IndyCar Texas 550 *live blog*

Welcome to the Texas 550, where after 22 laps it’s Penske, Ganassi, Ganassi, Penske, Penske…

The 812 people who showed up to watch are on the edge of their seats.

The radio announcers are already hoarse from screaming about “touching wheels” and “side by side!!”

Lap 37, cars not called Penske or Ganassi are dropping like stones. There are approximately 10 cars on the lead lap.

Competition yellow to try to make this interesting. Somehow Briscoe loses the lead and plummets to 5th. The Princess is now up to 3rd. *curious to know how many pushes of her magic speed juice she has left, cause from what I’ve seen she’s used a few)

*and we pause while everything crashes simultaneously* (my browser and a car apparently as we are one a yellow, and the safety crew is on track)

according to T&S it tooks like Takuma “we could have funded PT for the season with what we’ve paid in crash damage” Sato found the wall.

Running order is Ganassi, Penske, Andretti, Penske, Ganassi, Andretti, Penske, Andretti… everyone else.

66 laps complete and we go back to green.

I just flipped around the channels to see if anything interesting was on. No such luck. Maybe I’ll play solitaire for a while …

oh ya, we’re on lap “who gives a crap, let’s end this already…”

HOLY FUCK guys. Here’s a suggestion: FIRE EXTINGUISHER!!

Geezus christ, were you waiting for an invitation??

And now the radio guys are making excuses for them all standing around with their thumbs up their ass while Simona cooked. “They don’t usually have fires, so they don’t practice for them” REALLY?? You think that was the best choice of words for an excuse?!

Best in the business my ass.

Maybe someone should hand Randy Bernard Lon Bromley’s number so they can put together a world class safety team while they make changes to the rest of the formula.

“@SBPopOffValve: A safety crew can be out of practice for rarities. Like toe fungus. Or loose bowels. NOT FIRE. Judas Priest…”

absofuckinglutely my friend.

And now the IndyCar PR is trying to spin it…

“Gang, the Holmatro Safety Team has a job much tougher than I. They do their job very well and they will learn from their mistakes.”

and just who wants to be the “mistake” they learn from?? Sorry, that spin doesn’t fly with me. I’ve seen too many “what might have been” situations that were prevented by the CART/Champ Car Safety team to give ANYONE a pass for not being 150% prepared for ANYTHING!

Ok… back to the race.

blah blah blah… round and round and round…

oh MY Helio doing his best Princess Sparkle Pony impression for the gathered masses! LOL!

Well, I’ve now lost sound and picture…

ok, I’m back. nope… gone again…

ok… so I briefly had sound again only to discover that there were more hijinx in the pits.

and then the internet dies…

and now I’m back and Princess Sparkle Pony is leading. (wonder how much Gossege paid to give her a few more shots of P2P ( I notice they called out everyone but her’s earlier..)

no wait, Briscoe still at the top of the chart.

According to the booth, the Princess gained a lot of respect after she got out of the car and bwahaha apologized for the  “perceived knock on her crew”

Do these guys actually listen to the shit they spew?

I can’t believe I’m rooting for a Penske car right now… Actually I would like to see Ryan redeem himself. I think he’s a good kid who is under immense pressure to live up to the hype of being a Penske driver under the shadow of Twinkletoes.

LOL… of course the first interview is the Princess! She’s back to rainbows and fluffy bunnies. I guess she had a sit down with her 120 agents after Indy and got her new script for the rest of the season.

I’m very happy for Ryan.

P2 for the Princess. Whatever. Would she still be P2 had she been black flagged for blocking? … oh wait, that’s not in her rule book. The hater defense rests.

oooh… apparently I missed a major tirade by TK citing the above lack of black flag action towards the blockage. “what goes around comes around” look OUT… it’s ON kids!! (Iowa just got interesting already…)

Will still manages P3. I can’t believe they (Penske) managed to screw Power over again. I guess it’s been decided that it just wouldn’t look good to have the new kid (former CC driver) take the championship.

I’m giving props to Marco too. He is a different driver this year. I would like to see him on the podium soon too. He deserves it.

and how bout Alex Lloyd?! Woot!!

So it would appear that my T&S stopped working in the wrong order, despite several refreshes. Too funny. What a fucked up night technically for the Meeshster. At least I’m home and not commuting back from my office in the middle of the night.

Ok, guess I have to piece together all the crap I missed so I can write this up.

Thanks again to Ryan for preventing me from having to write enthusiastically about Shamica.


37 responses to “IndyCar Texas 550 *live blog*

  1. I have to say, I was hoping to see Danica win, if nothing else, to break up the Big Two. She has moments when I like her, but her problem is her attitude. I think mentally, she always see’s herself as a rookie, or at least new driver, as her comments after the start of the season about needing “track time” on the road/street courses, despite being a 5 year veteran. If, in any way, the NASCAR stuff hurts her, it’s because it lets her revert to that mindset. You don’t see most drivers keeping that mindset five years into their careers.

  2. TOTALLY with you on the fubar safety crew. They were very lucky that wasn’t tragic and frankly, some heads should roll.

    So, do you like the IIRS at all? Seems like you’re sort of over it…

    • The fact that they adopted the name of the TRULY world renowned Holmatro Safety team, but non of the actual skills or acclaim… makes my blood boil a bit.

      If we are bringing in new chassis and engines to make the cars faster, then we SURE as hell better have a fucking awesome, adept safety team out there.

      Those trucks should have been driving along side of her while she was still sliding.

      They need to lose the “we put down and sweep up the oil dry” mentality and start to work like a RAPID RESPONSE rescue team.

      IIRS? You’ve lost me. I’m guessing it’s some new acronym to describe the series? (I heard they were trying to rebrand and lose the negative IRL connotation… lipstick on a pig at the moment)

      Here’s the thing. I’ve explained this before, but I’ll say it again as there are some newbies dropping in….

      Complaining about something, means you still care enough about it to want to see it improve/change. If I didn’t “like” it, I wouldn’t work 2 jobs so I could travel and cover it. If I didn’t “like” it, I would pull the plug on the blog and retire from OWW, and find another hobby to occupy my time and my money.

      When I STOP writing, complaining, expecting MORE, is when you can assume I’m over it.

      I know what open wheel racing once was. I’ve seen it at it’s best. I’ve seen it at it’s worst. I know it’s potential. I’m sick of the complacency and the excuses. FIX IT!

      Someone’s got to rattle the cage.

      Prime example of that is how vocal some of us, myself very much included, were after the Toronto Indy last year.

      It was an abomination compared to years past. I was embarrassed as a resident of the host city to welcome fans and journalists and the series back to this event. I was angry about what the event had become (a shell of it’s former self) and the arrogance that lead to it’s downfall.

      Well, much to my pleasant surprise, the Honda Indy Toronto team stepped up in a big way right out of the gate this year. They are taking it seriously. They have taken the feedback and are fixing the problems one by one. Will it be the event of the glory days. Likely not this year. Will there be a marked improvement? I am 100% confident that there will be. I will be proud to welcome everyone back this year and say “see, we’ve learned from our mistakes and have taken the steps to fix them”

      I may come off as a blowhard bitch most days. Fine. Whatever. But if it motivates people to get off their ass to make the changes necessary, then I’ll take the bitch moniker and fall on my sword 365 days a year.

      • “I know what open wheel racing once was. I’ve seen it at it’s best. I’ve seen it at it’s worst. I know it’s potential. I’m sick of the complacency and the excuses. FIX IT!

        Someone’s got to rattle the cage.”

        I’m 100% with you on this, Meesh. Sadly, everytime I try to say anything like this over at “another popular blogsite”, I get accused of being “a new fan” who doesn’t know what Indy car racing is all about. PFFFT.

        Glad to see TK ready to take the gloves off about the bs treatment he gets from his “teammate”, who he continually tries to help, who he continually has covered her ass when she steps in crap (with stupid moves or comments…see Indy this year…or some other fubar(s) she makes).

        That being said, I’ll give her props on driving a good race last night…but can’t help but wonder just how great that car must have been, and what TK or another winning driver would have done in that car.

        I love (non-romantic, calm down everyone) Simona. She has, imo, already shown that she is the real deal. I’d just love to see Kat Legge back over here to drive in a car with Mike Cannon engineering it, so she could have a chance to show her mettle as well. They’ve both shown the same racer’s strength / character after bad incidents. The psuedo-princess could learn something from both of them.

        • >> I’m 100% with you on this, Meesh. Sadly, everytime I try to say anything like this over at “another popular blogsite”, I get accused of being “a new fan” who doesn’t know what Indy car racing is all about. PFFFT.

          That’s because many act as if “Indy car racing” has only existed since 1995 and should only be on 1.5 mile ovals. There’s a place for ’em but that’s not the be all and end all.

          Kat’s struggling in DTM.. Shame.

          • Sad but true Pat! I certainly had to get over the “nothing existed before Champ Car” mentality myself. (and rid myself of the physical repulsion and feeling of “evil” when presented with anything associated with “IRL” (I happen to agree with Randy-B on the rebranding and and ridding the term IRL from everyone’s vernacular as it has such a negative connotation now.

            and yes, It is a shame what happened to Kat. She was brought over too green and brought up to the big leagues far to soon based on the wrong things.. Then she was tossed aside like garbage when she no longer suited anyone’s political agenda.

      • Put the above, about criticism, into a separate blog post and I shall link to it copiously (for what little its worth). Even though you did a couple of years ago but y’know, stuff’s changed. Worth repeating.

        On the Safety Team, I have no idea if any of the personnel from the CART/CC one moved over, I presume not since the IRL already had one and probably couldn’t pick and choose the best people from each when the time came. At least Holmatro saw the value in continuing a relationship in open wheel. Wonder what that then-shiny new medical truck is doing now..

        And let’s credit the second response truck for doing it vaguely right. I do think the Simple Green / Holmatro CART team was the best but I also think the Delphi IRL team isn’t/wasn’t that far behind for the most part, apart from a) at Texas, and b) the speed of clearups over the last couple of years (no doubt they’s say they’re being thorough though).
        This was an odd and stupid oversight though, someone got complacent which is not acceptable.

  3. TMS has a capacity of 138000; trust me, there were more people there than you think. It looked like less than last year though. Bad show last year, bad economy, move the date…

    Still, there were more people there than there will be (on race day) at the overwhelming majority of ICS events this year (like, all but one most likely).

    Black flag: yer a little confused. Aside from Indy this year, nobody gets black flagged for blocking in the IRL, unless they’re just way off the pace, or a lap down or something. I can’t remember ever seeing anybody getting a drive-through for what Danica did, until this year’s 500.

    Danica’s block hardly even registers; maybe she gets warned. Obviously, for Kanaan, its a major drag because he had to lift. He didn’t just have a pass attempt thwarted, he lost a bunch of positions. But, the black flag situation at Indy this year was unique. That’s the first time I’ve ever seen that, and you really didn’t have to slam the door on somebody. All you had to do was drive the inside line down the straights, and if anybody was anywhere near you… black flag.

    I guess nobody can pass outside at Indy anymore, so they have to rig it so the inside pass is always open. I thought some drivers got pretty badly screwed, while others got a pass. Different day, same !@#$.

    Danica getting more P2P… Oh please. Live in the real world.

    • Boy… Some of you kids really like to suck the fun out of having an “opinion” blog.

      Yes, I realize there were more people there than the 812 I mentioned. It’s called sarcasm. It was to highlight the sparseness compared to last year.

      Yes, I realize that black flags are as rare as a dodo bird in this series. I would merely like to see a rule, ANY rule, apply to the anointed one instead of her always getting a pass.

      and yes, I KNOW that the princess didn’t get more P2P. (when did you all get so literal ?)

      That was a not so hidden Easter egg type shoutout to @pressdog who had put it out there (and who understands and appreciates humour) that he was waiting for the conspiracy theories from the “haters”

      Next time I’ll provide cliff notes I guess.

  4. thanks for the explanation, sorry to make you repeat it, I was just curious. (As for the IIRS thing, I just thought that’s what they changed the name to when Izod came on board.)

    I grew up 40 miles from Speedway, Indiana and attended the race a few times as a kid. I was a casual fan most of my life but started following the IRL/IIRS/Indycar more seriously a few years ago. I started reading a few of the blogs now and then, including yours.

    I also hope for better racing and more innovation in the near future, but I think they’re headed (albeit slowly) in the right direction. And I just like watching the races.

    It just seems to me that many of the biggest fans of the series are also it’s biggest critics. It seems as if folks “like” American open-wheel racing for what it used to be…or for what it may become–but not at all for what it is right now. And if the sport’s biggest supporters think it sucks–why in the world would the casual sports fan ever want to watch it?

    anyway, thanks again for the reply.

    • hey no problem. It’s a common misconception that if you are critical of something, that you don’t like it. Personally I think the biggest fans of any series, league, sport, should be the biggest critics! Blind fanaticism gets you no where.

      You have to be able to see the faults in order to appreciate the triumphs and hand out the kudos. It keeps everyone accountable and it leads to innovation, growth and improvement. Balance my friend, balance.

      Randy Bernard seems to have figured that out thankfully. (by continuing to ask for opinions from us)

      Oh and as for the casual fan. They aren’t the voices that matter. Most of them haven’t got a fucking clue what’s happening behind the scenes or that there is anything “wrong” as they have nothing to compare it to. They’ll tune in once in a while to see that “go daddy chick who drives in Nascar”, then go back to their lives.

      It’s not the casual fans that buy the merchandise, or desperately search the internet for feeds to watch the race, who bring their friends, families and colleagues to races or fly across the country several times a year to support and watch the series. It’s we mouthy critics that do that. We also, on many occasions, have been known to give credit where credit is due… 😉

  5. So much hate. I hope she wins one just so I can come here to see Meesh have to poop out bunnies and rainbows! That’d be awesome ; )

    • BWAHAHA! hey, she wins one, by actually racing. (no blind eye IHJ help, no attrition, no alternate fuel strategy, no one pulling over to let her by) I’ll give her her due.

      There will be no bunny or rainbow pooping though. Homey don’t play dat.

  6. Meesh

    That was an… interesting read. I’m used to the rage and negativity, but there were a few times in your article where your anger clouded the facts of what happened, and more importantly, I think you missed an entertaining race because you were too focused on the crap you don’t like.

    As others have pointed out, there were more than 812 fans at the track. The stands were not full, but it is a big facility and the crowd looked decent to me. The ICS isn’t back to NASCAR-level attendance yet, but this crowd was not embarrassing. I know it was you being sarcastic, but your point being that the crowd was small doesn’t fit in this case.

    I totally agree with you about the safety crew’s response to the fire. It was extremely uncomfortable to watch on TV. Even the booth guys were saying “c’mon, get her out of there!” The ICS definitely needs to react to this (lack of) performance.

    Will Power ran over some debris, which forced him to the back of the pack, and on to an alternate strategy. His team had nothing to do with “screwing him over so a former CCWS driver won’t win the championship”. It’s because of that alternate strategy (and his driving, of course) that he managed to salvage points and remain only a few points behind Franchitti in the championship.

    I am a former CCWS lover/IRL hater, so I think I know at least a little of where you are coming from, and I get angry and frustrated about a lot of things in the ICS right now, too, but I was very entertained by this race.

    There was plenty of side-by-side battling for position throughout the pack, and the TV coverage did a decent job of showing it. Heck, I was even rooting for the Princess during the last couple of stints!

    So far I think most of the races this season have been funner to watch and more exciting than most of last season, and I do think the future bodes well for the ICS now that Tony George is no longer in charge, and Randy Bernard seems to be saying and doing many of the right things.

    I know, I know – “if you don’t like my sarcasm and anger, then don’t read my website!” I just think it’s a shame that someone who is obviously a passionate fan of open wheel racing is focusing so much on the negative that she is missing what makes this a great sport.

    Maybe if PT had a full-time ride, you’d have a bit of a sunnier disposition… 🙂


    • I’m not going to explain opinions, sarcasm and humour again. It’s getting tiresome.

      Maybe I should just start doing lap by lap recaps of the race, with sunny, stepford wife like smilies and winks, and say all is right with the series. Maybe I’ll just start going to races to socialize and tweet. Fluffy bunnies and rainbows for everyone! The racing is perfect!
      Would that be better for everyone?

      Perhaps in your own clouded rush to judgment, you failed to read that I had NO tv coverage. Then lost T&S and internet. So while there might have been an entertaining race going on, and it would have to have been a real barn-burner as someone who finds oval racing the least entertaining of all the genres, … I didn’t get to see much of it.

      yes, there were more than 812 people. yes on later in the race Will ran over debris… (but the first stop was pooched by the crew, and his fuel strategy was pooched at the end too) blah blah blah… whatever. I’ll make sure to have someone fact check and approve my thoughts before I blog next time.

      One of the things that makes this sport great, are the talented drivers sitting on the sidelines without rides.

      So yes, maybe if PT, and Oriol, and Ryan, and Tomas, and countless others had full-time rides, I would have a sunnier disposition. Or maybe I would find something else to bitch about just because it seems to piss you all off so much. 😉

    • oh, and it’s not an “article”. This isn’t a fucking factual ESPN post race recap LOL! It’s a blog! Random, unedited, as it happened thoughts that were going through my head while watching the race. Like a conversation one might have at the bar while viewing the race.

      • I enjoy reading your blog because you are not afraid to call “bullshit” when you see it.

        Maybe I wasn’t clear enough in the summary of my original comment: I wish you could have enjoyed the race as much as I did, because it was an entertaining race. A Penske or Ganassi almost didn’t win on an oval, for criminies sakes!

        Sorry about your lack of TV coverage and reliable internet…


  7. The casual fan is the one who may decide to watch the race on Versus. And when enough people do that ratings will get better. And that will bring more sponsorship…blah, blah…so I think the casual fan is important in that way.

    I also enjoy reading your articl—uh–blog–because it’s sarcastic and irreverant and grumpy and sometimes funny.

    So keep up the good work. Is that rainbow new?

  8. Wow. OK: it’s on. Now she’s got to win one just for this spectacle. To be fair to you, I almost fell off my chair after your having said something charitable about The Least (I think that’s your name for him, anyway). Given that turnaround, I can almost imagine a Meesh-pat-on-Danican’t’s-back post. Nah, not really.

  9. Love the new header, hah!

  10. Wow, lot’s of bashing of Meesh on her own blog. I had to follow Sao Paolo on an old computer that couldn’t display the T&S video, and it made it challenging, to say the least. Besides, there is a ton wrong with Indycar right now, and someone’s got to point that out. Great new leader!

  11. Truly, there’s nothing more enjoyable than reading a near-incoherent, stream-of-consciousness “liveblog” from someone who clearly loathes the subject matter.

    It’s one thing to wish for reform for a series, but when you illustrate you’re actively rooting for an event to be over, you’re just stirring the shit, dearie. Well done.

    You should come join us. It’s pretty evident you’re already there, in your heart of hearts.

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