10 years gone, a lifetime remembered…

At just 24, Greg Moore was a shining star, both on and off the track. Extremely gifted, mature beyond his years, and well liked and respected by everyone in the paddock… the surface had barely been scratched on his potential.

Just weeks before his tragic death, he had announced that he had signed with Penske Racing for the following season. One can only wistfully imagine what he would have accomplished in the years ahead…

In this day and age where drivers & teams make headlines for cheating, and petulant tantrums, and litigation, and mug shots, it makes looking back on what happened and what might have been an even more bitter pill to swallow.

Always composed, always gracious, always smiling.
Gone in an instant. Remembered forever.

Tony DiZinno wrote a great piece on Greg this week, please take a moment to give it a read: link

For those that are not aware of who Greg was and why he leaves such a lasting legacy for someone who left us at such a young age, the following collection of videos will enlighten you..

Greg Moore: A Racer’s Story Part 1

Greg Moore: A Racer’s Story Part 2

Greg Moore: A Racer’s Story Part 3

The heartbreaking crash and live broadcast announcement

ESPN tribute on the day of the accident

Awesome tribute with tons of race footage


11 responses to “10 years gone, a lifetime remembered…

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  2. That’s awful that the video’s were removed!!!!!!

    I can’t say that I ever watched Greg race, considering I didn’t watch racing in 99, but, he sounds like a great driver, and more importantly, a great person. All of the writers and bloggers who are paying tribute to him this week help people like me learn about him.

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  4. every year on this day… 😦

  5. Thanks Meesh.
    I remember when you posted these last year… can it be a year already? Doesn’t seem like more than a few weeks since I was sat here watching them. Keep posting them every year, I’ll watch.

    I really like the Twitter tribute of changing profile pic to a pic of him. I haven’t joined in because I’d feel a fraud having never seen him race other than in recorded footage, but my thoughts are with those who did.

    There needs to be a campaign to give the Greg Moore Legacy Award to a driver in IndyCar, not Lights, and screw the politics.

  6. It is a shame that we never got to see him run at the Speedway. Every time Castro-neves wins Indy I think of Greg.

  7. I’m not going to lie. I wasn’t watching much racing when Moore died. There was about a six year period when I wasn’t tuned out, but I limited how much I’d let myself get attached to racing, and more specifically drivers, after Brayton died. I knew Moore, and I knew he was good. I remember watching the end of the Rio race with him and Zanardi, but sadly that’s probably my only real concrete memory. It was clear with that he was a a truly special talent on ovals, possibly the best since Mears retired.

    I still know a solid handful of people that were big racing fans, and more specifically big Moore fans, back then. They stopped that day.

  8. I saw Greg Moore race back in the CART days. He was something special to watch. In the days when the grid was full of drivers who were paid to race cars because of the talent they possesed and not the bank roll they brought with them, Greg could hold his own with some of the greats. He was a driver in a time when CART rivaled F1 and Im sure if he had lived, he would of gone on to race in F1 and win a drivers championship ( or two). Gone too soon, but never forgotten. 99 Forever.

  9. i know this is really late but i was at the track the day greg got killed. i’ll never forget how sad that day was. i wasn’t awhere of how bad the crash is do to my lack of site. all i heard was greg moore was in a crash. i thought it wasn’t a big thing. lots of racers crash you know that kind of thing. and yes i was very young at the time but i did really like greg. when i heard he died it was just horible. i can’t honestly remember anything before or after that crash that day. very sad. i remember on october 31, 2009 i watched greg’s first cart win. great guy. way too young.

  10. Desafortunadamente yo si vi la carrera en la que Greg Moore murio y me impacte por que tenia poco tiempo siguiendolo, yo era una adolescente y la primera vez que lo vi en la carrera anterior a la que murio me encanto, lo simpatico y muy inteligente que se veia y me dije: “Es mi idolo desde ahora” : Me entristecio la muerte de este joven piloto y todo de lo que nos perdimos tras su muerte nunca nadie sera como el, el cielo se apresuro y nos lo quito por que era ya un ser perfecto y creo que no nos lo mereciamos, por eso se fue

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