Is it July yet??

I left the office at a half decent time today and took a detour to sit here by the lake and enjoy the breeze and zen calm of the waves and the sailboats.(I’m resisting the urge to hop onto the patio and partake in a Jack n’ coke…) This is one of those stream of conscience posts that happen between events, when I have rare moments of “spare” time.

The start of my personal “Month of May” is but a few weeks away. 16 days to be exact. And I can’t wait!!

Car and hotel booked for the Glen. Flight and hotel booked for Edmonton. Several Fridays and one Monday scheduled of my “holiday” time. Conveniently our nation’s birthday falls on the Thursday the Glen week, allowing me a travel day… during the day! I’m so looking forward to seeing the Glen by daylight and being able to stop and pick up a bottle of “Pompous Ass” wine on the way in! (Someone needs to make some “Mouthy Bitch” Vodka… just sayin…)

Then a week and a bit to cram in as much “real job” work as possible before the back to back Toronto/Edmonton swing! Actually, I’m doing a lot of July prep now so I don’t get too slammed then. (once a Virgo, always a Virgo)

I can’t believe how quickly the season is going. Come August my racing schedule gets shoved to the side while real life takes over again (job number 2 – photographer’s assistant – has booked me every weekend! Sometimes twice!) Then it’s September, then it’s over. 😦

Once again this year, I missed out on a few key races on the schedule. So I will be planning better for 2011.

I’ve barely had a moment to look up the past couple of months. Mostly growing pains at work.  A year and a bit into the not so new anymore job, and my responsibilities quadrupled. I know some of my colleagues are also going thru stuff this year on a personal and professional front as well, so while I feel like I’m treading water most days, at least I have company in the water.

I got to go to a couple of PR events for the Honda Indy Toronto in the last couple of weeks, (I uploaded some pics to the Honda Indy Toronto Facebook page) which has me all giddy with anticipation for my home event. They’ve really stepped it up from the shit show that was the lackluster return of the race in 2009. The arrogance has been replaced by a genuine desire to do it right, and make this event the grand lady it was for all those years. I’m looking forward to being proud of our event again.

Of course the cherry on the top is that Paul will be racing at at least 2 of the 3 races. (hopefully something will come together for the Glen too)

We played the lotto the other week at work. (50 million jackpot) and went around the room talking about what we would do with our share of the money. Without hesitation I said I would fund Paul’s farewell tour. With whatever team he wanted to drive on. We’d paint the car up for local charities each race, and I’d provide an extra pool of cash each race for nose cones. (chrome of course 😉 ) My workmates rolled their eyes, with “what a waste’ expressions, and went about spending their fantasy money on cars and boats and homes and other material things. My fantasy money would bring me so much more joy, because it would bring so many others such joy.  Money well spent in my opinion.

We didn’t win, but those few hours planning the “Chrome Horn heard around the World” tour was sure fun…

and on that note… my battery is on fumes and my grocery shopping awaits…

Talk to ya on the weekend…


3 responses to “Is it July yet??

  1. Nice bunnies and rainbows header, Meesh. Made me chortle.

    • well apparently that’s what the preferred mode is for the sensitive boys around here. You can be a bitch as long as it comes with a good dose of phony fluff and sugar coating 😉

  2. If I were to win a major lottery, I’d try and buy enough for a 3 car team with Rahal, WIlson, and Tracy. Probably just buy DDR. If Wilson or Rahal got moved up to Penske or Ganassi, then Hildbrand or Silvestro.

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