Rexall Edmonton Indy *live* Race Blog!

wow… its been a while since I’ve done one of these! The last two events I was right in the heart of it all. Today I am well ensconced at my spacious and comfortable office, watching a spectacular storm blow in off the lake, while I try to focus on multiple browser windows.


To say I am positively gutted to not be there today would be an understatement… but alas, it just wasn’t in the cards. I’ve been burning the candle at both ends, and in the middle, and my health depended on me staying home and getting some sleep.

So, here I sit, watching, knowing that last year I was standing right there. Ironically it was for Paul’s first race. Today, it could be his last 😦

At least I have a VERSUS stream, which is making me very happy to watch the pre-show. (and subsequently the race) (thanks Evan!!)

Engines started!!! woot!!! *so nervous* Ick…

PT onboard! Sweet!

Green green green!! Clean… no… dirty… damn… who was that? Matos? Mutoh? Did the “Speedy Dan” Cleveland donuts to get back in the right direction.

Conway into Matos

Moraes is damaged now too, why? NONE OF OUR BUSINESS!! (™ pressdog)

Conway decides he prefers the grass to the pavement… wow… that’s a lot of lawn mowing there Mikey.

Moraes looks to be done. Poor kid. What the hell did he hit??

Conway is now mortally wounded… That is a long push back along pit road. Trust me, I stood there last year and watched several teams

“get outta my way kid… ” Moraes gets a taste of the chrome horn…. Maybe that was a little love tap for E.J… (he and PT are buddies…)

Rafa Matos right rear suspension damage now.

Marco, started 18th…. still 18th…. way to carve your way through the field…

eww… that’s not the most full looking grandstand shot…. it’s like taking an overhead picture of a male friend and highlighting his bald spot…

Matos repaired, but 18 laps down

Scheckter did a little off roading maybe… unknown as apparently it’s none of our business!!! uh, definitely something wrong with this car. He is limping back to pitlane.

Power 3.5 seconds ahead of the field. (not as crazy a lead as Hildebrand had Saturday)

*commerical* (back to IMS radio…)

Wilson and Viso battling for 10th spot on lap 23 of 95. Wilson is definitely on the hunt.

great…. Power will likely get screwed. (why isn’t his pit stall up with the other Penskes btw???) Stupid IndyCar pit stall rules. I believe the stall position should be based on your last race result. Shake it up a little guys!!

Power “lead more laps today than his IndyCar series total to date”

Lap 30: Still no pit stops yet, other than for injured cars.

Antinucci is toast. 9 laps down, out of race with a mechanical problem. Poor kid.

Festival of green flag pitting…. here we go.

Viso, Franchitti, RHR, Tracy, Power, … oh hell, they’re all coming in… they’re all putting on blacks…

Lap 34: Car-B-Q…. poor Kanaan… what a miserable fucking season for him. Gas nossil did not close, serious flames. Drove a few feet down pit lane to the Penske boys, who made light work of that fire.

Wheldon launches over the curb and through the grass for the eleventy billionth time this weekend.

So, curious… do the AGR guys now bring their extinguishers and buckets of water down to the Penske pits to replace the stuff used on their car?

Servia in new capacity as driver coach/advisor to Kanaan: “Well, I would start by asking your crew to stop setting you on fire”… (ok, I made that up, but seriously, what is that, 3 times this season?)

Lap 50: traffic is starting to play a factor… Patrick and Andretti are holding up the train…. This is NOT good for Will…

Ah yes… the old “fuel conservation” scenario…. Helio is being told to conserve…. yawn… Come on Briscoe!! Kick his ass! Aussie 1 / 2

Ok Rafa… you’re many laps down… don’t be a JACKASS!

woot, Power gets by safely! Hopefully “the least” will hold up the other two now, and let Power get a bit of a lead.

PT and Franchitti get their last stops in… as does Power…. Helio… bunch of other folks…

WHAT THE FUCK!! Tracy slowing Oh, ok… KV tweeted that he did a little off roading… LOL… hang on to it Paulie!! damnit!

oooh… some actual racing happening in Edmonton. Dixon out in front of the red Penskes, but on cold tires. Briscoe brings the heat and gets by, Helio can’t git er done. Power pulls away.

Lap 70: Power, Briscoe, Dixon, Twinkletoes, Franchitti, Tracy (!!), Rahal, Wilson, Doornbos, Andretti (???)

Oh my, the AGR chicanes providing some challenges for the other drivers

Lap 73, Briscoe is moving backwards…. uh oh… Conway all over his ass…

Twitter keeps stalling. Weird.

TK… second degree burns on both of his hands and his face. “I wanted to come back here and set the world on fire, but not this way” hehe… even with the season from hell, keeps his sense of humour intact.

15 laps to go. I have to pee like a race horse. I’m beyond tense. A little emotional. Starving hungry. ugh… AIN’T RACING GRAND!?!

Medical update from Dr. Michael Olinger: Tony Kanaan has been checked and released from the infield care center.

9 to go… stomach hurts…

Helio is closing in, but not really…

Matos overcooks it and does some off roading, still pushing even in 18th place!

Oh Tomas!!!! had to go screw up a perfect race.

WOOOOOT!!!!! GO WILL GO!!! Awesome stuff!!! so happy for him!

And how bout my boy??? 6th!! 6TH!!! Sweet.

LOL at Liz jumping in to give Will a peck! too cute.

lol dario “not bad for an old fat dude” (in congrats to PT)

Paul feels really bad about the Mario incident. “Jimmy’s mad at me”
hey, you finished the race just outside the top 5! Nothing to be mad about man.
He sounds so dejected. I think he thinks he fucked himself out of a ride by punting Moraes, but come on, Moraes needs to take some of the blame on that one.

Alrighty… off to write all of this up into something more cohesive.

Back later to discuss!


14 responses to “Rexall Edmonton Indy *live* Race Blog!

  1. “Servia in new capacity as driver coach/advisor to Kanaan: “Well, I would start by asking your crew to stop setting you on fire”… (ok, I made that up, but seriously, what is that, 3 times this season?)”


  2. Hey Meesh, was in class with no javascript so followed the race on your blog – awesome stuff matey, with an awesome result too. Chat soon, G.

    • Hey!! Glad to be of service. (although, my focus was all over the place what with twitter, and two videos and T&S going… LOL!)

      Wooot! Go Will Go!!

  3. Speaking of empty stands, did anyone see the Brickyard. Montoya had it won, then lost due to a pit road speeding penalty, that race should be the poster child for pit speed limiters. Guess I know how I would of felt if Wilson lost at the Glen.
    Edmonten looked pretty good, but, I’ve watched to much F1 stuff (speedtv’s F1 debrief) during the off week, and, it made the super slow indycars look alwful, and thats with the hidieous new F1 car.

  4. Horrible race. Even twisty fans have to admit that. Glad for will, but what a waste of time watching this race was.

    • Oh, and Dave and Robin enjoyed it. Can’t belive TK got burned!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I wouldn’t go as far as horrible, but not the most exciting race to date. You can definitely sense that some.folks are driving around for points, and some folks are actually racing.

      Plus the car just plain sucks!!!

      • God, the Dallara’s must be DESTROYED!!!!!!! THey are worse than the COT, worse than 09F1 cars, MUCH worse than ALMS P1 cars(those are awsome) even worse that Grand Am cars!

  5. I didn’t watch much, but, yeah, it didn’t look to good. Again, I do think it’s hard to watch it after watching something from F1, becaues these cars lack any sort of HP or tourque, F1 and even NASCAR have more acceleration, which really is more important than pure speed, because Stock cars lift on all tracks but the two RP races. IRL is faster, but, they don’t lift, so, the racing sort of lacks something, not that Nascars are exectly great.

    • Also, and this is just me, but Airport courses look really strange. I’ve never seen a parking lot course, but I’d guess they look even wierder. I like how street courses look, but the airport circuts look just wierd, I don’t know how do explain it. That said, Cleveland looks pretty good.

  6. Dylan, exactly on the Airport courses. The problem is outside of turn 1, there is no point of reference. It’s flat, straight, some turns, then back to turn 1 (same problem in Cleveland). The fans are removed from the action, the lack of walls make even fast corners seem slow…even Bob and Jan got confused as to where the on-course action was happening a couple times.

  7. re: airport fans. okay, I was a little bored and only half watching–but I didn’t see any fans. all I remember seeing was concrete and cars.

  8. Glad I could help with the stream, Meesh.

    Yeah, the race wasn’t the best but I’m happy for the winner. Would have sucked if, as you mentioned, there was a FCY and they all had to pit at the same time. Even during the race, I was worried Power being stuck behind Marco would be trouble both on track as well as for the final stop but good thing it was moot. (not sure if this is a fun fact, per se, but would you believe Marco has just 1 DNF this year? That stunned me.)

  9. .

    my idea of a better and safer roll-bar may help save the driver’s life to avoid accidents like those that have killed Henry Surtees, and injured Felipe Massa


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