Daily Archives: August 4, 2009

Man your blowtorches…

So… Nelson “I drive Green” Philippe has been officially confirmed at Conquest for a couple of races this season.

I can tell you now that Nelson was already penciled in for the end of the season at Conquest in a second car. No surprise at all considering the history. Not to mention, Nelson spent a lot of time hanging out with the Conquest gang in Indianapolis. And well, who doesn’t like Nelson?! He is awesome with a capital A.

Here’s the line that stood out the most to me from the quotes though:

“We are looking forward to working with Nelson to go racing fulltime in 2010.”

Remember those burning bridges I spoke of earlier? This one appears to be nothing but embers now…

Alex who?

Oh, and completely unrelated, but funny as hell, twitter conversation from earlier:

@grahamrahal: Just want everyone to know that all GR merchandise will be for sale at mid-ohio this weekend so make sure and grab some!

@IndyTrackside: @GrahamRahal Do you know where I can get any Doornbos stuff?

Me whilst reading along… *spittake* then snorted rootbeer thru my nose!!! Ouch! (but totally worth it)

catching up…

Nothing like some discontented drivers to take the wind out of the weekend’s happy, fluffy sails. I got up this morning to my inbox filled with Bobby d inquiries. Seems he fulfilled his obligations w/NHL and said “see ya!” You’ve gotta know things are bad at a team when, in this climate, with few seats available, a driver (allegedly) willingly turns down an extension on his contract. I’m guessing he got tired of the boy wonder whining about him to the bosses. Oh that and the gong show that has been his season. Rumours say he’s heading to HVM. I hope this is as an addition to the team and not unseating my little sparkplug E.J. (Recent tidbits of info however lead me to believe it could be the latter which would make me very sad)

In other driver shakedown news… Alex Taglaini lost his fucking mind after Edmonton and aimed a flamethrower at pretty much every important bridge between himself and his open wheel racing career. Disregarding sound advice from those in the know, he’s aligning himself with and taking guidance from the wrong people. The tears he cried in the garage at Indy are nothing compared with those he will shed when he realizes the damage he has done to himself. Nuff said there. (for now…)

You would think by the melodramatic overreactions that IndyCar announced a schedule of 20 street/road courses & 2 ovals. The division is 8 & 9 people. And if Milwaukee gets their shit together soon enough, it could be 9 & 9. Split right down the middle.

One good race (Kentucky) does not make up for the suckage that has been the ovals. Hell, Richmond, (oval) dropped their own race because they’ve been so bad!!

Chi-fucking-lax. If you hate it that much, there is a dearth of Napcar roundy rounds you can watch while the series contests on the road/street courses.

FWIW, I want good racing. I don’t care if it’s on a road, an airport tarmac, an oval, a downtown street, hell I don’t care if they decide to run on the fucking monorail at Disneyland, as long as it’s exciting. Kentucky was exciting. (oval) Toronto was exciting. (street) Watkins Glen was exciting. (road) 3 genres of tracks. All exciting.

Are there better venues out there? Hell ya. In all of the genres? yup. Give me Road America over Snorenoma anyday. Cleveland offers the best of the airport racing. Bring back Michigan or Vegas. Hell, bring back the Vegas street course! and then hold on to your panties! (bah! forget that! these shitbox cars would disintegrate over the first bump… but once there is a new car, I highly suggest a revisit!)

Look… It’s not going to please everybody all of the time. But when you are trying to rebuild and re-energize a series you need to diversify a little bit and reach the widest audience possible.

Instead of getting all wadded up about the schedule people should be worried about the formula. Ancient fucking cars that have been so tested and tweaked that the racing is predictable and boring. (thank goodness for the adoption of Champ Car’s “push to pass” to liven things up a bit and perhaps save this season)

Let’s just hope that the powers that be don’t sit back all content now and drag their feet on the development of a new car/engine package. The changes this weekend were akin to a band-aid on a sucking chest wound. Temporary fix at best.

I guess that’s enough of a rant for now… (can anyone else feel the force of the fullmoon pulsating through their veins this week? I am EDGY baby… )