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Infineon Grand Prix of Sonoma *live* blog

Happy Sunday kids! Time to get up from your nap to have another nap while watching the SNOREnoma Grand Prix. Although Will Power and Nelson Philippe will tell you this weekend has been anything but boring… *more on that later*

I had another post that I uploaded and then forgot to go live… πŸ™„ I guess I’ll go back and edit that and see if there is anything worth even posting.

I’ve reached maximum velocity this summer as far as my time, patience, skillset is concerned. I’ve been working for a month straight now, between my 9-5 day job (or 8:30 – 6…7pm… “depending on the day” job), the wedding photographer gig, (we are in our busy season now) and the waning part of the racing season. I work and sleep, and when I can find the time and opportunity, I eat in there somewhere. I was going to fly to Chicago next weekend, but have opted to cover the junior open wheel formulas arriving in my hometown instead, and watching Chicago via computer.

Just a handful of races to go and a uber tight points battle which will likely go right to the final checkered flag. Our newest writer over at OWW did a little points battle scenario article last week, if you haven’t done so already, give it a look-see…

So… here we are, Snorenoma… The last of the road courses. The last of the opportunities for anyone other than a red car to make some noise. I would have put my money on Will Power but he is sitting in a hospital right now concussed, tooth chipped and back broken, somewhere down the hall from the equally concussed with two busted up legs Nelson Philippe. Frightening looking crash, which believe it or not could have been so much worse had either E.J or Will hit a few inches either way. My heart breaks for both of them. This is not the way for anyone to end the season, but especially for these two who’s future season (2010) is now in jeopardy. I wish them both a speedy recovery. According to IMS radio, Nelson could be released later today, while Will is still undergoing some tests and being fitted with a back brace. 😦

What else is in the news.. ah yes, Danica. Not unlike any other race weekend, it’s been all about the Princess this weekend. Apparently she is staying put. And staying at AGR. (what is it with the AGR drivers using Ganassi as a bargaining tool?) Apparently she thinks just as highly of Kevin Savoree as I do (I just choked a little at the fact that Danica and I share a commonality…) (besides being bitches… πŸ˜‰ ) and with him stepping away from the running of the team, she has decided (allegedly) to stick around.

ok… going to make sure all of my windows are working…

water-bottle filled, coffee hot and sugary, ass cams loaded. (ok, they are only ass-cams when the drivers get in their cars on the grid, but still… it’s a fun viewing moment) Timing and scoring loaded. I’ve got Justin Wilson, Robert Doornbos, Oriol Servia and Dario FROchitti as my incar choices.

START YOUR ENGINES! (nice job Stacy somebody who plays basketball I think)

Viewing enhancements so far, E.J’s snake putting the squeeze on Jack Arute, much to E.J’s amusement.

Installation laps have begun… clean safe race boys and gals! It’s been a weird weekend in my world so far, so I could use some “happy” today.

Wow… lined up nicely. Good job kids!

Green Green Green!!
Yellow Yellow Yellow!!

Holy Clusterfuck batman!

Andretti into Rahal, into Patrick?
Dixon into Kanaan, into Viso

Servia manages to thread the needle and miss everyone, as does Mario Moraes.

commercial for repairs.

*did you hear how dejected Arute sounded when reporting that Danica was in for repairs… LOL!…*

Rahal toast. Thanks for coming out. (not from crash damage, but rather he broke his drive shaft)

EJ behind the wall. (unlucky bastard)
Dixon manages somehow not to go down a lap, despite sitting limp in the middle of the track for an eternity, and is not dead fucking last (lucky bastard)

Restart on Lap 3. Briscoe all over Franchitti like a fat kid on a smartee.

Lap 7, Wilson in for sticker reds, and running his own little off-sequence race. (not like he has anything to lose at this point)


Montagny complaining about the car. replaced the nose cone, but something still not right.

Doornbos chrome horns Hunter-Reay

Notice how humble and calm Rahal becomes when it’s “his” mistake that takes him out of the race?

Mutoh bringing the heat on Helio… Go get him Hideki!!

*commercial – Lap 13*

Mutoh takes a peek. Nope.
Moraes takes a peek on Wheldon. Yes! gets it done for P5 (picked up 7 spots on lap 1)

Back on Lap 15.

nothing really happened… I caught up on twitter….

*commercial Lap 18*

Two by Two battles according to timing and scoring: Mutoh on Helio, RHR on BobbyD, Antinucci on Matos, Conway on Carpenter, Montagny on Dixon

Back from commercial Lap 21

Everytime I see Montagny’s car, I think I’m watching the Lights race… (he is all over Dixon btw)

*another commerical Lap 23* (thankfully I’m watching a nonstop feed so I dont’ see any of them)

Mutoh keeps poking his nose in there, but can’t get it done on Twinkletoes.

Back from commercial Lap 23, Dixon in for pitstop and alternates. That’s one way to get the other drivers off your ass.

Andretti the Least in as well for fuel and alternates.

Ooooh, almost collects Dixon on his outlap! dang. that was close.

Wheldon in Lap 26th.

Rahal getting strapped into his car again on lap 27 to get back in the race. (oh btw… EJ’s car is unrepairable, so he will not be back in the race today)

eeek… lots of close calls on pitlane.

RHR sticks his nose in where it doesn’t belong, and gets it taken off by Oriol Servia. Comes in for a new nose and back out.

I’m so confused by all of these pit stops! Ahhhh!!

Holy battle between Wilson and Dixon on Wilson’s outlap. Antinucci got him as well.

I’ll wait until T&S cycles through to see where everyone is…

The Princess is getting inhaled by everyone, ON camera! woot! Thanks for coming out.

back from commercial Lap 34…

This has actually been an interesting race. These kids are feeling racy out there today. (lots of button bushing me thinks)

Kanaan just got around Doornbos for 10th. (on camera no less!)

Dixon takes a look on BobbyD, but can’t get it done!

LOL! Ganassi “not paying attention to the 9” nice.

Castroneves is all over Briscoe. Apparently there are no team orders to help push his teammate closer to the championship….

*commercial Lap 38* (halfway point)

I’ve decided, definitively, that I don’t like Castroneves.

oops… we came back a while ago… playing on twitter again.

Montagny and Antinucci made contact on lap 41, Montagny into the pits on lap 44. (left suspension damage)

*commercial Lap 45*
Franchitti still out front, with Briscoe and Castroneves but a whisper behind.

Mutoh & Moraes still holding their own battling 4th & 5th

Twinkletoes is going to take Briscoe out. I can feel it in my gut…

We are on lap 49 now… much off roading and locking up throughout the field.

Moraes locks it up through the runoff, Kanaan locks it up, goes off roading in turn 9 and loses several positions.

Wilson bringing the heat on Matos. Matos hit’s the button too funny.

Final pit stops happening.

Nice! Wilson gets around Castroneves, clean. Kanaan on the other hand does not make the clean pass and gets into Twinkletoes, who now has damage… or not… hard to tell.

*commercial Lap 56*

Franchitti got in and out very quickly. Pulled off a 6 second lead but now Briscoe is reeling him back in very quickly.

Mutoh reeling in Castroneves again.

Back from commercial lap 59…

Franchitti out front with 17 to go. Briscoe only a second and a bit back, Twinkletoes not a factor 9 secs back, but Mutoh just made mincemeat of him! Sweet pass!

So, there is a huge chunk of debris on track… no yellow… someone hints at debris at other races, and we have 10 laps of yellow… Race control is weird!

Moraes around Twinkletoes now! Woot!
so glad I have two feeds going! I’m seeing all the passes that Versus is missing until later… LOL!

*commercial lap 64, with 13 to go*

Conway now on the hunt on the ass end of the injured Castroneves

back with 10 to go.
Wilson is stalking Servia now for 7th. (great drive by him today after starting dead fucking last)

Twinkletoes is beached in the middle of nowhere land and Hunter-Reay is dead stick on the track.

Full course caution

Castroneves right front suspension problems, went for a hard bumpy right. Day’s done. Thanks for coming out.
Hunter-Reay’s engine just died. Caput. Day done. Thanks for coming out.

*back from commercial, still yellow*
6 to go…

Gonna be a 5 lap shoot out.
Green next time by
The 5 cars behind the leaders have nothing to lose, so look for insanity on the restart!! (Mutoh, Moraes, Conway, Servia, Wilson)

Franchitti shot from a cannon, Briscoe had no chance. Everyone else on the button, and dicing.

Dixon has decided to get racy all of a sudden.

Conway around Moraes, around Mutoh! Moraes around Mutoh! Wilson does some drifting, stalling, burnouts! sweet!

who cares about the leaders! There is some racing going on behind them!

Conway no more juice in his button! This could be bad news for him!
Maybe not, Moraes isn’t anywhere close!

Wow, Conway on the podium!

Dixon runs out of talent and drops to 14th on the last lap! ooooh… strike that… Andretti the Least ran out of talent and spun Dixon. Suckage there.

Boy Howdy! That was a fun race! Glad I watched.

Ok… off to write this puppy up.