Japan Indy 300 *LIVE* race blog

Well howdy do kids! Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Meesh. I used to be a racing blogger. No really…

*sigh* Life happens eh?

Anyway, I’ve been working since 8:30am this morning. Started in the office, then off to shoot a wedding. Just got dropped off back at the office cause it would take to long to get home and I would miss stuff… (ya, I’m that dedicated) (ok, not really, it’s just that the computer is bigger and the signal is better at the office, and if I go home, my tired eyes would have to deal with a 12 inch screen and shitty wireless)

ok… sorry distracted there… nothing says pre-race like watching a Moraes adjust his nut sack… no seriously. Total close up of him crunching his kibbles and bits up before getting in the car. They all do it. I usually turn away and drop my camera down at the track so they don’t think I’m being pervy… LOL!

Engines started… cars on track… moments away from starting…
I wish I was more excited.
No really. I feel so far removed from everything right now.

What the fuck? The stands are empty.

Here we go! Green green Green!!

wow… Dixon shot out of a canon. Moraes couldn’t find the the gas peddle. FROchitti got around for second.

Parko up 7 positions from the start.
Barrett dead fucking last :mocks surprise:

Lap 8. wow… I’m bored already.

ooh… pass for 8th! With a little “weehoo!” from the booth for good measure.

*commercial* I think I’ll nap


Briscoe is pitstoplimiterless apparently, which could come into play during pit stops. (duh)
Carpenter is going the wrong way. (down 7 notches from the start)
Kanaan had a weird bobble.
Wheldon inhales the Princess, on camera no less. My viewing is enhanced! LOL!


30/200 done.
Rahal is now stalking the Princess. Why do these cars look so slow?
Wheldon is moving in on Briscoe. My “Briscoe for 2009 champion” fantasy is not looking good this weekend.

woah! Wheldon gets alongside and NO. Briscoe slams the door! Now he’s dropped like a stone.
Speaking of dropping like a stone… Doornbos 22nd… ick.

BWAHAHAHAHA! The Princess has used 10 of her 20 push to protect blasts. That can’t bode well.

Lap 47, Pit stops starting. Moraes in. Bad stop. Fairytale race going to hell in a handbasket.

Justin Wilson gets some air time!

serious clusterfuckage on pit road. Dixon gets stuck in a slow parade of pitstoppers. Franchitti gets in an extra lap.

ooooh… the Ganasty boys are actually racing each other. Making it interesting. Franchitti has the advantage, but Dixon ain’t gonna make it easy on him.

word just came through that Moraes only got a half load of fuel. Insult to injury there as he also lost 3 spots on that stop.

*commercial* (both tv and radio… gah! I hate when they do that!)

back.. 64/200 (thankfully this is blowing by fast.. which means I’ll be heading home to bed soon…)

wow… ed… not having a good run. Bring back the yellow car!!

Yasukawa is -14laps… “brake issues”. Thanks for coming out.

74/200 complete. I’m fading. This is agonizingly boring.
Moraes back in for more fuel. Lights em up bigtime leaving the pits.

everyone is mentioning “caution free” racing, which means debris (real or imagined) in 3…2…

Sheckter out of the car. thanks for coming out.
Matsuura has a huge “moment”. Manages not turn the car into spare parts. He is however a moving chicane.
Speaking of chicanes, Carpenter is NOT having a good race. Practically stopped on track a minute ago.

96/200…. put me out of my misery. *resists urge to lay head on desk just to rest my eyes…*

102/200… many pit stops happening. So far all good. Oh, and Dixon is back out in the lead.

Briscoe making huge fuel. Ran a bunch of laps more than the leaders.
Did he just get fubared?? NO, he made it to the line before the caution! Woot!!
NO. What the fuck!? Total brain fade on the exit. Pulled a Will Power (Surfers 08) Threw it away all on his own. Drove almost nose first into the wall at pit out. Picked up the Timing Cone in the process.

Drive through to look for damage. Looks ok despite hard hit. Cone wedged in the suspension however.

oh ya, Conway was the one that stuffed it to bring out the caution. :mocks surprise:
Hope that kid doesn’t pay for crash damage…. just sayin…


Briscoe is back in the pits. now several laps down, watching the crew frantically replace the right front of the car, while the laps tick off, and the championship fades from sight… (I do love how the crew are scrambling, despite the odds)


124/200 – Rahal on the button to get around the Princess for 6th.
Briscoe back on track as the rest of the field blows by…

130/200 – The brats are racing each other. Princess down to 9th now behind Parko.

Briscoe on pitlane … again… Double checking that the car is safe to drive at full song. Off and away again.

Rahal is pushing to pass his way through the field… Moraes is riding his coat tails and coming along for the ride.

144/200 – I’m seriously so tired I could cry….

153/200 – back from commercial. Still tired. Still bored. Still can’t believe Briscoe’s luck. (although on the replay, it does look like something was off on that car. Like something broke or stuck. Not your usual “squiggle” action)

Final pits in action… welllllllllllllll…. the Ganasty boys are in together for the first time this race. This could get interesting! “mano e mano”


RHR hard into the wall. Messy but he’s ok. Out under his own steam.

Dixon wins the pitlane battle, continues to lead (and earn bonus points)

Great… VERSUS is now doing Napcar coverage… This is like SPEED and ESPN all over again…

I’m thirty laps from getting to go home and go to bed. (of course the commute will take for fucking ever… )

See… so tired, totally missed the restart. Thankfully for me, they fucked it up, and are having to do it again.


lots of scrambling.

Servia working the button! Rahal, Servia, & Moraes keeping it interesting behind the leaders who are already at the bar having cocktails. (ok, not really, but they might as well)

181/200 – drive faster! I’m tired damnit!


*bathroom break (can’t hold it any longer)*


6 laps to go… thank god. Of course the Subway shuts down soon, which means all night streetcar to go home…

2 to go… put us out of our misery…

Dixon wins! :mocks surprise:
Franchitti second! :woooo! *yawn*:
Rahal third! *meh*

Briscoe plummets to 3rd in standings. The championship will be decided in Homestead.

Rahal admits that they had no radio for the race, but kept it “hush hush”. Does he think no one of any importance will be watching/listening to his post race interview?

aww bless… poor Briscoe. Good attitude though.

ok… I’m shutting down. I have a brutal commute home on the streetcar with all the drunk Friday night party goers, and I’ve now put in a 17hr day. I’m toast.

more tomorrow… night all


26 responses to “Japan Indy 300 *LIVE* race blog

  1. Yeah, I know how you’ve felt all year about having NO TV COVERGAGE. IT SUCKS!

  2. What, lap 8 already!?

  3. They look slow because they are slow…

  4. Cue the circus music. Can’t remimber the last time a penske driver had a brain fart like that!

    • ya that was really odd!

      I was giving him the benefit of the doubt, but he admitted afterwards that he just overcooked it and lost control a la Power in Surfer’s last fall. Well, at least the battle is going to the final race. That’s something…

  5. Yea! No more g&dd@mn fuel saving!

    Someone call P-dog. Time to put the wings back in the delta and go ssssupersonic

  6. Never thought there’d be 2 NHL cars in the top 4.

    I guess they are red though, so that helps.

  7. Meesh, while reading your commentary, I couldn’t help but compare your situation to that of a guy who’s just told a woman that “chicks suck at hammering things”. Because she’s stubborn and can’t accept that it might actually be true, she has to prove him wrong, whatever the cost. So as she sets about trying to hammer a nail into a piece of wood, he’s forced to listen to her complaints. “Ow! Ow! Waah! Waah! This hurts! It’s not going anywhere! Damn, I missed it! Ouch! my thumb!”, and so on, until finally, hopefully, the realization hits her: “Why am I doing this to myself? He said he’d do it, but no I had to open my big mouth and say ‘I want to try!'”

    In other words, you watching IndyCar was a painful experiment that’s proved nothing except that what you already knew was true, and that for your own twisted reasons, you’ve been in denial about it. That you continue to do the same thing with the same results, and then write about it and your foolishness is quite telling, I think.

    What does your shrink have to say about it?

    • *looks at dangling bait…*

      nah, think I’ll pass thanks. But glad to have provided an outlet for you to practice your creative writing skills.

    • Renegade, Um… Sexist much?

      Anyways, besides that point, did you read the other liveblogs? Everyone complained they were tiried. Jeff Inianicci said he nodded off, and Bill didn’t even bother watching live. When a race is on at Midnight, everyone is going to be a little tired. NO one was pleased with Montegi, what’s wrong with pointing that out?

  8. I can’t believe you are still wasting time on this, Meesh. Give it up and go F1 full time. It’s all we have left at the top level (as long as it lasts). The IRL is a JOKE.

    Hope you are well.

    • wow! another blast from the past in the same blog! I’m good Brad, busy as all get out, but really good. Hope this finds you well too!

      I’d be flattered that you just miss me and thought you’d say hi, but I suspect there is a nasty thread somewhere on the interweb. Say hi to the old gang for me 😉

      As for F1, pffffft… same shit, fancier accents, bigger cheques.

      Most racing series are a joke right now. You take what you can get and make the most of it. Other than a few agonizingly boring ovals this season, I’ve rather enjoyed the season.

      Besides, if I gave up and moved on, you kids would have no one to make fun of 🙂

  9. No…no…I think that this is a heathy observation. I, too, fought back yawns and droopy eyelids. This, folks, was a boring race. (Not folks: RenegadeX, that’s your name. Can you tell us you were excited by that race?) Everyone here loves open wheel, and we can’t stand to see boring racing. So it needs to be fixed, and it’s healthy to talk about it. If we don’t, we won’t even having boring, slow racing in the future.

    • “Can you tell us you were excited by the race?”.
      I didn’t watch it, and didn’t even want to watch it – so let me think for a moment before I answer that one… um, er… “No!”.

      Tony George may have bought Champ Car’s assets, but the one asset he could not buy was its fans. However, Meesh and perhaps 11 or 12 other people in the world decided to give the IRL a chance all of a sudden after despising the series for 12 years. She is a ‘convert’, and that the reason why I visited this blog – ie: to see if she’s already zombied-out into full ‘gomer mode’, or whether she’s finally posted “I give up. I gave it a chance, but it simply does not offer anything to keep my interest”.

      It seems she’s somewhere in the middle of the 2.

      I don’t read this blog on a regular basis (this week was probably the 4th or 5th time I’ve ever visited), but a quick look back through the archives of this very blog reveals gems like these:

      —-> Feb 2008, after ‘unification’, Meesh realizes that Forsythe Racing will not be joining the party:
      “So today, another punch, another rally, another gut check, another line in the sand.

      So little of what I actually love about this is moving forward. Somehow though it was palatable with FCR making the jump. They have always been my team. They were my assigned story. Their pitbox was my hangout on race weekend. MY ENTHUSIASM FOR THE SPORT, DIRECTLY TIED TO MY INVOLVEMENT WITH THEM.

      NOW THERE’S A SHITTY CAR, AND A SHITTY ENGINE, AND A BUNCH OF SHITTY VENUES. My home race is gone, my team is gone, and now the ONE guy that I have and DO support unconditionally (though he has made me angry over the years) is standing on the sidelines.”

      —-> March 2008, first InyCar ‘race’ following the death of Champ Car:
      “I DON’T FEEL LIKE I’VE WATCHED A RACE TO BE TRUTHFUL. I MEAN, I’VE WATCHED SOME CHAMP CAR SNOOZEFESTS, DON’T GET ME WRONG, BUT THIS WAS REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEALLY BORING. On the bright side, no one flew. No one was injured. Only one of the transitioning teams cars was heavily damaged.”

      —-> skipping randomly into other dates in the archive, August, 2008:

      —-> June 2009, some race called the Suntrust Indy Challenge:

      —-> As for the beloved ‘home race’:

      Nobody seemed to like my ‘woman with a hammer’ analogy, but all I’m trying to say is that Meesh’s interest in IndyCar – and her hobby of writing about it – is masochistic.

  10. Fair enough. Unfortunately, many of us feel this way, which is exactly why people come here – I think there are a few more than 11 or 12 of us. I guess we hope that things can be changed before it’s too late, and Meesh writes it as she sees it (at least as far as I can tell). Some of us don’t want to just give up. Recall that a few short years ago, F1 put on parades that were incredibly predictable and boring. While there still isn’t lap after lap rubbing of wheels, it’s much better and more interesting now. It isn’t impossible to change the show.

    I’d agree with your last point, and I think many of us have a masochistic and abusive relationship with open wheel. It has been a long, hard road for many of us “converts”. In any case, you’ve said your piece and now you can go back to not reading the blog. Let us suffer in peace.

  11. No need to suffer – there are a lot of other pursuits deserving of your time, energy and $$$ while American Open-wheel Racing gets over its yen-lust and “Helio the Dancing Queen” fascination and properly implodes so a successor phoenix worthy of our attention can rise from the ashes. In the meantime, Andretti, Savorin, and the other yen-whores who destroyed my home race can honk on bobo while I spend my dollars elsewhere.

    Cheers to all.

  12. Hey, RenegadeX — What the fuck is your point? Show us YOUR blog that writes unequivocally positively (without fail) about a given subject of your liking, and I’ll show you an utter piece of shit example of whorish writing. Thanks. Peace. Out.

  13. Nice work, Roy!

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