2010 IndyCar Season Opener – Sao Paulo Indy 300 – *Live* Blog

So here we are, finally, Race 1, or “Race Uno” of the 2010 IndyCar season. Once again, I have no cable, so I’m at the mercy of online coverage. (I refuse to pay a redonkulous amount of money so I can get ONE specialty channel every other weekend. Bullshit. )

My uber sweet link from last year appears to have vapourized. I’m guessing the provider had Direct tv. Oh well. Work computer appears to run the Race Control gizmo this year, so :knock on wood: I’m good to go.

I have a Brazilian tv feed, with no sound :-/ but at least it will provide more angles than the leader cam. I have the ICS radio feed, which I usually listen to over the tv broadcast anyway, so for now I’m a happy camper.

Cars are gridded, drivers strapped in, and rain is falling on pitlane. Lot’s of will they or won’t they with regards to rain tires and changing them.

Story of the weekend: the Ice-rink that was the start/finish straight. Qualifying got turfed yesterday while they resurfaced the concrete to provide some grip. Wise choice with rain now a factor.

And now that you’re all filled with anticipation, hold that thought. We are on a hold for rain while they determine with it will be a wet start or a dry start. I smell carnage on the first lap either way.

*cars on the move…. off to watch the start*

Well, I certainly called that. It was like a dust storm behind the leaders, and immediately turned into a shit show. (and that was WITH the diamond grating)

Castroneves, Dixon, Moraes, Sato and Andretti get tangled up, apparently Sato got hit from behind, causing the chain reaction with Moraes and Andretti getting the worst of it, Moraes driving over Andretti, both cars coming to a stop in a pile.

Mario showed his impeccable sportsmanship, casually hoping from his car and sauntering off to the side. LOL! Guess I’m used to seeing drivers practically ripping the car apart to get to their competitors who are in trouble.

KV racing down to 1 car now, go EJ!

So, what was I about to say before the start…

Oh ya, I don’t really have a dog in this fight. With Paul watching from the sidelines my excitement level is at “meh”. I will however be pulling for J-Wil, my little EJ, and Simona of course. I would love to see Bia make some strides, but she hasn’t really been a factor at all this weekend.

Geesh, looking at the reply, it’s lucky that Mario didn’t end up ass over tea kettle on his head.

On the brightside, Milka had nothing to do with that. LOL!

*still yellow*… (lap 6) *tap tap tap*

Sorry, experiencing some technical difficulties here.

Back to green on lap 9. Some of the heavy hitters were shifted to the back of the pack and are now having to make their way back to the front, which should make it interesting.

oh ya, remember that Milka comment….? She is sitting in the middle of the track. Why? no idea. I had to refresh for the 40th time to get sound and picture. (lap 21 btw)

Festival of pitting! some excitement perhaps?!

Big excitement was a side by side drag race by Tony Kanaan and someone coming down pitlane.

Simona has stayed out, so will lead the pack on the restart. Nothing like leading in your first race. (even if it is fabricated)

For some reason Milka’s car was unrestartable and so they have taken 47 laps to to load it onto a flatbed truck and move it.

In the meantime, a monsoon/slash tornado looking cloud has moved over part of the course. This could get messy.

Green Green Green on lap 26. Simona takes them down the front stretch, with Dashley hot on her tail. (that sounded dirty hehe)

RHR gets Franchitti (without the assistance of being held up in traffic), then picks off Simona. Dario is now behind Simona.

Tags takes it to Kanaan, both are damaged.

ugh…. lost my feed, lost my sound, lost my timing….

Here comes the rain. The race has turned into a shitshow..

I have no idea who has rain tires and who doesn’t. I’m assuming the folks that are now parked on track are the ones without.

If I understand correctly Simona has stayed out again? You go girl!

Princess Sparkle pony is sitting in the run off. LLoyd is parked on track. And the rest of the field is crawling around this course.

Well, DCR can start packing up and head to the airport.

RHR is securing a few more rides with Andretti Autosport running out front, while Princess Sparkle pony gets in some hydroplaning practice, TK is a lap down & The Least are drinking hot chocolate back in the trailer.

It’s now officially a boat race, as the course has turned into a lake. I have no idea what the actual order is as T&S doesn’t appear to be cycling through.

and RED flag.

Zoinks what a cluster.

Gonna see if I can figure out what the hell is going on.

Tags chimes in: blah blah blah… whatever

Bridgestone Joe chimes in: “quite a few puddles out there” thanks Capt. Obvious! 😉

ok… pee break

Sun is coming out, many track workers have their brooms out… once we go back to green it will be a timed race. 45mins or so.
good lord… some of those corners are like small ponds

Drivers are putting their kit back on, and strapping in. My T&S is still borked, despite refreshing a zillion times… *sigh*

Ok, cars are rolling, a bunch of cars ducked int to take on slicks, including Race leader Ryan Hunter Reay. gamble gamble gamble…

we’re still yellow, the clock is ticking, and only the Ganassi boys & Conway I think have remained on rain tires.

Ok… green green green with 36 mins to go.

Franchitti, Dixon, Conway, Wilson, Castroneves lead the pack.

Mike Conway up 16 positions
EJ up 12 on the day

30 mins to go, the Ganassi boys are in and out on slicks.

26 mins… RHR, Matos, Briscos, Power, Meira, Wheldon, Dixon, Conway, Franchitti, Wilson, Castroneves, Viso, Beatirz, Kanaand, Romancini,

23 to go….

Romancini into the wall. Bad day for the Dolly car.

no yellow… keeps it going and drives back to the pits on his own steam.

20 mins to go, it’s the battle of the Ryans.

Briscoe gets RHR , but RHR gets him right back! dayum kids! We got ourself a race!

lap 54 Ryan Briscoe, who had stolen the lead, stuffed it into the tires and threw away any hope of a podium. shades of, well every season….

Meira and Matos are battling for the top finishing Brazilian.

Will Power takes the lead with a handful of laps to go and the time ticking away on the clock. (under 3 mins to go)

Wooooooot!!! Will Power!! Ya baby!!!!

Power, RHR, Meira

Matos, Wheldon, Dixon, Franchitti, Conway, Castroneves, Kanaan.

OK… Off to write this up. Technical bullshit aside, that was a fun race at the end.

I’ll be live from the next one, so woot!


27 responses to “2010 IndyCar Season Opener – Sao Paulo Indy 300 – *Live* Blog

  1. Let’s get this mother started.

  2. You expected Mario to rip the car apart to get to Marco? Clearly you’ve watched Driven too many times during the off season 😉

    • no clearly, I’ve seen several accidents over the years, and seen several drivers show more than a little concern over the welfare of their fellow competitors.

  3. shitshow? this race is freakin’ awesome–dust storms, sunburnt brazilians, first lap pile-ups, rhr racin’ his ass off, actual passing on street race, simona leading a lap, drag race straightaways, lots of passing in the field, black or red–or rain. Rain storms, monsoons and now hail! What the hell’s not to like?

  4. Meesh – Agreed almost everytime other drivers show concern. Sorry the sarcasm didn’t come through.

  5. I was under the impression Indycar ran in the rain. Guess not

    • Not in the concrete canyons. It’s too dangerous. Unless they build in uber water run offs, which they never do, it turns into a narrow lake with walls. They run in the rain on road courses or airport courses, where there is plenty of room for “error” and run offs.

      But if you’ve ever sat waiting to hear whether a driver is alive under a pile of wet carbon fibre due to running in the rain on a street course, you would never question their decision to red flag an event.

      • Didn’t know that. Good point, the water buildup could be disasterous.

        • This my friend is we don’t run in a deluge on a street course.

          this was one of the most terrifying moments in racing for many of us

        • and another angle (track level, in front of the grandstands)

          Scary shit. This is why I never complain if the drivers/team owners or race control deems it too dangerous to continue (especially since most were involved in that crash)

          • Thanks for the video. Pretty bad. Actually, I’m glad Indycar is willing to listen to teams/drivers about race conditions, unlike NASCAR, which seems to want drivers to flip each other into the stands…

            • no prob. Figured it was better to provide an example than just talk about it. FYI, a little trivia: the man in the yellow shirt on the other side of the fence who raises his arms in relief when they pull Jimmy from the car? That’s Jimmys dad.

  6. Dylan, once again I have to straighten you out. This is becoming increasingly tiring.

    IndyCar does race in the rain. However, it is absolute foolishness to run in puddles in an IndyCar. If you can’t see that, well, I’m not going to go there.

  7. A great race! The huge back straight really did work. Nice to see so many differant people up front. As for Danica, well, I thought she looked bad at Fontana…

  8. Ah, very interesting Meesh. You are the first person to mention the effect of rain on street events (compared to road courses).

    So there is precedent for red-flagging? That makes me feel a bit better…

  9. hi I’m brazilian and I found your site searching for the video of the race…
    I was there yesterday, at the end of the concrete straight. Got very worried about Marco, got wet to the bones there for 15 min and I just loved the race!!!

    Do you know where can I download the race?
    Just NEED to see the battles I didn’t and the pitstops

    I took some pictures from the pitlane and garage on saturday, and a video of the start, if you want it, you can email me

    great comments of the race

  10. It’s just really great to see Meesh blogging again. I think I look forward to “hearing” your take on things almost as much as the races themselves.

    As for the street/rain thing, it sadly only got figured out after some diabolical events such as (I haven’t even clicked on the link but I’d bet it’s…) Surfer’s Paradise. I was at Toronto in 1990, and that turned into a bit of a swamp race as I recall…Al Jr sloshed (no pun, sorry Junior) to the win that day.

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