Indy 500 (psuedo live) Race Blog

I am working right now. Yes, working on a Sunday. On the Sunday of the Indy 500. I’m hating life and trying not to go postal everytime the phone rings.

I will be sort of paying attention, sort of working, sort of blogging. Probably none to the best of my ability.

So far, same ol same ol. Tradition, yada yada yada…

Here they come. That was an ugly start. Not even remotely lined up.

And Davey Hamilton doesn’t even complete one lap. Spins and hits the retaining wall on the back straight. Looks like he is out and OK.

Yellow… commercial… clean up… *get some work done*

TK watch: already up to 25th… LOL! It was like he was shot out of a cannon!

and we’ve got some contact at the back of the field lap 7. Junky is dead stick in the middle of the track. Right rear tire peel off the rim. May or may not have had contact with Sato. Bruno out and ok.

ooh… fighting words from Davey Hamilton. Scheckter is an “idiot” and a “knucklehead” LOL!

TK Watch: 18th

Yellow… commercial… clean up… *get some work done*

This is the most bullshit way to try to follow a race.

Penske fucks Will Power YET AGAIN!!

Ya, missing all of the race due to work calls and having to run down to the front door to let people in. FML!

Guess I’ll read about it later…

This is too frustrating… pulling the plug for now.

Enjoy the race everyone!

5 responses to “Indy 500 (psuedo live) Race Blog

  1. They fucked that start up. I hope for yellow free races just so they don’t have to do restarts. it’s embaressing, pretty much any other top tier racing series can actually start and restart.

  2. How could Will Power get bounced in the butt yet again? That sucks…

    TK is the man- this would be one helluva drive if he can close the deal.

  3. I understand Barnhardt purposely allows the starts to spread out like that to avoid wrecking in turn one.

    • …and we’ve all seen how successful that approach has been through the years. Gather ’round and listen, kids: Once upon a time, they let racers race right from the beginning, without a manufactured or legislated start…and for the most part, the drivers did it well.

  4. Hope you managed to watch the race eventually..

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