Man your blowtorches…

So… Nelson “I drive Green” Philippe has been officially confirmed at Conquest for a couple of races this season.

I can tell you now that Nelson was already penciled in for the end of the season at Conquest in a second car. No surprise at all considering the history. Not to mention, Nelson spent a lot of time hanging out with the Conquest gang in Indianapolis. And well, who doesn’t like Nelson?! He is awesome with a capital A.

Here’s the line that stood out the most to me from the quotes though:

“We are looking forward to working with Nelson to go racing fulltime in 2010.”

Remember those burning bridges I spoke of earlier? This one appears to be nothing but embers now…

Alex who?

Oh, and completely unrelated, but funny as hell, twitter conversation from earlier:

@grahamrahal: Just want everyone to know that all GR merchandise will be for sale at mid-ohio this weekend so make sure and grab some!

@IndyTrackside: @GrahamRahal Do you know where I can get any Doornbos stuff?

Me whilst reading along… *spittake* then snorted rootbeer thru my nose!!! Ouch! (but totally worth it)


One response to “Man your blowtorches…

  1. Yeah, I choked a bit on my OJ after reading that. đŸ˜†

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