My kind of town…

Chicago is!

Adding to my  “hey, I was at the last (CART/Champ Car/IndyCar) race ever run there” collection, I am flying to Chicago in the AM for tomorrow night’s race. Rumours abound that this is the last hurrah (at least as far as the 2011 schedule is concerned) for IndyCar at Chicagoland, at least until all of the overgrown blowhards that run/own these tracks learn to share their toys and play nice in the sandbox. So despite schedule and money tightness, I am squeezing in this event. It’s also an opportunity to meet up with some of my west coast and central US of A racing peeps. (kinda kicking myself for not flying in tonight… but ah well)

Not really sure whether or not I will *live blog* this one. I do have another photographer at the track with me this weekend, and am not quite up to par shooting at night yet, so I may put my writer hat on instead. We’ll see. In the meantime, enjoy the race, catch ya when I can here or on twitter. (if you’re at the track, drop me a tweet!


4 responses to “My kind of town…

  1. Good for you. Enjoy Chicago the city and Chicago the race. Usually very entertaining… which of course means it had to go.

  2. I think I saw you at Chicagoland. Were you wandering around the vicinity of Victory Lane after the Indy Lights race dressed in black with a camera, wearing a bandanna (green, if memory serves) with pigtails sticking out, looking rather alarmingly like that South Park cartoon above? (Funny, if that was you, I quite literally recognized you FROM that South Park pic, as I’ve never met you or seen an actual photo of you.)

    • LOL! That was me! (bandana was turquoise blue actually) It’s my “race mode” hair. It’s sort of my M.O. now. I used to wear a ball cap and braids (like my other avatar) but that was before I did so much photography. Now it’s just easier to put it up like that, rather than flipping the hat backwards and forwards. (they need to make ball caps with a flip up lid for photographers)

      I was playing around with the SouthPark avatar creator last week, and laughed my ass off as to how close I could actually make a likeness of myself.

      Now you’ll know to come say hi next time!

  3. Excellent! I will do that. I still hold a slim hope that Chicagoland will be on the schedule next year. Milwaukee, too (where I’m from), though at this point both look pretty unlikely.

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