Not so fast kids…

So, there could be a bit of a fork in the road leading to Mid-O and the inheritance of #6 seat.
That’s right! The chase is apparently on baby!

Option 1: (most popularly speculated) Cookie Boy (Servia) is apparently under contract to AGR (remember that whole “driver consultant” thingy??). Many believe this is a precursor to a fulltime seat in 2010, so him jumping over to a “competitor” might not be prudent at this juncture.

Option 2: PT is out riding motorcycles in the desert somewhere (dayum! Someone get a smoke signal to him stat!!)

Option 3: Speedy Dan is headed this way from England, helmet in hand, could we see the debut of Dastardly Dan!?! (damn, why am I NOT going this weekend??)

Option 4: Someone throws a bag of money at Seabass and flies him over.

Will definitely be an interesting couple of days for sure!

6 responses to “Not so fast kids…

  1. Well, Robin Miller says it’s Servia, but, I think PT and Sebass are better drivers, so, they’d be faster, but, likely more expenisve, and would clash with Grahm, but, Tracy wouldn’t put up with him, and Sebass could easily outwhine him. Tracy would finally get a good oval car.
    Dan, I never saw Champcar, so no idea.
    Servia, good, cheap, won’t kill/whine about Grahm.
    Here’s a random silly season rumor I just thought of for next year. Danica to NHL 2010.

  2. Well, both Miller and Cavin have said it’s Oriol for Mid-O, and that makes sense because it’s in short-order and he was going to be there anyway with his AGR connections. Beyond that, you may also have the option of the car being parked because apparently they’ll have met the requirements for TEAM money.

  3. Hey I’m just going by what my sources told me. I’ll be happy to hear it’s Cookie in the seat. I just hope that he can get out of that pesky contractual thing with AGR before then…

    Hey, with Rahal spouting off about wanting more of a “team player” (read: someone who’ll drive around out there and be my bitch), maybe there aren’t a lot of takers for that second seat… just sayin…

    “We could certainly have a second driver who is more of a team player, if I could say it politically correctly,” Rahal said. “We can certainly use someone who is going to benefit the team more.”

  4. Well, strangely, Miller in his mailbag just said that Servia hasn’t yet got a call, so he thinks Sebass might still get it.

    • Ha! See… The Meeshster has her sources too… Seabass huh… If Rahal thinks that Seabass will come in and play second fiddle to him, boy is in for a rude awakening!

  5. Well, Rahl did work with him in 07, and, Rahl might be able to beat him on ovals. Oh, and Meesh, looks like Mario Mories won’t be at Mid Ohio ( so says 16th and Georgetown) So, Servia, Tracy, and Speedy could all be in the 5.

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