*blows dust off keyboard*

Figured since I was up so early and sitting here in my office waiting for qualies to start, (my home internet cacked out this week) I would plonk some thoughts down in the old bloggy blog.

So, I was actually at the last race in person, thus no live blog, (which has apparently fallen out of fashion amongst the cool kids… whatever, I’m gonna keep on doing it) but since I’m like that dude that plays all the instruments when I’m at the track, there was no time for blogging. At the track I spent a lot of time shooting and taking notes. (and wringing out my clothes and hair!) The rest of the time I was in transit, dealing with no or sketchy wifi, or trying to catch a solid 4hrs of sleep! (ahhh… race weekends! gotta luv it!)

There are very few things or people I can depend on in this life to bring a smile to my face. Being at the race track is one of those things.

No matter the ordeal to get there ( lemme tell ya…) the less than ideal accommodations (oiy!) or the other assorted moments of “oh really?! You went there?” passive agressive bullshit I put up with on any given day (you can insult me or freeze me out all you want, but I’m gonna keep doing what I do, the way I do it, cause there’s room for everyone out there. NO ONE way, person, genre or style is better). I don’t understand masking your own insecurity by insulting others, but that is neither here nor there… moving on.

Once I’m at the track, surrounded by my peeps, engulfed in the sights and sounds of the race weekend, I’m in my happy bubble. Even on the most stressful day at work, if there is a session on track, my boss lets me boot up the feed in the background. The sound of cars on track is soul soothing!

There is not going to be a cohesive train of thought here… Just going to do a brain dump as this is the first time since arriving home that I’ve had a moment to gather my thoughts. (the paying job is kicking my ass right now… new website transfer, location expansion, 30 new hires, etc…etc… workload and responsibility quadrupled ) It’s all good, but when you leave the office between 7-8pm, after a 12 hr day with no discernible break, the brain just stops functioning as a protective measure I think.

So… St. Petes…

The race itself, once it actually happened, was awesome. Messy, aggressive, street fighting, awesome sauce. This season, as we’ve already seen, is going to be competitive beyond the usual 4 cars, which is terrific.

I can’t think of a better way to spend a Monday morning. (twas my second scramble to rearrange travel plans due to rain out, in person, Monday morning race!)

For the first time in a long time I wasn’t preoccupied with the ugly, smelly cars, but rather just in the moment, talking about the drivers, the season, the strategy, etc…

Sarah Fisher was not a happy girl that weekend. AT ALL. This was not the feel good story of the weekend that everyone touted it to be leading in. Trust me on this. Too bad. I’m surprised that Rahal is still in the car to be honest. I have a picture that speaks volumes on this… I will get to those today I promise!

Jimmy is gonna need a second & third career to pay for all the crash damage this season (and PT has been nowhere near the joint!) KV Demolition Technology.

Speaking of PT being nowhere near the joint. *sigh* It really does leave an empty feeling in my gut on race weekend. <insert usual rant about what a crime it is that he is not in a seat>

I really don’t understand the location of St. Petes for this event. It looks glorious and lush on tv, but let me tell you, this is not a glorious, lush area. It is a quite run down, low income, roll the sidewalks up at 6pm type of area. I’m thinking the event must infuse some serious cash into the city, cause it doesn’t look like much else happens there. That said, the crowds were great and knowledgeable about racing, and the people were lovely. I’m just thinking as someone traveling to the race, I would like more “after track” options in the surrounding area. (I’m thinking back to the Miami street race days) Of course my accommodations were out in the middle of nowhere with a Denny’s and a sketch liquor store at my disposal. Oh and an Indian restaurant with a mariachi band. (I kid you not!) I would recommend finding something within walking distance (or a short cab ride) from the track, or something across the bridge in Tampa. (if you’re gonna be driving, might as well go towards the action than away from it right?)

oh, notably absent from the media room (odd since this was the first race of the season within the borders of North America) David Phillips and Gordon Kirby. The rest of my motley crew was there of course.

That’s all I can think of for right now, gonna boot up the video feed and see what’s happening with the Lights

13 responses to “*blows dust off keyboard*

  1. Have fun with the Indycar.com video feed….

    Rahal and Fisher having an issue? That’s suprising. I would guess Rahal critisised the quality of the team/car?

    Still can’t understand PT’s lack of a ride. Did Sato bring money? Because I have heard he didn’t, and in that case I don’t understand why he would be hired over Tracy. Because Sato tears up equipment, and hasn’t even seen the ovals.

    • The video feed has worked like a dream for me all season (on my work computer) T&S however is crap!

      There was a big, black cloud over that end of the pitlane every time I strolled down there. Just sayin. Both times I attempted to talk to Sarah, she was pleasant, but clearly not happy. (of course being that this is the first time I had met her, maybe this is just her regular demeanor… hard to tell)

      not sure about Sato. I’m sure if he didn’t bring money himself, money appeared because of him.

  2. So what do these cars smell like? I mean I went to the two CART races at Rockingham, that was nearly a decade ago (holy shit that can’t be right!) and I still get flashbacks of the smells and sounds.

    Thinking if I can swing a cheap flight somehow I may attempt to come over for a race next year or the one after. Might wait for the new cars.

    Interesting to hear of Fisher and Rahal. Marriage of convenience?

    I probably won’t be watching the race, just as I haven’t seen the others. I despair at the official feed, it frustates me greatly, and a tiny Justin.tv window (or fullscreen and blocky) has got a bit old. Will catch via other means when I can.

    Btw, if you could please update your link to toomuchracing.com that’d be great, I joined you on WordPress a little while back. Cheers me dears. 🙂

    • rancid.

      Actually the new ethanol (Brazilian Sugar Cane) isn’t quite as bad as the Yankee Corn ethanol.

      NOTHING beats the smell and sound of a methanol powered Turbo cossie though…

      Too bad about the feed for you. If I can find something better for you, I’ll let you know.

      damn, I thought I updated that link. Did you change something again??

  3. I understand Tracy is setting up a news conference at Long Beach. So maybe you’ll get your boy for a few races anyway…

    • Well, I know we get him for Indy, Toronto & Edmonton. Would like to see him at the Glen leading into Toronto. And maybe an oval leading into Indy to give him a fighting chance. Hell, maybe he’ll be in Sato’s car at Long Beach (saving Jimmie some crash damage 😉 )

      • PT in Sato’s car at LB would not only save some crash damage, it would give the car/team a chance at winning the race…

  4. It was .blogspot.com for ages, then in Jan I changed it to .wordpress.com and bought the domain. *shrug* the link said blogspot still.. anyway its not like I went around telling everyone, I’m far too lazy for that!

  5. Still waiting for the pic of Sarah in a bad mood. Does anyone know the inside scoop on how she and Graham got along at Barber?

  6. самая круть!)

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