is thinking…

I picked the wrong $^%#! weekend to NOT be in attendance this season.

Bobby D is back with HVM, with a new attitude and probably an “I’ll show them” fire in his belly!

Cookie Boy is back in the driver’s seat at NHL. He’ll play “nice” with the boy wonder until they get on track then will be all, “see ya sucker, I’m auditioning for a seat, all bets are off!”

PT is en route as we speak from Cleveland to fill in for the absent Mario Moraes.

Yes, you heard me… PT, in the #5 car, on a track he knows like the back of his hand… with Push to Pass!!!


*where are those fucking paper bags…*

2 responses to “is thinking…

  1. Hope PT qualifies well, Mid Ohio is almost impossible to pass, so, he’ll need to start well to win. Nascar’s at the Glen, although an alwful version of it. If you think Indycars are slow, watch Nascar Nationwide cars go around the Glen!

  2. Glad to hear Vasser slept it off. I suppose he knows PT better than anyone: the chrome horn isn’t going to turn into the rubber clown horn.

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