Race track = happy place

A little Watkins Glen preamble…

ah yes… the joys of road trips… I love the Glen weekend, but it falls over not one, but TWO holidays. The Canada Day & the Fourth of July. Conveniently this year, my travel days… ugh.

I left my house at 9am. Filled my rental car with gas, grabbed a Starbucks for the road, and headed down the highway, wind in my hair… nope… to generate wind, the car would have to be  in motion!! Traffic was a shit show as our brilliant government instituted harmonized sales tax as of yesterday. Nothing harmonious about it. Happy Birthday Canada, everything your citizens purchase or enjoy just became a fuck of a lot more expensive. For instance, My rental car and the gas I put in it that morning cost me an additional 8%. Gee thanks. Cause race weekends aren’t expensive enough

Of course this has lead to a rush for the border to buy shit, and gas, and whatever else to avoid the taxes. Ironically of course I  watched a quarter tank of now really expensive gas burn away while sitting in the line up for the border. Yes, sat at the border for 4hrs and 26mins. The entire trip should have only taken me just over 4hrs… maybe 5.

My weekend also doubled expenses wise when my traveling companion could no longer make the trip. Too late unfortunately to cancel the hotel without penalty, so I’m a bachelorette this weekend with 2 double beds all to herself LOL! One will be where I will be eating the food I hastily packed yesterday  morning, in my room for 4 days. Cheap and cheerful. Hopefully there will be something I can eat at the track as well that won’t activate the gluten allergy. I have given myself permission to purchase a nice meal at Seneca lodge one night. It’s tradition now!

I’m looking forward to a couple of days of nothing but racing to concentrate on. Work has been  brutal this year. Lot’s of 12hr days and 7 day weeks. Oh… but I was informed yesterday that my “racing” related days off (I usually take my 2 weeks of vacation time in  Monday’s and Fridays throughout the year) do not count towards my allotted days! sweet!

It’s an added bonus that Paul is racing this weekend, and that I get to see all of his races this year! Of course I would happily be disappointed to miss some due to his running a full season… ya know?

It still didn’t feel like I was going to a race until I got here this morning. LOL! Usually I’m so distracted with anticipation leading up to a weekend, but there was no time to even think about racing the past 2 weeks. (I’ve been doing stuff in preparation for being away end of the month for Edmonton too) I literally thought I had one more day until I could leave, then Wed night I was like, OH SHIT tomorrow is Thursday, start packing!

If you are at the track this weekend, please say hi. (Hobbson, I’m call you out you bastard!) I usually don’t have a lot of time to socialize at the track, but do stop for quick chats and intros!


2 responses to “Race track = happy place

  1. Meesh – it sounds like your trip was great! Watkin’s Glen is a beautiful track in a beautiful area, and what could beat a steak (or whatever) at the Seneca Lodge?

  2. As a long time reader, it was a thrill to meet you in person this weekend at the Glen. It is always cool when you can put a face to the person behind the blog. Also caught your work in the Sun yesterday, nicely done!
    When you support a sport like the IRL, that doesn’t have the fan base that baseball or hockey does, sometimes it feels like you are the only one out there that even gives a shit.
    Its nice to know that there are blogs like yours out there that actually support it.
    Keep up the good work.
    If I see you in TO, I’ll buy you a beer and we can talk racing.

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