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Nothing like some discontented drivers to take the wind out of the weekend’s happy, fluffy sails. I got up this morning to my inbox filled with Bobby d inquiries. Seems he fulfilled his obligations w/NHL and said “see ya!” You’ve gotta know things are bad at a team when, in this climate, with few seats available, a driver (allegedly) willingly turns down an extension on his contract. I’m guessing he got tired of the boy wonder whining about him to the bosses. Oh that and the gong show that has been his season. Rumours say he’s heading to HVM. I hope this is as an addition to the team and not unseating my little sparkplug E.J. (Recent tidbits of info however lead me to believe it could be the latter which would make me very sad)

In other driver shakedown news… Alex Taglaini lost his fucking mind after Edmonton and aimed a flamethrower at pretty much every important bridge between himself and his open wheel racing career. Disregarding sound advice from those in the know, he’s aligning himself with and taking guidance from the wrong people. The tears he cried in the garage at Indy are nothing compared with those he will shed when he realizes the damage he has done to himself. Nuff said there. (for now…)

You would think by the melodramatic overreactions that IndyCar announced a schedule of 20 street/road courses & 2 ovals. The division is 8 & 9 people. And if Milwaukee gets their shit together soon enough, it could be 9 & 9. Split right down the middle.

One good race (Kentucky) does not make up for the suckage that has been the ovals. Hell, Richmond, (oval) dropped their own race because they’ve been so bad!!

Chi-fucking-lax. If you hate it that much, there is a dearth of Napcar roundy rounds you can watch while the series contests on the road/street courses.

FWIW, I want good racing. I don’t care if it’s on a road, an airport tarmac, an oval, a downtown street, hell I don’t care if they decide to run on the fucking monorail at Disneyland, as long as it’s exciting. Kentucky was exciting. (oval) Toronto was exciting. (street) Watkins Glen was exciting. (road) 3 genres of tracks. All exciting.

Are there better venues out there? Hell ya. In all of the genres? yup. Give me Road America over Snorenoma anyday. Cleveland offers the best of the airport racing. Bring back Michigan or Vegas. Hell, bring back the Vegas street course! and then hold on to your panties! (bah! forget that! these shitbox cars would disintegrate over the first bump… but once there is a new car, I highly suggest a revisit!)

Look… It’s not going to please everybody all of the time. But when you are trying to rebuild and re-energize a series you need to diversify a little bit and reach the widest audience possible.

Instead of getting all wadded up about the schedule people should be worried about the formula. Ancient fucking cars that have been so tested and tweaked that the racing is predictable and boring. (thank goodness for the adoption of Champ Car’s “push to pass” to liven things up a bit and perhaps save this season)

Let’s just hope that the powers that be don’t sit back all content now and drag their feet on the development of a new car/engine package. The changes this weekend were akin to a band-aid on a sucking chest wound. Temporary fix at best.

I guess that’s enough of a rant for now… (can anyone else feel the force of the fullmoon pulsating through their veins this week? I am EDGY baby… )


26 responses to “catching up…

  1. I agree everyone needs to chill out. How quickly they all forget what bad really is. From 2005 to 2006 we went from 17 to 14 races…

    My only problem was turning down New Hampshire who had 2 dates that worked with IRL, and came with sanction fee check in hand. No sense in turning them down on “fears” of attendance; especially when Richmond never got past half full.

    All in all, I think people would have been a lot less angry if Angstadt chose his words better Friday and didn’t say to the effect “no more changes to this schedule,” when it seems that was not correct, regarding Milwaukee.

    • I don’t know what the deal was with NH. But there has to be something behind the scenes that no one is revealing as to the real reason behind the apparent snub. (I’m counting on Miller to do a little digging to get the real scoop there)

  2. Heh, I got pissy over the schedule because I lost *my* race. Otherwise, I think the biggest disappointment stems from the fact that they were talking after unification that the 2010 schedule would be the real “clean slate”. Two venue flops is just a letdown when I pretty much am dissatisfied with the schedule as is.

    Now, you’re going to have to deal with Will of is it May yet?, the world’s largest supporter of the Grand Prix of Baltimore. Feel my wrath.

    • Oh I hear you on that Will. I was none to happy in 08 when T.O. disappeared. (of course I was none to happy a month ago when it reappeared in the sorry state it did…)

      I agree, this is not the “clean slate” promised. And while I understand and applaud the addition of Brazil, I think adding Barber is the biggest piece of bullpucky around. Again, I believe there is more to the story that we are NOT hearing as to why this one was added. Someone’s getting a fucking huge kickback there, cause pretty landscaping don’t make for interesting racing, and that’s about all that venue’s got going for it.

  3. The schedule sucks, but the chassis is a bigger priority.

    Regarding Doornbos, I see a second car at HVM. They were rumored to be preparing one for him (then later RHR) all last off-season, and I don’t see them firing Viso because he’s buying his ride. They’d be perfectly satisfied with TWO ride buyers.

  4. I’d like to hear more about Alex Tagliani. Details, baby, details!

    • no can do at this juncture my friend. (details told to me in confidence)
      Suffice it to say it ain’t pretty though and I’m mighty disappointed by my fellow countryman.

  5. It’d be nice if the cars were actually decent to watch on the roadies. Far too underpowered and un-torquey to blast off something like the hairpin at Long Beach. IMO, it’s completely annoying that cars that were designed specifically for oval racing are being thrown around on tracks that don’t suit them at all.

    Oh, and if the IRL can dig up another Quebecois driver, Montréal would be a good and willing place to go…I feel like the Montréal folks could really promote this race after being given the shaft by ol’ Bernie.

  6. Man, Tags really screwed the pooch on this one. What car owner wants to employ someone that is going to talk shit about their team? You can think whatever you want about a team but don’t publicly air it.

    • Exactly!! No one will touch him with a 10 foot pole after that little diatribe.

      RHR got shipped over to Foyt after his pissy rants about his Vision ride. Notice how quiet he’s been of late (despite a clearly equal if not worse ride…)

      PT was smart about his situation, even when it was horrible. (6 laps down at Milwaukee!?) He took the very PC tack of still being willing to work with the team and improve the situation. (it was AJ that said no out of embarrassment)

      If you truly want to race, you suck it up buttercup. Say what you want in private, but somehow make it work publicly.

  7. I know some people really whine about the lack of ovals, but, that’s not my big concern. Losing Milwalkee, even though unpreventalbe, is a disaster, again, not their fault, but, still, a complete disaster to lose the oldest track in America.
    Barbers alwful, Motorcycle racing fans hate it, why would Indycars work there?
    Brazil’s okay, hopefully it’s a good track.
    Richmond’s somewhat of a loss, just because it’s in a diffrent location.
    I really think Indycars need a 20-22 race scheduale, not as long as Nascar’s, but longer than the current shceduale.
    ISC is the real problem, because we should use MIS, FOntana, and Phoniex. Las Vegas makes sense, as does Loudon. Cleveland, Road America, and mabye Portland and Denver.
    END the races at Montegi, Mid Ohio, and Infenion!!!!(God, Honda would hate my shceduale)

    • Montreal would be nice, though.

    • “Why would Indycars go there?”

      To use an Angstadt term, they have the “proper support base”. (side note: I understand not wanting to race for free, particularly in this environment but what about factoring in how a track will race? Perhaps they’ll surprise us at Barber but I’m not holding my breath.)

    • I must admit that I do like Mid-Ohio, but Edmonton is an awful circuit much in the same way that Belle Isle was.

      Barber just doesn’t look like an overtaking circuit; however as long as the chassis/engine configuration remains as it is, the road racing is going to be more difficult than it should be

  8. Maybe Doornbos bails because he’s already been told that Seabass is getting his seat fitted…

    • I’m hearing Servia for the second seat… Although I wouldn’t rule out Seabass for 2010 if he doesn’t get himself a fulltime sportscar ride.

      • Oriol certainly has done the job for them before…I’m glad to see him get a shot at it (if that comes true). A little torn about it as far as Paul vs Oriol goes (both great drivers who raise the bar for the series). Given the history of the brief pairing of PT at N/H and how it really didn’t work out well, this (Servia in the car) wouldn’t surprise me. He goes straight to the front of my list of hopefuls for dethroning a ‘Big 2’ driver for a win this weekend.

        • I’m sure given the choice, the boy wonder would rather have super-sub Servia in the driver’s seat of the team’s second car over tenacious and terrifying Tracy. Not that I’m saying it will be this way, but the perception is that Servia will be more willing to be helpful to his teammate and the team, than perhaps Tracy would.

  9. Wait, I just realized, Conquest gave Alex an Indy500 race he didn’t earn. You’d think that would buy a little loyalty.

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