Iowa Corn 250 *live* race blog

It’s 2:13 and the cars are on the parade lap as the peeps at IndyCar thumb their noses and give the fickle middle finger to Ms. Nature who has been less than accommodating with the weather this year.

The skies are looming, but no precipitation as they line up two by and take the green flag.

Grren green green!

Power gets the jump, but Dixon is right on his ass.

and we’re yellow…

The ass end of J-Wil’s car gets away from him in turn 4 and he spins like a whirling dervish into the “wrong place wrong time” KV Tech car of Mario Moraes. 2nd time this season that MM is out on lap one.

FYI… I will only be online watching until about 3:20pm, as I have to rush off to a phot0 shoot. By then we’ll either be out of cars or under rain delay I imagine… LOL!

This is a lengthy clean up…

And we are back to green on lap 12. Power, Andretti, Dixon your top three off in a little pack all their own. This could be the weekend that Marco breaks through…

ooooh that was close and ugly. Power and Andretti split around Milka. Power gets through pretty much unscathed, but Marco barely makes around Milka as she drifts up from being passed by Power and cuts him off.

uh oh, things just got all discombobulted at the front (lap 33)  Marco took the lead, Franchitti got around Dixon, Power is dropping like a stone. The world is screaming for Milka’s head. LOL

Penske   er… “debris” yellow, so it’s a festival of leaders pitting on lap 54-55.

Kanaan, Castroneves and Dixon make contact exiting pitlane… much kerfufflage!

With all the yellow delays, doesn’t look like I’m going to get much of this race in before I have to bail.

Green flag Rahal leads for a few laps, but the red cars inhale him by lap 68 (?)

Lap 73, The Ganassi boys are in the lead, followed by the Andretti boys (Kanaan, RHR) Sato is having a good run in 5th, and Rahal (filling in for Conway) has settled in 6th.

wait, 3 cars run into each other on pitlane, but Lloyd gets a stop and go penalty? Weird. That’s a get the “little guy out of the way” penalty in my opinion…

The Penske boys have gotten it all wrong today.

Turn 4 collects another one. Sarah Fisher got loose, high and into the wall on lap 95. Her day is done. A small clown car drives to the media centre with a cold miller and consoling back pat for P-Dog from all of his colleagues out her in bloggersville.

A plug for the Camping World Grand Prix at the Glen!  And with that I just got all giddy. Woot!

Apparently we can call this at 126 laps.

Restart on lap 113 , Dixon takes over the lead from Franchitti, with Kanaan in tow, Franchitti takes it back.

Here comes TK!!

Tony Kanaan takes the lead! But FROchitti is all over his ass like a fat kid on an ice cream bar.

Mutoh appears to be done.

And Franchitti get’s by TK, with Dixon in the hunt… the Deathstar on the attack, the hopes of an interesting race and winner begin to fade…

And just like that, he’s back in the lead!! Bring on the rain! LOL!

Simona appears to be done as well…

OK… I must run to work now. 😦  I’ll try to keep up on twitter till the end.

Go TK and Taku!!

4 responses to “Iowa Corn 250 *live* race blog

  1. Feel bad for KV. Not all of the wrecks are there fault, but there’s been so many of them! Moreas is a good driver, Viso and Sato are too, they just needs some luck/not wrecking.

  2. Caution 2 makes no sense. This isn’t NASCAR, people! Brian Barnhart may be the worst steward in racing history, although the NASCAR and F1 people give him a good run for his money, but at least they can start and restart races.

  3. Stumbled upon your great site 2day while bumbling around the interwebs after the race. Your insight is great..keep it up.

    FYI Princess Danic*nt, almost hit me on her scooter yesterday on her way to sign autographs at the track.

    It was sure nice to see TK back on top of the podium.

  4. Thanks for the tiny clown reference, Meesh. But I was in the stands like a real fan. The clowns found me. I need the clown-delivered beverage at that point but ended up spewing it all over everybody during later INSANITY.

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