t think you can just judge it based upon where the cars were relative to each other without context. If the car attempting to overtake has no chance of getting in there cleanly to get it done then they should be penalized. For example, one might blitz in and even pull alongside all the way but have absolutely no chance of actually getting slowed down enough for turning. In such a case, a penalty seems fitting.

        Never use F1 penalties as an example of how racecraft is supposed to be.

        In fact, I’d say never use penalties at all as a yardstick. In more cases than not, such passes did not elicit a penalty. Does that then validate my case? I am sure I could find 10 times as many examples when there was no penalty.

        In any case, the point is simply that you’re wrong about passing. Nothing classic about it. Go watch a race and see how many cars pull up completely alongside for a pass. Then figure out how many passes would actually be made if drivers lifted without being wheel to wheel. Go to a racing school or go race locally and I think you’ll find out that while everyone would love to pull perfectly alongside (or better yet just cleanly pass them on the straight), that rarely happens and isn’t anyone’s standard.

        • I finally found time to reply, but news of the death of Henry Surtees took the wind out of my sails. Maybe later.

          May apologies to Oriel Servia. I meant to say:
          Moraes this year = Viso last year.

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