Round 4: Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach *live* Blog

Getting myself set for an afternoon of racing! Nothing but deafening silence coming out of the IMS radio feed. Woot! off to a good start. At least I have clear picture.

I would try to find a bar to watch it on tv, but alas, the race isn’t deemed important enough to air live up here in Canuckdia, so it’s been relegated to TSN2 (which most don’t get on their cable package) at 7pm tonight. Long after it happens.

Anyway… off to find some snacks… brb

OK… finally some sound just as we go to green!

Power easily and cleanly through turn 1, RHR gets squiggly but gets 2nd spot over Wilson. Kanaan on the button gets up one spot.

Debris on the track somewhere from someone, but it’s none of our business who! (tm P-Dog) Apparently it’s from Marco (contact w/Tags)

What lap is this? none of my business as I am no longer allowed to view T&S. :bangsheadondesk:

Why do they make it so hard to be a fan of this series?

RHR is determined to catch and pass Will Power.

hmm… Milka in the pits. Is this where they pretend there is a problem with the car?

ok, well that was the worlds longest commercial break. I now have managed to boot up T&S. It appears to be working.

Looks like they’ve parked Milka. I have some thoughts on this, but I’ll save it for another day. At least they let her start and gave her fans and sponsors some face time.

Unlike the lights race, the IICS completely misses the boat on showing the action midpack. Do I really need to spend the entire race viewing experience from RHR in car camera?! Fuck. Gimme something more interesting to watch.

Commercial… dialing up the fan…

hmmm… will power is struggling. ouch. RHR just shot by like a slingshot

geesh… Power seems to have great luck leading up to the race, then it all goes to rat shit on race day…

It appears “brain fade” was the technical difficulty with the Number 12 car. Power hit the speed limiter by accident. :facepalm: I believe this is the second time he has done this.

And Princess Sparkle Pony is the first to go off strategy. Followed by Matos and De Silvestro.

Pit windows are now officially open, so now the rest of the field is starting to cycle in.

Just for reference, I’m showing the leader on lap 25.

Franchitti is driving backwards today.

ENOUGH WITH THE RHR HELMET CAM! CRIPES! Show the dicing mid pack.

RHR on pitlane. Where will he cycle out.

Sato & Alex Lloyd getting a little racy, leading to Sato doing a little off roading and spinning.

Power & Briscoe both come in for their first pitstop.

First round of stops complete.

RHR, Wilson, Power, Kanaan, Briscoe. are your top 5 as we cycle through Lap 31.

They just showed the replay. Kanaan and Briscoe have a nice battle with Kanaan getting the better of it. Go TK!

(nothing like seeing everything after it happens…)

Apparently there is quite the battle going on in the field, but we have breathtakingly exciting camera view of RHR driving around by himself up front…

no change… all RHR… all the time…

lets see what’s happening on T&S… Justin closed the gab a bit on RHR. It was under 2 seconds, but it’s now up to 2.2 seconds.

“the battle for 19th” is there such a thing? And is it something to get that excited about? LOL!

43 laps in. Race half over. Pretty clean race so far. Apparently there are some super secret battles on track. I’m sure we’ll be able to read about them later….

If anyone wants to donate a contraband Versus feed… I would be accepting of that. email me.

Ok… here’s the thing radio commentators: It’s called RACING!!! you have to EARN the pass. It’s NOT up to the backmarkers to LET YOU BY! Make the goddamn pass.

I love that the IMS guys are screaming about the action while we watch Princess Sparkle Pony’s pit stop… :bangsheadondesk:

I seem to remember races last season where RHR was the backmarker holding up the back and trying not to go a lap down.

OH!!! No! Wilson makes contact with Lloyd!

I disagree with all the finger pointers. I think both drivers share the blame there. If Justin had given it another corner or two, he would have gotten by him cleanly.

As it stands, he is still on the podium.

Woah! big hit by Rahal and Romancini! They both went into that corner hot. Romancini got under Rahal, and put them both into the tires. Rahal, NOT impressed. Oh to be a fly on the window in that safety vehicle…

Green green green after a lengthy clean up.
We are on Lap 65.

Wilson gets around Will Power! Woot!

Apparently a lot of people tuned in to watch “pull-overing” today, with all the bitching about people not letting the leaders by, just cuz. Guess they needed another scapegoat with Milka out of the picture.

I personally tune in to watch racing.

If you are still on the lead lap, you have every right to protect your position and keep racing. When the Princess does it, she’s being “spunky” and showing gutsiness! When Lloyd does it, he’s being unsportsmanlike?!
I call bullshit.

Oh, and they keep referring to Lloyd as a lapped car. I’m pretty sure he wasn’t lapped until Hunter-Reay got by him. So he was lapped for about 30 seconds by the time Wilson got to him. Otherwise he would be more laps down than he is at this moment. (which is down by 1 lap)

Alex Tagliani retired with technical issues (broken tow link or something to that effect)

We are on Lap 81 now… RHR is just a tick under 5 seconds back of Justin Wilson. The catch 22 of course being that the only way that Justin was able to catch up to RHR was because of Lloyd holding him up. That of course bit him in the ass at the same time. Bet his wishing a backmarker was in front of RHR again… just sayin…

Helio and Moraes are getting racy in the battle for 6th spot.

And Ryan Hunter-Reay wins pretty much unchallenged.

Gee, ya think RHR may have secured his ride for the season yet?

Happy for Ryan and his sponsors this weekend. Couldn’t have scripted it better with the big IZOD sponsored party this weekend. Come to think of it, *conspiracy theory* he won the race that IZOD announced their personal sponsorship of him at the Glen in 2008 and threw a big party. *conspiracy theory*

Wilson, after all the hoopla, still gets second on the podium, which is HUGE for Dreyer & Reinbold and him, and Will Power, after his brain fade, adds another trophy to his collection this season.

Well, other than the technical glitches at the start, and the usual “leader cam” bullshit that we who are relegated to watching online have to deal with (please VERSUS, find a way to put your feed online for international viewers!) that was a little more entertaining of a race than last weekend.

The stories:
The return of Andretti to the podium, by a part time driver no less, (not for long I’m sure)

Dreyer & Reinbold making a name for themselves with Justin Wilson in second and Mike Conway rounding out the 10th spot.

Will Power, the adopted Penske child, besting his teammates yet again! (you can smell Briscoe’s flop sweat from here)

How about Mario Moraes who started 15th and finished 6th? Good job Mario!

um… Ganassi who? *snicker*

Dan Wheldon quietly drove to a top 10 finish (9th) apparently on fumes. Good on ya mate!

I managed to watch the race, live blog, get into some heated Twitter convo, all in all, a pretty good afternoon. Best part is. It’s gorgeous and sunny out still, so I get to enjoy a little fresh air before heading home to do chores! lol!


22 responses to “Round 4: Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach *live* Blog

  1. No Nascar is on tsn2 right now.

  2. Go to and you can listen to their station live and get it. Have to register quick but worth it! :o)

  3. Hopefully this isn’t redundant…

    I don’t know how to express how disappointed I am, and don’t know who my frustration is greatest with: 1) Versus in the broadcast and the choices made by a director for what to put on-air at any given moment (i.e. showing Danica pitting from what…about 20th…instead of staying with the scrap on-track with P1 and P2 behind Alex Lloyd, or 2) Lloyd continuing to run as if for position when Ryan and Justin were there, or 3) the officiating after the FCY for not giving Matos and Sato the wave around to open the race up to a possible great finish.

    I just heard Lloyd’s post race interview online, and though he has ‘his rationale’ for doing what he did (to stay on the lead lap), and though I know he’s a greatly talented shoe, this was a Screw Up De-Luxe on his part. I hope he’ll eventually own up to it.

    Disappointed because it was a boring race for the win when it didn’t have to be. There were good battles back in the pack (from what I could hear online) that were seldom seen. Ah, well…

    • haha… I hear ya! (no worries about redundancy… hell, my entire blog is an exercise in that during the season)

      I still say Alex had every right to defend his spot, and like he said, had Justin showed a little patience, he would have let him by shortly thereafter at a more appropriate spot. Why should he risk taking himself out of the race out of some unwritten “gentleman” rule. Fuck that. (said with luv ;-))

  4. I get it about staying on his lead lap, and Justin maybe should have held off since Alex didn’t give him the position as they exited 6…just frustrated that we finally had a race and when Alex knew that it was the two leaders, nose-to-tail, and once he had Ryan go by, he certainly could have breathed it coming out of six and let JW by as well.

    BTW Meesh, the camera feed online is exactly what was being shown on Versus.

    • in the heat of battle, I’m sure a few seconds seems like an eternity, but really, it was barely a few seconds between RHR getting by and Wilson admittedly diving below Lloyd. I blame both drivers equally. It was a racing incident. They were both racing. Which I appreciated.

      So that’s the Versus feed? We just get different commentary? wow. That wasn’t the case last year. I seem to remember 2 distinct feeds. (when I was lucky enough to have a Versus feed) I guess I just miss having the cutaways and the explanations and the timely replays and the pre show.. and… and… and… LOL!

    • Oh, and the only reason we finally “had a race” was because Lloyd held them up in the first place, allowing Justin to catch RHR, who was 3 seconds away from him. Can’t have your cake and eat it too.

      • What the hell’s the point of having cake if ya can’t eat it? 😉

      • That actually wasn’t what I was referring to about “having a race”. In that case I was talking about Barnhart not giving Matos and Sato the wave-around to get them out from between the leaders. JW made the best on-air move to pass Will after that FCY, imo. Had those boys been waved ’round, there might have actually been a 3-way scrap for the lead/win. Epic ‘missed opportunity’ by the series chiefs to make the race finish (possibly) truly exciting.

        • that was like last week in Alabama! had they moved all the back markers to the, well, back! on the restart at the end there, we might have actually had a real battle for the podium. Don’t they do that on ovals? or am I thinking of Napcar?

          • NAPCAR does it, not sure about IICS on ovals…I think they use some type of “Powerball” lotto system to choose how they’re gonna make these decisions. “Today, we’re going to…”

            • LOL! That’s what’s missing!! YoLANDA Vega!

              (capitalization intentional to imply emphasis)

              • How the hell do you Canucks know about YoLANDA Vega?!

                • American Television signals actually come across the border… 😉

                  You and your partner in crime coming to Watkins Glen this year? How about up for a Baseball game?? I miss you guys!

                  • Damn, we got to do a better job of leaking stuff over the border…

                    Definitely planning on Watkins Glen, but I’m personally not going for the IRL. But, you already knew that…

                    Also planning on Mosport ALMS. This time we’ll bring an air mattress for you!

  5. Yeah they do it on ovals… and it isn’t a half bad idea.

  6. MB, I am dying to hear your thoughts on Milka getting parked. I know that it’s easy to pick on her, but I was shocked recently looking through the lap times from a previous race. I couldn’t believe how off the pace she was. It seems to me that there needs to be a minimum speed that drivers have to achieve to be out on the track. It gets dangerous for everyone at some point.

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