Homestead Season Finale *Live Blog*

Ok, so we’re 10 laps in. I’ll catch you up. Red car, red car, red car… driving around in circles. There, you’re caught up.

Seems an odd time to be running a race. For some reason I thought this was a night race, so I was off enjoying a lovely fall day at the market in preparation for Thanksgiving (yes, we canucks celebrate it this weekend) Just made it home on time.

Lap 17: ooooh… FROchitti washes up and drops like a stone to 3rd, allowing Briscoe to get by for 2nd. Dixon leads.

LOL… oh Bob… Danica hasn’t run the Blue/black livery since before Indy. Pay attention dude.

Lap 23: much discussion about Danica wasting her overtake button pushes.

commercial (lets see what the radio guys are talking about… oh suprise… Danica…)

Lap 33: back. talking about pit stops, which may or may not be coming up. . L

Lap 44: pit stops have begun.

hmmmm… my feed got all wack and delayed.

Lap 54: Briscoe and Dixon are battling up front, Dario about 4 car lengths behind.


Field is now lapped up to 8th position. :shakes head:

Lap 62? Parko is sitting on pitlane. Brakes are smoking like mad. oops, strike that, they’re on fire. Thanks for coming out. See you in 2010.

Lap 68: Briscoe is now in the lead, and traversing through traffic. Come on Ryan!!!

oooh! someone is “working the tools” DRINK!

(for those that care, the beer of the race, other than myself, har har, is Ephemere)

oh Bob… so much excitement for Dixon lapping Helio… *snicker* “Oh Bob” is my drinking game today fyi

Lap 84/200: Briscoe is lapping the field left right and centre, and very very high. Probably a little too high for hte captain’s liking.

I’m snacking on prosciutto and figs… too fancy for race day?

Lap 97: Briscoe and Dixon both on pitlane. Briscoe out first.

Dario stays out a couple of more laps then comes in.

Lap 101: Briscoe retains the lead. Ok… must find someone good at stats to break it down for me.

Apparently Versus is putting in as many commercials as they can today. *switches to radio* hey did you know Justin Wilson is in this race?

Lap 108: Dixon back out front. Nice battle up front. Dixon is on rails since the last pitstop.

Lap 112: Dixon pulling away bigtime.

Lap 118: Do, Dixxy and Briscoe will likely have to pit again. Dashley may not have to… hmmm…

Lap 124: Briscoe blows by Dixon! Sweet!! atta boy!

Lap 132: Rooting for Ryan. Come on kiddo! get those bonus points!

Lap 144: Briscoe and Dixon on pitlane. Briscoe out first again!

Lap 147: much talk of Dashley and fuel strategy.

Lap 148: Oh Bob! *drinks* way to jinx the race dude!

*side note* being set up in the kitchen is convenient for refills… just sayin…

OH! LOL! Danica and Wheldon the rematch! Panther crew releases Danny boy into the path of the Princess and spins her around on pitlane.

Danica’s day is probably done.

Holy blinding glare coming down pitlane. Again I reiterate, what a stupid time to have a race.

Lap: 161/200: 39 to go….

Lap 167/200: Briscoe now has the laps lead bonus. But Dashley is toiling around 18 seconds behind saving fuel like a bandit. Great. A fuel strategy win/championship coming up. Gross.
I’d rather see drivers go balls to the wall and win it on the track and on merit.

I wonder how Dixon feels to have been sacrificed in favour of Dashley.

Dixon and Dashley both have to pit

Well there ya go. This just sums up the season. Red. Predictable. Fuel saving. Maybe next year the focus will be on racing.


23 responses to “Homestead Season Finale *Live Blog*

  1. I hope Briscoe wins the title.

  2. Yeah, the start time is weird. I wish they’d just make it a night race

  3. Sounds like acual passing!

  4. Three cars on lead lap? This is like a Homestead race. Just saying…

  5. 3 cars on the lead lap sucks, but, hopefully Indycar doesn’t throw a “derbris” caution.

  6. Yeah, that did some up the series. No passing, red cars, fuel mileage… Sounds like NASCAR, or F1.

  7. Appeared to be about twelve spectators in the grand stands. That’s brutal.

  8. LOL at the “Oh Bob” drinking game…cryin’ out loud, I’m .surprised you were still able to type by race end playin’ that game!

  9. Am I the only person that somewhat enjoyed that race? Maybe I’m too used to F1..?

    To be honest, I quite like the Penske / Ganassi domination in this race – I really think it displayed exactly how far ahead they are of everyone else.

    • No, because I’m sure everyone at Penske and Ganassi do too, and Jay Penske, mabye even Brian Barhart.

    • I fairly well enjoyed it. The 3 dominant drivers dominated the race, and between the 3 there was quite a suspenseful end looming. I thought it was fine in that aspect.

      However, the fact that those 3 absolutely decimated the rest of the field, to the point that nobody else in the race even approached being in contention? That part kinda makes for a weak appearance for the series as a whole.

      • agreed on all points.

        I do however wish it was a battle to the line between Dixon and Briscoe. I feel they were both robbed because they actually chose to put on a show and race for the win, while Dashley took the easy way out.

    • It’s not that it was unenjoyable (my word, deal with it) it’s that it was so micro focused on the 3 contenders. You barely even knew there were any other drivers in the race unless they were mentioned by the broadcast team as the leaders blew by them. No coverage of any mid-pack battles. (assuming there were any)

      I think the Penske/Ganassi domination puts a big glaring spotlight on one of the biggest problems of the series.

      We need a shake up a la Brawn.

  10. Re: the word, I think it’s legit. I’d use it!

    Re: the focus on the 3, yah…to wit, no mention of the Least being out of the race until it was a long past occurance. Not that I hang on Marco’s performance (far from it), but I see him in fourth, then I follow the ticker at the top (the Hat, ala P’dog) a while later and it shows him 17 laps down (again a nod to P’dog, “because it’s none of your business, sir”).

    I’m still hanging onto a hope that NHL will rise up. Hoped the same for KV, but have doubts with Moraes in a solo effort. Crikey, it would feel like a breath of fresh air if TK would challenge again. We’ll see…

  11. Very disappointing race, to put it diplomatically. I agree with Meesh that it pretty much captured the season though. Red, predictable, fuel saving. That’s not a prescription for bringing in new fans.

  12. My word for the season: unsatisfying. I guess the only thing to look forward to is when they finally announce the new rules package for ’11 (though knowing them, they’ll probably delay it).

    • That said, I’ll savor every good moment that happened this season just so that I continue to have faith that the rebirth (or something resembling that) will happen.

  13. I don’t know if anyone else thanked you on IndyCar Blog Comment Day, but I sure as hell will. Thank you, o sassy and brassy one, for your continued R-rated stream of consciousness. If you weren’t here, we couldn’t possibly invent you.

  14. I second that, Meesh. And to Jeff, I attempted to post a comment on your site to the same effect, that I enjoy the MNII postings, but it kicked me out without letting it through for some reason. In addition, I was mentioning P’dog. The three of you (along with some other notable bloggers) have brought a lot of enjoyment to the fan-dom this year. Thanks to all of you (Pat W, Roy, Will, and many more included).

  15. So a few days into the “off season” and the hot rumor is that IMS is up for sale…..NASCAR makes my dick trickle…

  16. Late blogger apretiation day stuff. Keep up the good work. Your blog is great, don’t worry about the haters, (Renegade)

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